Transformers TCG Wave 4 Character Card Set List
“War For Cybertron Siege II”

Here is a Transformers Character Card Set List – with images – for the Wave 4 Characters – War For Cybertron Siege II.  This set was released November 2019.  Booster Packs include: 1 Large Character Card, 1 Small Character Card, and 6 Battle Cards.  This set has 52 Character Cards.

The first letter of the Card # indicates the rarity – (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare).  Click on the Card #’s to see the images. If you want to contribute anything, or notice errorsfeel free to contact us.  Last Update: November 13, 2019. 

Click here to see the Wave 4 Battle Cards Set List with images.  

Card # Card Name Card Flavor / FLIP Star Cost
CT T01/T52 Captain Astrotrain
CT T02/T52 Captain Impactor Special Ops • Wrecker 7
RT T03/T52
UT T04/T52 Deadlock
RT T05/T52 Detritus
SRT T06/T52
CT T07/T52 Lockdown
SRT T08/T52 Lord Megatron
RT T09/T52
RT T10/T52 Sergeant Six-Gun MTX-S2A Missile Launcher 9
Built Version Sergeant Six-Gun 
Final Form
This how it looks Assembled  
CT T11/T52 Mudflap Hired Muscle 8
SRT T12/T52 Octone Capricious Agitator 13
RT T13/T52
Omega Supreme (Base) 8
RT T14/T52 Omega Supreme Omega Supreme (Spaceship) 7
RT T15/T52 Captain Omega Supreme Omega Supreme (Tank) 7
Built Version Captain Omega Supreme – Final Form This how it looks Assembled  
UT T16/T52 Private Dazzlestrike Shadowsteel Iceblade 6
CT T17/T52 Private Fixit Rescue Patrol • Medic 4
UT T18/T52 Private Greenlight Special Ops • Recon 8
CT T19/T52 Private Highjump Off-Road Patrol • Infiltration 4
RT T20/T52 Private Hot Rod Infantry • Soldier 9
CT T21/T52 Private Powertrain Off-Road Patrol • Patrol Leader 5
CT T22/T52 Private Seawatch Rescue Patrol •
Search & Rescue
CT T23/T52 Private Sidetrack Battle Patrol • Demolitions 4
CT T24/T52 Private Smokescreen Special Ops • Soldier 7
CT T25/T52 Private Sunrunner Battle Patrol • Air Defense 5
UT T26/T52 Private Turbo Board Air Command • Evac 6
UT T27/T52 Private Vanguard Ground Command • Advance Guard 5
CT T28/T52 Raider Apeface Espionage • Commando 10
CT T29/T52 Raider Blackjack Sports Card Patrol • Patrol Leader 5
UT T30/T52 Raider Caliburst Air Force • Weapons 6
CT T31/T52 Raider Chop Shop
CT T32/T52 Raider Hyperdrive Sports Card Patrol/Demolitions 4
UT T33/T52 Raider Kickback
UT T34/T52 Raider Needler Ground Force • Demolitions 7
CT T35/T52 Raider Nightflight Air Strike Patrol • Spy 4
CT T36/T52 Raider Nova Storm Infantry/Combustion Specialist 7
CT T37/T52
CT T38/T52
Spy Patrol • Demolitions 6
UT T39/T52
Air Force • Artillery 6
CT T40/T52
CT T41/T52 Raider Tailwind Air Strike Patrol • Strategist 5
CT T42/T52 Sergeant Barricade Infantry • Enforcer 7
UT T43/T52 Sergeant Crosshairs Artillery • Weapons Supervisor 10
CT T44/T52 Sergeant Mirage Special Ops • Spy 7
SRT T45/T52 Sergeant Soundblaster Weapons • Arms Dealer 12
CT T46/T52
Special Ops • Aerial Defense 12
RT T47/T52 Sergeant Thundercracker
UT T48/T52 Raider Skytread Skytread (Plane) 6
UT T49/T52 Raider Skytread Skytread (Tank) 6
Built Version Raider Skytread Final Form A Look at Raider Skytread Assembled  
UT T50/T52 Specialist Sandstorm
RT T51/T52 Raider Brunt TTC-HD Turret Armor 11
RT T52/T52 Raider Brunt TTC-HP Oblivio Launcher 11
Built Version Raider Brunt Final Form A Look at Raider Brunt Assembled  
Wave 4A Promos    
SRT T01/T04 Trypticon Assault Base 24
RT T02/T04 Brunt Artillery Drone (no bot mode) 4
RT T03/T04 Full-Tilt Base Recon 4
RT T04/T04 Wipe-Out Devoted Minion 4