Hover Turret

What is a Fortnite Hover Turret? 

Hover TurretThe Hover Turret is a Gadget that a Fortnite Hero can unlock and then deploy during gameplay.  The Drone Turret hovers about 8 feet above the ground and shoots enemies within a 4 tile range.  The Turret lasts for about 30 seconds.  The hover turret is stationary though, and it will not follow you around.  You would normally deploy the Turret when you are getting overrun with mobs of zombies.  

How do you get the Hover Turret?

I had to revise this article, because Epic Games changed how you get the turret in 2019.  You used to unlock the turret in skill trees.  Epic Games did away with Skill Trees in 2019 in order to streamline the game and make it a bit easier for players to understand.  

Old way:

Here is an image of the archaic skill trees STW players used to use: 

Skill Tree 2 - Unlock Hover Turret
Old skill Tree to Unlock Hover Turret – These no longer exist as of 2019

New way:

On the home screen, click on the Command Tab, then Click on Upgrades (See Below)

Fortnite Save the World Upgrades
Fortnite Save the World Upgrades

Then click on Gadgets, and then Hover Turret

Hover turret
Click on Gadgets, then the Hover Turret

You will see need to use points you have earned from missions to unlock and upgrade the hover turret.  You can assign your points to any of these gadgets:

  • Adrenaline Rush – to restore health
  • Air Strike – Drops 9 bombs in a designated area
  • Banner – Drops a healing banner, that heals all players in the area
  • Hoverbot – Deploys the Hover Turret
  • Proximity Mine – Deploys land mines that damage enemies
  • Slow Field – Reduces Movement Speed of enemies
  • Supply Drop – Call in a Supply Drop of Wood, Stone and Metal
  • Teleporter – Deploys 2 teleportation devices, allowing you to teleport back and forth

How do you equip the Hover Turret?  How to equip Fortnite Gadgets on PS4, Xbox, PC

The Hover Turret is one of many gadgets you can unlock during Fortnite gameplay.  When you are at the 2-minute-loading-screen, before entering your mission, you will see your character in the forefront.  On a PS4 and Xbox , simply select your character by clicking “X” or “A” respectively.  It will bring up a spot to choose your gadgets.  On a PC, you click the “+” signs around the knees of your character.  

How do you Upgrade the Hover Turret?

The Hover Turret can be leveled up several times using Skill Points:

  • Upgrade 2 – Increases Hover Turret range 
  • Upgrade 3 – Increases how long the Hover Turret stays active by 10 seconds.
  • Upgrade 4 – Extra Turret
  • Upgrade 5 – The Hover Turret Explodes upon dying
  • Upgrade 6 – Increase Firing Rate