Titan Masters Attack

Here is the “Titan Masters Attack” Stratagem Cards Set List, with images, for Wave 5. The first letter of the Card Number indicates the rarity – (Common, Uncommon, Rare). Click on, or hover over, the card name to see the card image.  This set will release in April 2020.  

Stratagem Card Back

There are 30 Transformer Stratagem Cards in Wave 5.   Please note this is a “Work in Progress”.  This set released on May 29, 2020.

If you want to contribute anything, or notice errorsfeel free to contact usLast Update: April 13, 2020.  

Click here to see the Wave 5 Character Card List

Click here to see the Wave 5 Battle Card List.

Booster Pack Contents:

  • 6 Battle Cards
  • 2 Foil TRANSFORMERS Character Cards (1 Large Body & 1 Small Head) – OR 1 Large Foil TRANSFORMERS Character Card with 1 Small Stratagem Card

Key Wave 5 Product Features

  • Titan Master Characters: Mix and match heads and bodies to customize Titan Masters to fit your playstyle. Head characters give bonuses to the body, and when the body is KOed, the head deploys as a separate bot mode character.
  • The Wreckers: The fan-favorite Autobot special-forces team make their debut in Titan Masters Attack. Led by Sergeant Kup, the Wreckers get the toughest jobs done, no matter what the cost.
  • Stratagem cards: This completely new card type lets players customize characters on their team. Stratagems in Titan Masters Attack can modify characters from this booster release or from previous releases.
  • Fortress Maximus: Every sealed Titan Masters Attack booster display includes a Fortress Maximus Titan pack. This pack contains the titan-sized Fortress Maximus character, his head character Cerebros, and Cerebros’ head character, Emissary.

Wave 5 Stratagem Cards

U S01/S30  Aerial Enhancements
U S02/S30  All-Out
R S03/S30  Better Things To Do Than Die
R S04/S30  Bike Gang
R S05/S30  Camien Toughness
U S06/S30  Data Protection
R S07/S30  Duty & Honor
U S08/S30  Heroic Spotlight
U S09/S30  Infiltration
R S10/S30  Jurassic Punch
R S11/S30  Master Converter
U S12/S30  Me Grimlock, You Grimlock!
C S13/S30  Metallikato Stance
U S14/S30  More Guns
R S15/S30  Orbital Strike
R S16/S30  Pop-Up Attack
C S17/S30  Resilience
U S18/S30  Revenge
C S19/S30  Sabotage
U S20/S30  Saturation Bombing 
C S21/S30  Science Officer
C S22/S30  Sky Shadow Sync
U S23/S30  Stealth Mission
C S24/S30  Strategic Airlift
R S25/S30  Swap Heads
C S26/S30 
C S27/S30  The Usurper
U S28/S30  Villainous Spotlight
U S29/S30  Weapons Cache
U S30/S30  Who’s Next?