Black Shiver, Gavrail
Black Shiver, Gavrail

Black Shiver, Gavrail – #V-BT12/001EN (VR)

[CONT](VC):During your turn, if a total of three or more new cards were put into any player’s damage zone this turn, all of your front row units get [Power]+10000. [ACT](VC)1/Turn:COST [Counter Blast (1) & Soul Blast (1)], return a card from your damage zone to your hand, put a card from your damage zone on the bottom of your deck, and deal this unit two damage. (Perform a damage check for each damage)
Date Reviewed: December 15, 2020

Rating: 2.95

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Saikyo's Avatar

How unfortunate that we do not have a Battle Cupid Nociel-like unit for Standard. Or maybe we do and I didn’t look hard enough. I say that because 10k offensively is pretty normal at this stage. It combines well with the other units in the deck that power themselves up so you can swing for big meaty numbers, but me, I was much more interested in the defensive applications. I wanted Gavrail to be 22k during the opponent’s turn…but eh, three damage a turn is a little much. That’s far more feasible during your turn thanks to Gavrail’s second skill and almost any on-call-do-stuff unit Angel Feather has. The +1 is nice though, and a good way to fetch damaged Perfect Guards.

It just needs one more card to be interesting to me. Until then Gavrail’s a nice idea, but I think more hyper aggressive decks would serve better.


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