Transformers TCG Wave 3 Character Card Set List
“War For Cybertron Siege I”

Here is a Transformers Character Card Set List – with images – for the Wave 3 Characters – War For Cybertron Siege.  This set was released June 28, 2019.  Booster Packs include: 1 Large Character Card, 1 Small Character Card, and 6 Battle Cards.  

The first letter of the Card # indicates the rarity – (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare).  Click on the Card #’s to see the images. If you want to contribute anything, or notice errorsfeel free to contact us.  Last Update: July 8, 2019.  Click here to see the Wave 3 Battle Card List.

This set has 48 Character Cards, and introduces Battle Masters and Micro Masters in the form of small Transformer Character Cards.  These cards are 2.4″ x 3.5″.  Battle Masters flip between Bot Mode and Upgrade.  Micro Masters flip between Alt Mode and Bot Mode.  

Card # Card Name Card Flavor / FLIP Star Cost
RT T01/T48 Alpha Trion Cybertronian Sage 11
RT T02/T48 Captain Elita-1 Special Ops – Ranger 12
RT T03/T48 Captain Ironhide Infantry – Bodyguard 9
RT T04/T48 Captain Starscream Infantry – Air Commander 12
UT T05/T48 Captain Wheeljack Engineering Scientist 9
SRT T06/T48 General Megatron Infantry Leader 13
RT T07/T48 General Optimus Prime Infantry Leader 11
CT T08/T48 Major Prowl Infantry Strategist 10
SRT T09/T48 Major Shockwave Applied Sciences – Scientist 14
UT T10/T48 Major Soundwave Espionage – Spy 11
SRT T11/T48 Major Ultra Magnus Infantry – City Commander 12
CT T12/T48 Private Arcee Special OPS – Warrior 8
UT T13/T48 Private Firedrive Ground Command – Artillery 7
CT T14/T48 Private Flak Artillery – Tactics 5
UT T15/T48 Private Lionizer RS Firesteel Saber 7
CT T16/T48 Private Mudslinger Special Ops – Infiltration 5
UT T17/T48 Private Pteraxadon Binary Edgewing Scythe 6
CT T18/T48 Private Red Alert Medical – Medic 7
CT T19/T48 Private Red Heat Infantry – Emergency Response 5
UT T20/T48 Private Sideswipe Infantry – Soldier 8
CT T21/T48 Private Stakeout Infantry – Communications 4
CT T22/T48 Private Top Shot Artillery – Patrol Leader 4
CT T23/T48 Private Tote Special Ops – Infiltration 4
UT T24/T48 Private Trailbreaker Infantry – Fortification & Defense 10
UT T25/T48 Raider Aimless Manifold Ion Particle Blaster 7
UT T26/T48 Raider Blowpipe Dual-Impact Shatterblast Compression Canon 5
RT T27/T48 Raider Cindersaur Black Ops – Demolitions 8
CT T28/T48 Raider Detour Infantry – Demolitions 4
UT T29/T48 Raider Flamefeather Black Ops – Soldier 8
CT T30/T48 Raider Ion Storm Infantry – Rainmaker 12
CT T31/T48 Raider Laserbeak Espionage – Interrogation 5
RT T32/T48 Raider Needlenose Air Force – Soldier 8
UT T33/T48 Raider Nightstick Black Beam Blaster 6
CT T34/T48 Raider Ravage Espionage- Saboteur  5
CT T35/T48 Raider Road Hugger Infantry – Tactics 5
CT T36/T48 Raider Runabout Infantry – Soldier 9
CT T37/T48 Raider Runamuck Infantry – Soldier 10
CT T38/T48 Raider Storm Cloud Infantry – Electronic Warfare 4
UT T39/T48 Raider Triggerhappy Air Force – Gunner 8
CT T40/T48 Raider Visper Infantry – Patrol Leader 5
CT T41/T48 Sergeant Chromia Special Ops – Counterintelligence 7
SRT T42/T48 Sergeant Cog – Artillery Mechanic Heavy Force Defensebreaker Cannon 10
CT T43/T48 Sergeant Hound Infantry – Recon 9
CT T44/T48 Sergeant Skrapnel Infantry – Electronic Warfare 9
RT T45/T48 Sergeant Skywarp Black Ops – Seeker 8
CT T46/T48 Sergeant Sparkstalker Black Ops – Cryptology 8
UT T47/T48 Specialist Flamewar Special Ops – Hunter 7
UT T48/T48 Specialist Ratchet Engineering – Rescue & Repair 8
Wave 3P Promo Cards    
RT P3/2019 Private Smashdown Airquake Hammerclaw 5