Sealed Wave 4 Booster Box - Siege II
Sealed Wave 4 Booster Box – Siege II

War for Cybertron Siege II recently hit stores, and we have a new Booster box opening for you today!  War for Cybertron Siege II is the 3rd expansion (Wave 4) for the Transformers TCG.  Wave 4 cards can be added to previous installments to make all-new decks!

All Wizards of the Coast TCG Booster Boxes are packed in a tight, plastic overwrap that displays Wizards of Coast logos. This helps ward off counterfeiters.  If you are going to buy a Booster box, make sure it has this feature.

What is War for Cybertron Siege II?

“Megatron and the Decepticons have conquered the planet. Optimus Prime desperately leads surviving Autobots to escape in the Ark. And both sides turn to Mercenaries to fill out their ranks in the final battles.”

War for Cybertron Siege II continues the War for Cybertron storyline in the Transformers Trilogy.  This set introduces new Character Cards and Battle Cards for the Transformers Trading Card Game (TCG). 

Wave 4 also introduces the new Mercenaries faction.  Mercenaries have no allegiance to the Autobots or Decepticons.  

Combiners also make a return in Wave 4.  We have an explanation of Combiners in our “Rise of the Combiners” Booster Box Opening if you aren’t sure what Combiners are.  

Micro Master Characters, Battle Master Characters, and Weaponizer Characters also make a return in Wave 4.  These card types were introduced in Wave 3

Each Booster Pack contains one Small Foil Character Card and one Large Foil Character Card.  The Small Character cards are 2.4″ x 3.5″ – The same size as a typical Pokemon/MTG card.  The Large Character cards are 3.5″ x 5″ character cards.

There are 52 Character Cards in this expansion, and 64 Battle Cards in this expansion.

Something new this time around, is that if you buy a Sealed Booster Box, you will receive a sealed Trypticon Pack at the bottom of the box.  The Trypticon Pack contains a Foil Titan Character Card (Trypticon – Assault Base) as well as 3 Large Foil Character Cards (Brunt, Full-Tilt, and Wipe-Out). Thus, Trypticon is a huge Character card that is 5–5/8″ wide and 7-7/8″ tall!

Sealed Trypticon Booster Pack Front
Trypticon Booster Pack Back

Trypticon is the 3rd Titan-sized Character to be introduced into the Transformers TCG.  Metroplex is available in his own Metroplex Box Set.  And Omega Supreme was available in a Loot Box. Trypticon (30) has 5 less health than Metroplex (35), but Metroplex is only 24 stars whereas Metroplex is 25.  So, you can add an additional star card into your Trypticon deck, where Metroplex can’t.

The Facts and the Odds:

Booster Box Side Details

The Facts:

There are 48 Wave 3 Transformer Character Cards and 64 Wave 3 Battle Cards in War for Cybertron Siege II. 

Each Sealed Booster Box Contains:

  • 30 Transformers Booster Packs detailed above
  • 1 Trypticon Pack detailed above

The Odds:

The side of the Booster Box gives you approximate odds on getting certain cards:

  • Chances of a Super Rare Character are 1:50 (about 2% chance)
  • Chance of Uncommon Small Character Card (Battle Master Character or 1/2 of a Weaponizer Character) 1:3 Booster Packs (about 33% chance)
  • And every booster pack contains 1 Rare Battle Card.

The Booster Box Opening

The Booster Box contains 30 Booster Packs, plus the Trypticon Booster Pack.  There are a total of 8 cards in each standard pack.  Booster Packs are huge.  The packs are 7.5″ tall and 3.5″ wide.  That is considerably larger than a typical pack of MTG / Pokemon / Yu-Gi-Oh! Booster packs. When you open the Booster packs, you notice that all the cards inside are nicely sandwiched between two solid pieces of white cardboard – similar to comic book backer boards. 

A Typical Booster Pack Contents – Two Backer Advertising Cards, 1 Large Character Card, 1 Small Character Card and a sealed pack of Battle Cards.

The white backer cards also serve as advertising on one side (for toys in the Transformers War For Cybertron Trilogy, as well as the Transformers Comic Books from IDW).  These backer boards do a nice job of protecting the cards inside from getting dinged up.  Wizards of the Coast packages Transformers cards very nicely.

