Regieleki VMAX-0
Regieleki VMAX

Regieleki VMAX – Silver Tempest

Date Reviewed:
November 30, 2023

Ratings Summary:
Standard: 4.0
Expanded: 3.5

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I just happened to buy a couple League Battle Decks and Regieleki VMAX happens to be one of the cards featured alongside Miraidon ex. Since this card is still Standard legal as this is from the “F” regulation block and it hasn’t been reviewed from my end, I’ll try to make it through this tardy first impression!

Regieleki VMAX is a Lightning type with 310 HP, weak to Fighting, no resistance, and no retreat cost. Its ability – named Transistor – enables your Basic Lightning Pokemon to deal 30 extra damage to your opponent’s Active Pokemon. If you have multiple of Regieleki VMAX in play, then that could be upwards of up to 120 extra damage! Again, while the damage bonus is nice to have around, it can only matter if it lets you achieve 2HKOs or even OHKOs. This also lets you play different Pokemon Tools that doesn’t deal extra damage a bit more freely, or to even double down with Choice Belt or Defiance Band for even more damage boosts. Max Thunder and Lightning is Regieleki VMAX’s only attack, doing 220 damage for LLC with the clause of not being able to attack on your next turn, though with free retreat, you could send out another Regieleki VMAX or a different attacker to attack again.

Based on its capabilities, Regieleki VMAX is mostly regulated to being a support Pokemon while helping a myriad of Basic Lightning-type attackers regardless of whether it has a rule box or not. While the list of Basic Lightning-type Pokemon is huge in both Standard and Expanded, only a extreme few options prove superior. Currently the only Pokemon I can think of that can benefit from Transistor is definitely Miraidon ex, as not only it has a strong attack via Photon Blaster, doing the same 220 for LLC with the same clause as Max Thunder and Lightning, it also has an incredible ability of Tandem Unit, which could easily flood the entire field of Basic Lightning-type Pokemon while thinning your deck! Thus, I can see why the League Battle Deck has those cards contained: both Regieleki VMAX and Miraidon ex are natural partners, and the rest of the deck can be filled with extremely useful and generic cards (like Electric Generator, Beach Court, and Professor’s Research) that could get the deck flowing like no other.

As long as future new expansions continue to pump out new Basic Lightning-type Pokemon, that’s one more Pokemon that Regieleki VMAX will support. My only gripe is that you have to wait one turn to evolve Regieleki-V and that the card itself is no more than being a stepping stone, but it is bulky enough to tank most early attacks assuming your opponent hasn’t already fully set up. For Expanded, there’s way too many support for Lightning types that I’m not sure if decks have room for Regieleki VMAX; there might be other players who may still like using the one-and-done Electropower (SM Lost Thunder) without the risk of giving up three prizes.


Standard: 4/5
Expanded: 3.5/5

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