Scareclaw Tri-Heart
Scareclaw Tri-Heart

Scareclaw Tri-Heart – #DIFO-EN049

3 Effect Monsters – Must be Link Summoned. All face-up monsters on the field are changed to Defense Position. Unaffected by the activated effects of Defense Position monsters. Once per turn, if this card is in the Extra Monster Zone: You can target 1 Level 3 “Scareclaw” monster in your GY; Special Summon it, and if you do, add 1 “Scareclaw” monster from your Deck to your hand, also you cannot Special Summon monsters for the rest of this turn, except “Scareclaw” monsters.

Date Reviewed:  July 15th, 2022

Rating: 3.63

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Scareclaw Tri-Heart is the Link Monster we’ve been referencing this week and is the boss monster of the Scareclaw archetype.

Three effect monsters makes it a Link 3 that is splashable in almost any deck out there. A Zero Gravity effect that is Continuous does make it tough for your opponent to get to you. Protection against effects of Defense Position monsters makes Tri-Heart invulnerable to any monster currently on the field. Tremendous power for a Link 3 at 3000ATK. Each turn being able to Special Summon a Scareclaw Level 3 from your grave and search a Scareclaw monster from your deck makes Tri-Heart Reichheart on steroids. You need to have Tri-Heart in the Extra Monster Zone, so if you were to Special Summon another you won’t be able to the same thing with that copy, and that is because Tri-Heart is not a hard once per turn. You get locked into only Special Summoning Scareclaw monsters to prevent you from using your Scareclaw monsters for different summons not within the archetype, an acceptable restriction considering your Link 3 3000ATK monster that turns all face-up monsters into defense and has some built-in protection.

Tri-Heart is precisely what you want to go for, and is a fitting boss monster for the archetype. Good protection, good stall ability, can search your deck and can get you back a monster each turn. Get to this guy as quickly as possible.

Advanced-4/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Scareclaw Week ends off with their boss monster: Scareclaw Tri-Heart.

Tri-Heart is a Link-3 DARK Beast-Warrior with 3000 ATK and arrows all pointing downwards. Great arrows, DARK is a great Attribute, Beast-Warriors are pretty good, and the ATK is great. Summoning requirements are 3 Effect Monsters and it must be Link Summoned, so it’s easy to get out, but they ensured you can’t abuse it with Tri-Brigade or revive it, which is fine. All face-up monsters on the field are forced into Defense Position, barring Link Monsters of course, so this at least helps get all your Scareclaw effects to the maximum effect. It’s unaffected by the activated effects of Defense Position monsters, so it’s hard to out if the opponent can’t make a Link Monster for some reason. Finally, we get a soft once per turn while it’s in the Extra Monster Zone to target a Level 3 Scareclaw in your graveyard and revive it, then you add a Scareclaw monster from your Deck to your hand,  but you can only Special Summon just Scareclaw monsters for the rest of the turn. The revival and search is great, even though you must do both. You can only get the Level 3 monsters, which all boost the Link Monster by making him more powerful at least. The search does help get you to another effect. The restriction isn’t that bad either, since you can just do this at the end of your plays. Tri-Heart is a decent Link-3. Some generic Decks can use it to force monsters in Defense Position and therefore get protection from their effects, but it’s best used in Scareclaws.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 5/5 Pretty sick looking boss.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Like we weren’t arriving here to close the week.  Scareclaw Tri-Heart is a Link 3, Dark/Beast-Warrior Monster, with 3000 attack, and arrows pointing to all 3 bottoms.  Any 3 Effect Monsters are needed for Link Summon here.  Oh, and then we immediately see if MUST be Link Summoned.  So all Monsters on the Field are changed to Defense position.  And this is Unaffected by activated Effects of Defense position Monsters.  A very oddly, specific protection there, but it’s something, so I’ll be a fan.  Ohh the last part is fun.  If in the ‘Extra Monster Zone’ (Once per Turn) you can Target and Special Summon a Level 3 or lower Theme Monster from your Grave, and if successful, you then get to add a(nother) Theme Monster from your Deck to your Hand.  So, collectively, in terms of Field Presence and resource, you are going +2 off those Effects.  New Monster on the Field, in addition to what you select to bring to your Hand.  At the End, you’re locked into Special Summoning only within the Theme for the Turn, but that’s so common nowadays, it’s no big thing, especially that being the only aspect of that Effect.  Solid and useful Effects, coupled with that 3000 attack, we finally got to a good enough card, I think.

Rating:  3.85/5

Art:  3.25/5  Much like earlier this week, while not bad, it’s a rather bland, uninteresting pic to me.

Mighty Vee

After a lot of buildup, Scareclaw Tri-Heart, the official boss of the Scareclaw archetype, finishes off the week in style. It’s a Link 3 DARK Beast-Warrior monster with down left, down, and down right arrows, making it ideal in the Extra Monster Zone. Tri-Heart requires 3 Effect monsters to Link Summon, which is fine since Scareclaws don’t have a Link 2 yet anyway (but it does shut down IP Masquerena plays if you wanted to, for some reason). 3000 attack is incredibly solid for a Link 3 monster, being above average and on par with most other boss monsters, even Link 4s.

