Battle Sister, Fromage
Battle Sister, Fromage

Battle Sister, Fromage – #V-SS10/008 (RRR)

[CONT](VC):During your turn, if your opponent’s vanguard is grade 3 or greater, all of your units with “Battle Sister” in their card names get [Power]+5000. [AUTO](VC/RC):When placed, COST [Counter Blast (1) & Soul Blast (1)], and draw a card. If you have a vanguard with “Battle Sister” in its card name, draw a card. [ACT](VC)1/Turn:COST [Discard a card from your hand], look at the same number of cards from the top of your deck as the number of your units with “Battle Sister” in their different card names, and put each card you looked at on the top or bottom of your deck in any order.
Date Reviewed: April 6, 2021

Rating: 2.75

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Saikyo's Avatar

Urgh, V Series Battle Sisters…why do they have to be so…urgh. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is leagues ahead of old Fromage, but then again so’s a dead rat in a shiny ribbon. +2 for CB1 and SB1 is pretty standard cost ratio for your plusses, and as for the -1, I do like that unlike, say, Goddess of the Sun Amaterasu you can choose whether you keep certain cards or not, unlike Goddess where it doesn’t minus you but you’re stuck with what you reveal, but honestly? I hate the fact you’re shackled to suboptimal skills just for the Battle Sister name. I’d much rather have a OOT deck where gains are more immediate and the deck choices aren’t so reliant on name to function. This isn’t the G Era – this only got two years to flesh out its own cards.

Nice, as are the columns this can make, but Battle Sisters still aren’t the best deck. And needing the opponent to be on G3 for the most optimal use doesn’t help either.


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