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Pojo's News Archive - December 2004

This is stuff that was once on the main page of the Pokemon site with all the original links. 

Friday (Late), 12.31.04  Our Card of the Day is Fairy Box numbered LON-024. Tranorix, Coin Flip, ExMinion Of Darkness, and Snapper have reviews.

Thursday, 12.30.04  Ryoga has another new puzzler for you, and the solution to the last puzzler in When Cards Collide!.  Check out Puzzler #22: Defense!  Can you win the game in 1 turn?

Our Card of the Day is Des Lacooda numbered PGD-030. Tranorix, ExMinion Of Darkness, Snapper and Coin Flip have reviews.

Wednesday, 12.29.04  Well, I have good news and bad news about that Cyber-Stein that sold on EBay for $23,000.  The bad news?  Well, the buyer backed out of the sale, so I guess it really isn't worth $23,000.  The good news?  Well, now you have a chance to buy it again!  The seller has re-listed it on EBay right here.  Right now it's at about $600.  Thanks to Ryan for the news tip.

Our Card of the Day is Gigantes numbered IOC-21. Tranorix, ExMinion Of Darkness, sHecKii, Snapper and Coin Flip have reviews.

We another quick Tournament Reports from Charles Powell who played his XYZ Deck at Games Workshop in Waterlooville, UK.

Tuesday, 12.28.04  Our Card of the Day is Trap Hole numbered SYE-041. Tranorix, ExMinion Of Darkness, sHecKii, Snapper and Coin Flip have reviews.

Don't forget the reader submitted Tournament Reports, YuGiOh Top 10's and YuGi CCG Tips. We get fresh stuff in all the time.

T.C. dug up a news tidbit on a new YuGiOh video game.  "Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials of Glory: World Championship 2005" is expected to be released in February 2005 for the Game Boy Advance.  Details of this game aren't known yet.  source

Monday, 12.27.04  Giorgio Velasco found the 2004 Shonen Jump's Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Championship Schedule online, and sent that to us.  We posted it in our News section today. 

Our Card of the Day isTsukuyomi numbered RDS-EN045. Tranorix, ExMinion Of Darkness, sHecKii, and Snapper have reviews.

Take a break today and check out several new Tournament Report dropped off by our readers. As well as some YuGiOh Top 10's and YuGi CCG Tips.

Friday, 12.24.04  Our Card of the Day is Monster Reincarnation numbered RDS-EN045. Tranorix, Coin Flip, ExMinion Of Darkness, JAELOVE, and Snapper have reviews.

Thursday, 12.23.04  t3h zealotpker decided to use his Deck Garage today to review a single card in detail: Legendary Jujitsu Master.

Our Card of the Day is Sasuke Samurai #4 RDS-EN016. Tranorix, CoinFlip, ExMinion Of Darkness, JAELOVE, and Snapper have reviews.

Wednesday, 12.22.04  Well, if you are trying to order the 2005 Yugioh Annual, looks like you'll have to wait now.  It looks like has sold out of the copies they had in stock in one day.  We announced yesterday that they had some, and then yesterday afternoon we saw they only 5 left in stock.  By nightfall, they were all gone.  It appears Barnes & Noble might have them in stock, but they won't ship until after X-Mas now.   We'll keep you abreast of the situation at  If you need one today ... sometimes you can find them at Wal-Mart, Borders Books, Target, Sam's Clubs and other places.  But I'm not making any promises, as I haven't been to any of those stores in the last two days. 

Our Card of the Day is Cyber-Stein numbered SJC-EN001. Tranorix, CoinFlip, ExMinion Of Darkness, JAELOVE, and Snapper have reviews.

We have quite a few reader submitted Tournament Report to browse through today even international reports. We love gettin' 'em so keep on duelin' and sending the in.

Tuesday, 12.21.04  Hey, our new YuGiOh book is out, just in time for Christmas (if you do 2-Day Shipping. ;-)   This is our 2005 YuGiOh Annual.  It's a whopping 144 pages.  Here's what you'll find inside:

  • Over a dozen Killer Decks discussed in detail by: SandTrap, DM7, EMOD, JAELove, Michael Lucas, Lord Tranorix, Pook, Otaku, Silver Suicine, Deathjester, Dawn Yoshi, and others
  • Top 10 Cards from Every Set (written by those guys mentioned above)
  • Lots of articles on Gaming Strategies
  • For the Anime, we have Character Bios and Storylines from BAZ (from TVTome)
  • Reviews of every YuGiOh Video Game
  • A look at Dungeon Dice Monsters
  • A look at the World Championships
  • and a whole lot more.

