Date Reviewed:
August 30, 2020

Set: 1 – Foundations
Rarity: Champion
Region: Piltover & Zaun
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The most polarizing card design in the game.  At worst, it’s a 1/3 5-drop that dies to removal and gets no value.  At best, it generates an entire army of units for free and wins you the game.  It’s feast or famine.  Flash of Brilliance being nerfed to 4 cost made that combo practically unplayable and he’s inconsistent now.  And with his elusive turret switched to 6 cost, he requires even more investment to get that payoff.

Progress Day (the spell that comes with it) is greedy; useful late-game if you’re board state isn’t in trouble.  It gives him the 8-attack Trex, but doesn’t really help him survive mid-game like the spells on other champs do.

  • Tempo: 1/5
  • Control: ?/5
  • Versatility: 1/5 – This card requires a deck built around it.
  • Expedition: 3.5/5 – Depends on what you’re building though

Overall Rating: ?

It was a 5/5 last meta, but it’s probably a 2 now.  Depending on what spells come out in the future, he could be strong again.

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