• 20+ new items: Selling points, production equipment, storage sheds & more
  • Distribution center & markets add new layers of gameplay around supply & demand
  • Daily demands reward fast delivery and smart logistical management
  • Farmers may wash their crops – and increase the yield!
  • Pre-orders and a video teaser are now available

Virtual farmers can soon ramp up their production in Farming Simulator 22 – and while at it, make their operation more sustainable. Publisher GIANTS Software announces the Farm Production Pack coming to PC and consoles on April 30th.

Enhanced Economics & Daily Demands

Dynamic prices and daily demands reward fast deliveries, when farmers take on contracts from several new points of sale: A farm store requests agricultural resources, a supermarket requires processed foods, and vending machines along with market stalls demand fresh produce. Meanwhile, a new kind of wind turbine and solar panels (including a remote-controlled cleaning robot) generate passive income.

Washing Crops, Increasing Yield

New farm equipment further increases the yield of harvests and resources: The Lely Sphere, a circular manure-handling system, creates liquid fertilizer from ammonia emissions when placed next to animal sheds and combined with sulfuric acid. VDW’s Cleaner Tiger scrubs and cuts sugar beets after separating them from stones, and a washing drum produces washed crops that can be sold at higher prices.

Managing a Distribution Center

Agricultural entrepreneurs, who don’t stop at selling their harvest and have their eyes on a late-game empire, can own a 4,000-square-meter distribution center equipped with heavy-loading shelves. Safely operating a forklift, they manage the distribution of pallets arriving at unloading bays, and need to apply clever logistics to satisfy dynamic market demands. In addition, several customizable sheds and silos for storing bulk materials, vehicles, and tools, as well as a vehicle repair shop with garage, are available for ownership.

The Farm Production Pack is developed by Design, Modeling & Innovation (DMI) and published by GIANTS Software, scheduled for release on April 30th. Farming Simulator 22 is available for PC, Mac, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.