You can pick this puppy up from today for about $10 (25% off!).  Hey that's cheaper than most YuGiOh magazines ... and better, and bigger, and ad-free!  What a bargain!

Pook has a look back at 2004 in Pook's Place today.  Pook didn't know I was in Iowa for a long weekend, so he didn't know I couldn't post his article until today.  So ... if you want to enter his Art Contest, you need to get your entries in tonight. 

Ryoga has another new puzzler for you, and the solution to the last puzzler in When Cards Collide!.  Check out Puzzler #21: Home Run!  Can you win the game in 1 turn?

DM7FGD is back today with his first new article in over 2 months!  Today he has Article # 57 - This Endless Dark.  Check out DM7FGD's Look Into the Future ...

Our Card of the Day is Archfiend of Gilfer numbered JMP-EN003. Tranorix, ExMinion Of Darkness, JAELOVE, and Snapper have reviews.

Monday, 12.20.04  Our Card of the Day is Makyura the Destructor numbered DBT-EN169. Tranorix, ExMinion Of Darkness, JAELOVE, and Snapper have reviews.

Ricky spices it up with Cajun style Tournament Report from Galactic Goods in Kenner, Louisiana. BAM! As Emeril would say.

We also have several new reader submitted postings in YuGi CCG Tips and YuGiOh Top 10's to get your week going.

Friday, 12.17.04   Blue-Eyes Black has updated the promo spoiler: "I have another updated promo spoiler for you today. The new addition is DL6-EN001 Toon Gemini Elf. Credit goes to bishop for confirming the card and its text." - Blue-Eyes Black   The spoiler is in the left margin like always if you need it. ;-)

Here are some details on that Toon Gemini Elf card from Zera:

Toon Gemini Elf
This card cannot attack during the turn that it is normal summoned, flip summoned, or special summoned. When "Toon World" on the field is destroyed this card is also destroyed. If "Toon World" is on your side of the field and your opponent does not control a toon monster, this card can attack your opponent's life points directly. When this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent's life points, your opponent discards 1 card randomly from his/her hand.

Thursday, 12.16.04   Well, that rare Cyber-Stein card sale finally closed on Ebay last night.  For some reason, the price actually dropped $100 in the last 12 hours of bidding.  Some 9 year old probably retracted a bid??!  Anyway, the card did finally sell for $23,000.  I'm not positive, but I'm thinking that is the highest price ever paid for a Trading Card Game Card.  I do know of a 3-card Pokemon Set that sold on Ebay for $22,878 in 2000.  That was for the three 1997 Trophy Pikachu cards (Gold, Silver & Bronze).  If anyone knows of a card that sold for more, be sure to let us know.  ;-)

Our Card of the Day is Windstorm of Etaqua numbered PCY-001. ExMinion, CoinFlip, Tranorix, JAELOVE and Snapper all have reviews.

A couple readers gave us a heads up on some Dark Beginnings set stuff that they've seen. Check it out in YuGi CCG Tips.

Wednesday, 12.15.04   John Umali was the winner of the Shonen Jump Championship at GenCon SoCal 2004.  John's Deck List and smiling mug are posted in our Tournament Reports section today.  John took home a Cyber-Stein card, a Laptop Computer, and the Championship trophy. 

Speaking of that Cyber-Stein card.  One of the two in existence is still on sale on Ebay.  The sale ends tonight.  As I write this, the card is selling for a price of $23,100.  Hmmm ... You guys do know you could buy a Brand 2005 New Honda Civic SI for a few thousand less than that ... right?  Nevermind ... Chicks dig Cyber Stein cards!

Blue-Eyes Black has updated the promo spoiler: "Another week, another updated Promo spoiler. It now includes:

YAM-EN001 Slifer the Sky Dragon (since I did Winged Dragon of Ra for Dawn of Destiny)
SJC-EN001 Cyber-Stein (it IS tournament legal, so that's why it's in the spoiler)
DOD-EN001 Mesmeric Control (only in the European version of Dawn of Destiny)

Slifer the Sky Dragon is right below the Shonen Jump promos.
Cyber-Stein is below the World Championship tournament promos.
Mesmeric Control is below Winged Dragon of Ra in the Dawn of Destiny section."  The Spoiler is in the left hand margin, as always, if you are looking for it. 

