Aurora Star, Coral
Aurora Star, Coral

Aurora Star, Coral
– #G-CB05/S26EN

[AUTO](VC) Limit Break 4:[Counter Blast (2)] When this unit attacks a vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, Soul Charge (1), choose one of your «Bermuda Triangle» rear-guards, return it to your hand, and this unit gets [Power]+5000 until end of that battle. [CONT](VC):If you have a card named “Shiny Star, Coral” in your soul, this unit gets [Power]+1000.
Date Reviewed: January 30, 2020

Rating: 1.00

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Saikyo's Avatar

Oh man, THIS harkens back to a time when Dazzling Divas came out and was absolute ass for BT at the time. Cost-attached 5k power when generic Limit Breakers did it for free, ate into resources used to trigger bounce skills, a soulcharge which did fuck all that late in the game, and a ride chain which offered almost no benefit for succeeding in it. When a Grade 0 was the single best card in the set, you know the clan was in deep shit. Thank god Duos came in one support wave later and pulled it out.


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