Hover Turret

What is a Fortnite Hover Turret? 

Hover TurretThe Hover Turret is a Gadget that a Fortnite Hero can unlock and then deploy during gameplay.  The Drone Turret hovers about 8 feet above the ground and shoots enemies within a 4 tile range.  The Turret lasts for about 30 seconds.  The hover turret is stationary though, and it will not follow you around.  You would normally deploy the Turret when you are getting overrun with mobs of zombies.  

How do you get the Hover Turret?

The Hover Turret is unlocked in Fortnite Skill Tree Tier 2.  Click on the image below to see an even larger map.  

Skill Tree 2 - Unlock Hover Turret
Skill Tree 2 – Unlock Hover Turret

How do you equip the Hover Turret?  How to equip Fortnite Gadgets on PS4, Xbox, PC

The Hover Turret is one of many gadgets you can unlock during Fortnite gameplay.  When you are at the 2-minute-loading-screen, before entering your mission, you will see your character in the forefront.  On a PS4 and Xbox , simply select your character by clicking “X” or “A” respectively.  It will bring up a spot to choose your gadgets.  On a PC, you click the “+” signs around the knees of your character.  

How do you Upgrade the Hover Turret?

The Hover Turret can be upgraded several times in the Fortnite Skill Trees:

  • Skill Tree 2 – Increases Hover Turret range 
  • Skill Tree 3 – Increases how long the Hover Turret stays active by 10 seconds.
  • Skill Tree 3 – Extra Turret
  • Skill Tree 4 – The Hover Turret Explodes upon dying
  • Skill Tree 4 – Increase Firing Rate