Our Card of the Day is Asura Priest numbered LOD-071. ExMinion, CoinFlip, Tranorix, JAELOVE and Snapper all have reviews.

We also have several new reader submitted postings to check out in YuGi CCG Tips.

Tuesday, 12.14.04  Pook stops by again today with a new column for the week.  Itís called ďThe Parents of Yu-Gi-Oh!". Wonder what that's about?  Check out Pook's Place today.

Our newest Deck Mechanic is back in the Deck Garage this morning.  "the zealotpker" looks over a two decks for you today.  Today's Specialty: Fiends!

Featured Writer, DeathJester, has an all new article for you guys.  Today, DeathJester discusses Skill Levels and cockiness in YuGiOh. 

GSAttack has updated his cool YuGiOh Checklists.  It's very complete. You'll be wanting to check this out. Many thanks again to GSA!!!! 

Hawkfellow has updated his Card Manager.  A new version of is now available for download.  Rise of Destiny has been added, and there are other improvements. 

Smoke_Rulz has created a new Apprentice Patch for those of you that play YuGiOh online with Apprentice software.  You can download it from our Apprentice section.  The new patch: includes Rise of Destiny, Dark Beginnings 1, TP5, and assorted promos..

Our Card of the Day is King Tiger Wanghu numbered PGD-004. ExMinion, CoinFlip, Tranorix, JAELOVE and Snapper all have reviews.

And, we'll squeeze in a couple more Tournament Reports.

Monday, 12.13.04  Our Card of the Day is Kinetic Soldier numbered WC4-002 - Promo. Tranorix, JAELOVE and Snapper have reviews.

We also caught up on a back log of Tournament Reports for you to check out.

Friday, 12.10.04  Our Card of the Day is The Creator numbered RDS-EN005. ExMinion, CoinFlip, Tranorix, and Snapper all have reviews.

Okay ... now this is bordering on the ridiculous!  But I simply have to report this.  A few days ago we mentioned that one of the two Cyber-Stein cards in print was being auctioned on Ebay.  On Tuesday, the card was priced at $5100.  Well the price has now tripled boys & girls.  As I write this, the card is currently at $15,000 and there's still 5 days of bidding left!  My God!  The little birds in my ears are whispering that other Cyber Stein cards might become available at future Shonen Jump Championships.  So if you don't have a spare 20 grand sitting around, maybe you can get a free one next year. 

It should be...Speaking of Shonen Jump Championships.  Are you wondering when the next one is?  Well, you can probably earn at a shot at a  Cyber-Stein card on Feb 6 at the Shonen Jump Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Championship in Las Vegas.  Those are the dates we recently heard kicked around.  I'm in Chicago.  Vegas in February is sounding awfully nice!

Thursday, 12.09.04  Our Card of the Day is Divine Wrath numbered RDS-EN050U. ExMinion, CoinFlip, Tranorix, JAELOVE and Snapper all have reviews.

We've been updating our Yu-Gi-Oh Anime Episodes Reader Reviews cartoon guide section like mad. We're not quite done yet, but feel free to check it out while we plow ahead.

Wednesday, 12.08.04    JAELOVE is back again for the 2nd time with week with an all-new Featured Article in JAELOVE's Smooth Journey.  Today JAELOVE has a look at Constructing A Legendary Ocean Deck

Our newest Deck Mechanic is back in the Deck Garage this morning.  "the zealotpker" looks over an Aggro Deck, and has a Tourney Report for you today. 

Our Card of the Day is Mystic Swordsman LV6 numbered RDS-EN008. Snapper, Coin Flip, ExMinion, Tranorix and JaeLove, all have reviews.

Tuesday, 12.07.04  I have a feeling that yesterday had to be our biggest update day in Yugioh history.  If you didn't catch all the shi ... stuff we posted yesterday, you should really scroll down and check it out.

Ryoga has another new puzzler for you, and the solution to the last puzzler in When Cards Collide!.  Check out Puzzler #20: Locusts!  Can you win the game in 1 turn?