Inside the Backer Boards you get 1 Large Foil Character Card, 1 Small Foil Character Card and a sealed pack of 6 Battle Cards.  The Transformer Character Cards are two-sided for gameplay.  The Battle Cards are one-sided, with a Transformer Logo Backing for gameplay.  

Character Card Pulls

All Character cards in the Transformers TCG get the Foil Treatment – even the commons.  So the Character cards all look gorgeous.  And you get  2 Character cards in every pack (a big one and a small one)

What Character Cards did we get in our box?  All images were previously released to the public, and you can see them all on our War For Cybertron Siege Transformers TCG Card List – Wave 4 Characters page

Here are the 30 Large Character Cards we received in our Booster Box:

  • Captain Astrotrain
  • Captain Impactor
  • Deadlock x 2
  • Lockdown
  • Lord Megatron (Super Rare)
  • Mudflap
  • Omega Supreme (Base)
  • Omega Supreme (Tank)
  • Private Greenlight
  • Private Hot Rod
  • Private Smokescreen x 3
  • Raider Apeface
  • Raider Chopshop
  • Raider Kickback x 2
  • Raider Nova Storm x 2
  • Raider Spinister
  • Sergeant Barricade
  • Sergeant Mirage
  • Sergeant Springer x 2
  • Sergeant Thundercracker
  • Skytread (Plane)
  • Skytread (Tank)
  • Specialist Sandstorm x 2

That’s 17 Commons, 8 uncommons, 4 Rares and 1 Super Rare

Here are the 30 Small Character Cards we received in our Booster Box:

  • MTX-S2A Guided Missile Launcher
  • Shadowsteel Iceblade x 2
  • Private Flint x 2 
  • Private Highjump x 2
  • Private Powertrain
  • Private Seawatch x 2
  • Private Sidetrack 
  • Private Sunrunner x 2
  • Anti-Gravity Turbo Pack x 2 
  • Anti-Ballistic Turret Helmet
  • Raider Blackjack x 2
  • Oxidation Cannon
  • Raider Hyperdrive 
  • Raider Needler
  • Raider Nightflight x 2
  • Raider Ratbat x 2
  • Raider Rumble
  • Multi-Maneuver Glider Wings
  • Raider Tailwind x 2
  • TTC-HP Oblivid Launcher

That is 20 Commons, and 8 Uncommons and 2 Rares

Battle Cards

Wave 4 Battle Cards
Typical Wave 4 Battle Card Booster Pack

We love the way that Wizards of the Coast packages the Battle cards in each booster pack.  Inside each Battle Card sealed pack you get: 3 Commons, 2 Uncommons and 1 Rare. You can only see 1 common card through the clear packaging.  The rare is always the 6th card down.  And the 4th and 5th cards are the uncommons.  If you are new to the game, you might need more Battle cards for your deck.  And, if you run across someone selling sealed Battle card packs, you know there will always be a rare in there, and the seller has no idea which rare it is.  

We’re not going to list the 180 cards we pulled from the Battle packs.  You can see all the Battle Cards on our “War For Cybertron Siege Transformers TCG Card List – Wave 4 Battle Cards


Final Thoughts on Wave 4

Our overall impression of Wave 4 / War for Cybertron Siege I is outstanding!  You get two foil Character Cards in every Booster Pack!  And those cards are beautiful and are on high quality cardstock.  For collectors, grabbing 2 foils per pack is an amazing !  The packaging is fantastic, just like with Waves 1 & 2 & 3. 

And you also get a Trypticon Pack secretly stashed underneath a divider in the bottom of the box.  For collector’s, this is the only way to obtain the Trypticon cards.  

I love how WOTC brought back Combiners, Battle Masters, Micro Masters, Weaponizers and a Titan Sized Card here!  You get a little taste of previously-released-goodness right here in one new booster box.  

One cool thing here is that you could probably make a Trypticon Deck right out of the box with the 4 character cards that come in the Trypticon packs.  With the 180 Battle Cards you get in to the Booster Box, you will be able to scrap together enough cards to make a semi-decent Trypticon Deck.  And you can tweak it with cards from older sets, and improve it even more by trading with friends.

I like it when there are manufacturers include some playable common cards in their TCG sets.  And there are some nice Transformers Character commons in this set like: Private Fixit; Captain Impactor; Specialist Sandstorm; Sergeant Springer; Raider Chop Shop; Captain Astrotrain.  

Roll Out Everybody!