Number C39: Utopia Ray
Number C39: Utopia Ray

Number C39: Utopia Ray – #ORCS-EN040

3 Level 4 LIGHT monsters – You can also Xyz Summon this card by using a “Number 39: Utopia” you control as material. (Transfer its materials to this card.) You can detach 1 material from this card; it gains 500 ATK until the end of this turn, and if it does, 1 monster your opponent controls loses 1000 ATK until the end of this turn. You must have 1000 LP or less to activate and to resolve this effect.

Date Reviewed:  February 5th, 2022

Rating: 2.0

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Crunch$G Avatar

Zexal time, and we’ll go ahead and look at the 2 ace monsters upgraded by starting with Number C39: Utopia Ray.

Utopia Ray is a Rank 4 LIGHT Warrior Xyz with 2500 ATK and 2000 DEF. Good Rank 4 stats, Type and Attribute are great as well. Regular summoning requirements are 3 Level 4 LIGHT Monsters, which has probably never happened. This is mainly summoned on top of Number 39: Utopia by using that and its Xyz Materials as material to get the same number with the less specific requirements. Lone effect this has is to detach a material to have this gain 500 ATK and an opponent’s monster lose 1000 ATK, which doesn’t target and has no once per turn. It’s pretty good to help run over a bigger monster, it’s just you need 1000 LP or less to use this effect to begin with, otherwise you summoned a vanilla. I mean, I guess at least you can slap this on a Utopia to get around his destruction effect when attacked with no materials. You have to be in a real pinch to use this to begin with, but it might be able to help you win the game if you summon him. I know back when the Extra Deck had room to where I could even run this guy, I got some games with this just because I decided to run it. Now it’s mostly just another Utopia to slap the bigger ones on top of to get more materials, but the effect might come up in a rare occasion. 

Advanced Rating: 2/5

Art: 4/5 He doesn’t seem to keep too many of the features from the original Utopia, especially compared to his other forms.

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