What are Storm Chests?

Storm Chests will start appearing for you in Plankerton – in Mission Levels 28 and beyond.

Storm Chests are not the main objective of missions.  They are bonus chests that randomly appear.  They usually appear around the the perimeter of the map, but you will find them in the middle of the map too.  They are always on ground level.  They are not in basements, or upper levels of buildings.

Storm Chest

How do you open a Storm Chest?

When you click to open a storm chest, husks will immediately begin to spawn in the area.  There are 3 phases to complete:

  1. Phase 1 – Kill 25 Husks before the timer runs out 
  2. Phase 2 – Kill 50 Husks before the timer runs out 
  3. Phase 3 – Kill 2 Mist Monsters

What’s inside a Storm Chest?

If you complete Phase 1 & 2, you will get 1 reward box.  If you complete Phase 3, you will get 2 reward boxes.  Storm Chests will usually drop a good amount of rare crafting materials, and 1 or 2 weapons.  

Storm Chest Loot

Don’t Solo a Storm Chest!

Storm Chests are considered a Group Activity.  Each player will get their own Loot Boxes. So you might as well tell everyone in Group Chat that you have found a Storm Chest.  And then give everyone a minute or two to get to your area.  Unless you are overpowered, storm chests are difficult to solo.  Only players in the area of the Storm Chest during the battle can obtain the loot, so it’s rude to exclude the rest of the group.  

Storm Chest Tips

Clear the area around the Storm Chest before opening the chest.  Kill off mobs in the area so you don’t accidentally aggro them.  If you are waiting for others, remove all debris like Trees, Rocks, Bushes, Structures, etc.  It’ll be easier to kill husks quickly if you have direct line-of-sight on them.