Titan Masters Attack

Transformers TCG Wave 5 Character Card Set List
“Titan Masters Attack”

Titan-Masters-booster-box_225pxHere is a Transformers Character Card Set List – with images – for the Wave 5 Characters – Titan Masters Attack.  This set will release on May 29, 2020.  

The first letter of the Card # indicates the rarity – (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare).  Click on the Card #’s to see the images. If you want to contribute anything, or notice errorsfeel free to contact us.  Last Update: June 13, 2020. 


  • 6 Battle Cards
  • 2 Foil TRANSFORMERS Character Cards (1 Large Body and 1 Small Head) OR 1 Large Foil TRANSFORMERS Character Card with 1 Small Stratagem Card

Key Product Features

  • Titan Master Characters: Mix and match heads and bodies to customize Titan Masters to fit your playstyle. Head characters give bonuses to the body, and when the body is KOed, the head deploys as a separate bot mode character.
  • The Wreckers: The fan-favorite Autobot special-forces team make their debut in Titan Masters Attack. Led by Sergeant Kup, the Wreckers get the toughest jobs done, no matter what the cost.
  • Stratagem cards: This completely new card type lets players customize characters on their team. Stratagems in Titan Masters Attack can modify characters from this booster release or from previous releases.
  • Fortress Maximus: Every sealed Titan Masters Attack booster display includes a Fortress Maximus Titan pack. This pack contains the titan-sized Fortress Maximus character, his head character Cerebros, and Cerebros’ head character, Emissary.

Click here to see the Wave 5 Battle Cards Set List with images.  

Card # Card Name Card Flavor / FLIP Star Cost
CT T01/T46 Apex
CT T02/T46 Autobot Gears Transport & Reconnaissance 7
RT T03/T46
CT T04/T46 Autobot Outback
UT T05/T46 Autobot Stylor
RT T06/T46
SRT T07/T46 Autobot Whirl
CT T08/T46 Beachcomber
CT T09/T46
RT T10/T46 Brainstorm Biomechanical Engineer 9
CT T11/T46 Brawn Demolitions 5
RT T12/T46 Brisko Head Mode +3 2
UT T13/T46
Head Mode +2 4
UT T14/T46 Chromedome Computer Programmer 8
RT T15/T46 Clobber Head Mode + Bold 3 4
CT T16/T46 Crankcase Data Collector 7
SRT T17/T46 Decepticon Pounce Infiltrator 8
UT T18/T46 Decepticon Quake Ground Assault 7
UT T19/T46 Doomshot Head Mode + Brave 3
RT T20/T46 Fangry Sky Tracker 6
UT T21/T46 Flameout Headmode + Bold 2 3
RT T22/T46 Flintlock Headmode + Tough 3 4
CT T23/T46 Freezeout Headmode + Tough 2 3
RT T24/T46 Grax Headmode +5 3
UT T25/T46 Horri-Bull Ground Trooper 6
UT T26/T46 Kreb Head Mode +2 1
UT T27/T46 Megatron Fallen Hero 11
UT T28/T46 Mindwipe Hypnotist 9
CT T29/T46 Monxo Headmode +1 2
SRT T30/T46 Nightracer Gunner 5
RT T31/T46 Ominus Headmode +Pierce 4 3
CT T32/T46 Optimus Prime Legendary Warrior 12
UT T33/T46 Parsec
SRT T34/T46 Roadbuster Ground Assault Commander 11
RT T35/T46 Sergeant Kup Wrecker Leader 7
RT T36/T46 Skullsmasher Swamp Warrior 11
RT T37/T46
Combiner 7
CT T38/T46
Combiner 7
UT T39/T46
Air & Space Assault 9
SRT T40/T46
CT T41/T46 Twin Twist Demolitions  9
UT T42/T46 Vorath +1 Tough 1
SRT T43/T46 Windcharger Autobot Warrior 7
SRT T44/T46 Windsweeper Air Defense 10
CT T45/T46 Wingspan Data Processor 8
UT T46/T46
Ground Tracer 9
Wave 5 Promos    
R P01/2020 Arcana Head Mode +2 4
R P02/2020 Tidal Wave Dark Fleet (Aircraft Carrier) 8
R P03/2020 Tidal Wave Dark Fleet (Transport) 8
R P04/2020 Tidal Wave Dark Fleet (Battleship) 8
  Tidal Wave Dark Fleet Full Form Combiner 24
R P05/2020 Convex Head Mode+ 3 Safeguard 8
R P06/2020 Perceptor Precise Sniper 4
  Perceptor Built    
Wave 5A      
SRT T01/03 Fortress Maximus Great War Veteran 14
SRT T02/03 Cerebros Head Mode +B1, +T1 7
SRT T03/03 Emissary Head Mode +Focus 2 4