Notably, Tri-Heart must be Link Summoned, so even though it’s a Beast Warrior, it doesn’t really have synergy with Tri-Brigade decks. Summoning it (with Scareclaws, anyway) is rather difficult; Rescue Cat can get you two Scareclaws, so you’d only need one other Scareclaw to make Tri-Heart. Scareclaw Reichheart along with any other Scareclaw can also make Tri-Heart, using the other Scareclaw to make Salamangreat Almiraj and reviving it with Scareclaw Arrival after searching it with Reiccheart. As long as Tri-Heart is on the field, all face-up monsters are automatically changed to Defense position, making cards like yesterday’s Level Limit – Area B completely redundant. This effect will bypass Xyz monsters and, since it’s Continuous, will also overcome the recent trend of monsters unaffected only by activated effects, like Psychic End Punisher and Cyberdark End Dragon. Speaking of which, Tri-Heart itself is unaffected by the activated effects of Defense position monsters, so decks without Link monsters are utterly helpless in terms of monsters, though Tri-Heart is still vulnerable to Continuous effects (like attack drops or Continuous effect negation) and Spell and Trap cards. Tri-Heart’s sole soft once per turn activated effect can only be activated while it’s in the Extra Monster Zone (which it should be) and is perhaps one of the most loaded effects in modern Yugioh, allowing you to Special Summon a level 3 Scareclaw from your Graveyard then search any Scareclaw monster, at the cost of locking you into Scareclaws for the rest of the turn. While there are no other meaningful endboard pieces for Scareclaws, the plan is pretty obvious; you revive one of the level 3s to boost Tri-Heart’s combat capabilities (they can either give it Piercing damage, increase its attack, or give it multiple attacks per Battle Phase). Thanks to Scareclaws Special Summoning themselves, you can usually get at least two of those effects, ideally Piercing and additional attacks. Alternatively, you could search Reichheart for follow-up plays, or to grab a Spell or Trap if you haven’t summoned it yet. Overall a great boss for the archetype, but currently it’s a little too hard to summon…currently!

Advanced: 3.5/5

Art: 4/5 Big glow up over regular Reichheart, and the neon colors look really nice. Kinda wish the Cerberus thing more closely resembled the main deck Scareclaws, though.


We finally come to the boss of the Scareclaws, Tri-Hard – er, I mean Tri-HEART. A link 3 is seldom a boss for an archetype, but strangely enough, I think it works.
3000 ATK means that Tri-Heart is packing plenty of power. All monsters on the Field must cower before him as he instills great fear. This takes the form of forcing all monsters into DEF mode, so long as he’s around. This is a better form of LLAB (yesterday’s card review) as it can also affect XYZ monsters. Still, though Links are immune to this effect.

*Side tangent* I always felt like Link monsters should have still been able to be placed in DEF mode. It could change which directions its Link Arrows are facing which could be used to both benefit and hinder opponents during their Summoning.

Back to the main review. Monsters are usually weaker in DEF, so Tri-Heart should be able to clear any threat after forcing it into DEF mode. Also, he’s unaffected by the activated effects of DEF mode monsters. That’s some pretty good protection right there. Tri-Heart not only hits hard, but is also hard to out, meaning your opponent’s are going to have a problem mounting a comeback.
Once per Turn, Tri-Heart allows you to go +2 (a trend in the archetype, apparently). For free, you can Special Summon a Lvl 3 Scareclaw from your GY to a zone Tri-Heart points to in order to search for another Scareclaw monster from your Deck. This is pretty crazy.

Now, Tri-Heart isn’t without his downsides. You see, he MUST be Link Summoned, so you can’t revive him with Monster Reborn or Scareclaw-flavored-Monster-Reborn (aka Scareclaw Arrival). If you could, it’d be pretty strong, so that’s more than fair. You could also view his floddgate ability (the DEF mode one) as a downside since it also affects your monsters. This means that, unless you have a bunch of Link monsters on your Field, the ONLY attacked you’ll have is Tri-Heart himself.
Now to offset this detriment a tad, this is where the rest of the Scareclaw archetype comes into play. Each of the main deck Lvl 3 Scareclaws possess continuous effects that are designed to further buff Tri-Heart. Acro gives him additional ATK points based on the number of DEF mode monsters YOU have. This is alright, but it could’ve been “all DEF mode monsters on the Field” and it’d still be fair. Astra grants Tri-Heart additional attacks based on the number of DEF mode Scareclaws you possess. This one is probably the best, as those extra attacks can clear your opponent’s board and/or end the game via direct attacks. Finally, Belone grants Tri-Heart piercing battle damage. Since your opponent’s monsters are stuck in DEF mode, the piercing actually helps to sink in some damage, so this one is pretty nice too.

Overall, the Scareclaws have great consistency and swarming potential, an interesting gameplay gimmick that can be difficult for some decks to work around, and has a pretty solid boss monster. This adds up to being pretty good. I’m not sure if they’re top tier or anything, but in my opinion, they don’t need to be. Their aesthetic is cool and so is their playstyle.

Advanced Rating – 3/5
Art – 3.5/5

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