Snapper has put together another new spoiler for you today:  "Hi! Dark Beginnings 1 is apparently available in some places, so I thought Iíd send in the spoiler for it. The set consists of reprints of the more notable cards from LOB, MRL, PSV, and the first halves of MRD and LON, in addition to a few game promos and aTournament Pack card. The only new card in the entire set is the highly anticipated Makyura the Destructor. The set comes to a whopping 250 cards, not including the those new Tip Cards. Iíve yet to determine if there are any Ultimate Rares in this set. If I find that there are I can update the spoiler later."  This spoiler is listed in the left margin with all the other spoilers.  Thanks Snapper!

We have another rare YuGiOh card going nutso on Ebay!  Pook took pictures of Cyber-Stein at Gencon this past weekend, and we posted them for you to see.  Word on the street is that there are only two of these cards in existence (right now anyway).  One was raffled off at GenCon.  The other one was given to the Shonen Jump champion at GenCon SoCal.  As of this morning, this card is currently at $5100 on Ebay

Our Card of the Day is Dark Blade the Dragon Knight numbered RDS-EN035. ExMinion, Tranorix, sHecKii and Snapper all have reviews.

There's also a couple new Tournament Reports to kick off December.

Monday, 12.06.04  Okay ... sometimes I'm just a total knucklehead.   About a month ago, profpoke left working on the site as he simply got too busy with college stuff.  Totally understandable.  I totally spaced off that all the Tournament Report submissions were going to his abandoned email address. I created a new Tournament Report email address today.  I apologize to everyone that submitted their report into limbo in the last month.  If you still have them in your outgoing mail bin, please resend them.  And if anyone went to GenCon SoCal, we'd love to post your tourney reports this week too.  Tourney Reports will be added at least weekly to the site (if we start getting them again. ;-)

Speaking of GenCon SoCal ... Pook was there this weekend and has a report with lots of cool photos!  Check out Pook's Place today. 

Pook doesn't stop there.  He has a second "Exclusive" report for you today.  Pook talked about future releases and non-releases of YuGiOh cards with Upper Deck during his GenCon SoCal visit.  This is all detailed in an article titled: Where Are the Cards We Want?  This too is in Pook's Place today. 

And that's not all boys & girls!  JaeLove has a super detailed report on the Shonen Jump Championships from GenCon SoCal.  JaeLove placed top 4 at regionals on Friday, and placed top 60 in the Shonen Jump championships.  His friend was 2nd overall. Check out JaeLove's Smooth Journey today!

Note from Blue-Eyes Black "For the, what, third time in a month (for sure second time within one week) I have updated the promo spoiler. There are two new cards out for Hobby League:

A Legendary Ocean, HL1-EN003, Common
Levia-Dragon - Daedalus, HL1-EN004, Super Rare"  This spoiler is in the left margin, like always.  ;-)

And, our Card of the Day is Fusilier Dragon the Dual-Mode Beast numbered RDS-EN031. ExMinion OfDarkness, sHecKii, JAELOVE, Tanorix and Snapper all have reviews.

We also have new  YuGi CCG Tips and Top 10's and a detailed  Tournament Report. Whew! Another busy day.

Friday, 12.03.04  Our Card of the Day is Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch numbered RDS-EN020. ExMinion, CoinFlip, Tranorix and Snapper all have reviews.

Thursday, 12.02.04   JAELOVE is back with a new Featured Article in JAELOVE's Smooth Journey.  Today JAELOVE has a look at Constructing the Machine Deck

Card of Sanctity sells for $5100 on Ebay!!! News from darkwilow:  "That's right. In an auction that ended yesterday on eBay, one of the rarest and hardest to get cards, EP1-EN000 Card of Sanctity only available to 100 winners of a KidsWB contest, sold for $5100.00 US Dollars.

The auction also included a full set of LOB (the first booster set) but still $5100 is an AMAZING amount of money for a card. Here's the link to the auction."

Our Card of the Day is Chain Burst, numbered RDS-EN020. ExMinion, CoinFlip and Tranorix all have reviews.

There are also fresh reader submissions. Check out our YuGi CCG Tips and Top 10's. Submit some of your own. Let us know what your thinking.

Wednesday, 12.01.04  Our Card of the Day is Raging Flame Sprite, numbered RDS-EN020. ExMinion, CoinFlip, Tranorix, Snapper, & JAELOVE all have reviews.

While scowering the net, I found this interesting article NBC in Oklahoma about Counterfeit Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  It might help you:  "Yu-Gi-Oh collectors beware of counterfeits".

And KBToys says a YuGiOh toy is among the Top 5 best selling X-mas toys.  Do you know which one it is? 




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