Sejuani – Legends of Runeterra Review

Rating: 4.5/5

This is extremely versatile and good in almost any deck.  It gives you big body on the field.  It acts like removal on your turn, but can block damage on the enemy turn too.  The overwhelm is a nice bonus too, which helps proc its own level up.

This is used in aggro, mid and control decks all alike.  It’s especially good for mid-range.

This has been seen in Ashe/Sejuani, BBG’s Swain/Sejuani decks.

The level up effect is very powerful, often a win condition.  Not every deck that uses this card will attain that level up.  But even at level 1, this is still a very good card.

  • Tempo: 5/5
  • Control: 4/5
  • Versatility: 5/5
  • Expedition:5/5

Synergies: Burn effects that can level it up faster.  1 drops like Omen Hawk to push in some damage.  Plunder decks, Swain decks, etc.  Ashe.

Fury of the North (Sejuani’s Spell) – 4/5.  Nerfed to 3 attack recently, but still a fast spell that can protect a life, help you get a kill or even deal some extra damage as a finisher.