Date Reviewed:
August 31, 2020

Set: 2 – Rising Tides
Region – Bilgewater
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He is definitely a big part of a win condition with the 13/13 body, fearsome, summoning an army of sea monsters on the cheap.  He’s seems like a crazy OP card at first.  He’s very good, do not get me wrong, but tempo is a factor too.

You do not want to draw this card opening hand.  He’s almost useless if you don’t have Deep.  Compare this to Abyssal Eye or Devourer which at least get some value before Deep. 

And on turn 7, if you summon him, even with Deep, you won’t have mana to summon other creatures.

Riptide synergizes well with him, since it requires a Nautilus on board and your Nautiluses in hand turn into Riptides when he is on board.

  • Tempo: 1/5
  • Control: 5/5 – The opponent will spend a lot of resources to deal with him
  • Versatility: 0/5 – Only used in Deep decks
  • Expedition: 3.5/5 – Great if you get Deep synergy, but what if you lock into Bilgewater and just get mostly plunder cards instead?  Deck size is smaller in Expedition to enable Deep, though it does get bigger each game.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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