Here are our rankings of the best guns in Fortnite: Save the World.  This list can help you decide which weapons to choose in case the Loot Llama Gods are giving you a tough choice.  All these weapons are fantastic though, when used properly.  
Last updated: October 30, 2018.  

Best Assault Rifles:

Nocturno Assault Rifle

Assault Rifles:  Assault Rifles are great for Soldiers.  But, almost every class can benefit from having one.  Some folks do not like Semi-Automatic Rifles – where you have to pull the trigger for each shot.  Burst weapons will fire a short burst of shots with each trigger press. Please take this into account if you prefer Fully Automatic Rifles.  Click here to see a more detailed breakdown of our Ranked Assault Rifles.  

  1. Siegebreaker– Fully Automatic Rifle – Fantastic all-around weapon and hits hard
  2. Hunter Killer – Semi-Automatic Rifle – Another great all-around Rifle, but it’s not auto
  3. Super Shredder – Sniper/Shotgun hybrid – Incredible damage from near and far.
  4. Razorblade – Burst Rifle – Tight Bursts, Good Damage, but eats up ammo quickly
  5. Nocturno – Fully Automatic Rifle – A Lovely Full Automatic Weapon
  6. Tiger – Sniper Rifle – Engage zombies from a great distance
  7. Deathstalker – Burst Rifle – Hits hard at a good distance
  8. Vindertech Pulsar – Energy Burst Rifle – Decent firing rate and Great against Husks
  9. Dragon’s Roar – Semi-Automatic Rifle – Penetrates enemies & sets them on fire
  10. Typewriter – SMG Rifle – Good Magazine Size and Good Damage
  11. Hydra – Hydraulic Rifle – Hybrid Rifle/Shotgun – Great damage, but slow firing rate
  12. Rat King – Semi-Automatic Slug Gun – Similar to the Hydra. 
  13. Silenced Specter – SMG Rifle – Great Crit Chance and Crit Damage
  14. Buzzcut – Semi-Automatic Rifle – Needs great aim for headshot damage
  15. Founder’s Drumroll – LMG Rifle – High Damage, Large Magazine Size, Inaccurate
  16. Hacksaw – LMG Rifle – Hits pretty well for an LMG
  17. Bobcat – SMG Rifle – Great Crit Chance and Crit Damage
  18. Grave Digger – Fully Automatic Rifle – Good Firing Rate and Large Magazine size
  19. Wraith – Fully Automatic Rifle – Better in Controlled Burst, and need Headshots.
  20. Lynx – Burst Rifle – Slow Burst Weapon, Good Accuracy and Damage
  21. Mercury – LMG Rifle – Neon A.R. with Good Firing Rate and Magazine Size, Inaccurate
  22. Hammercrush – Single Shot Rifle – Fires Slugs with High Damage, Slow
  23. One Shot – Bolt-Action – Powerful, Shots Penetrate, Heavy Ammo, Slow
  24. Nailer – Hydraulic Nail Gun – Slow firing, but Great Impact & Good Magazine size

Best Shotguns:

Thunderbolt Shotgun
Thunderbolt Shotgun

Shotguns are great for Raiders, as well as other classes.

  1. Tigerjaw – Auto Shotgun – Fantastic & Well-Rounded, but burns through ammo quickly
  2. Room Sweeper – Automatic Shotgun – Great for Mob Clearing, but burns up ammo
  3. Thunderbolt – Break Action Shotgun – Great AOE for Mob Clearing Husks
  4. Longarm Enforcer – Tactical Shotgun – Good range, and great Multi Target DPS
  5. Husk Buster – Semi-Automatic Shotgun – Nice Medium Range Shotgun 
  6. Old Smokey – Double Barrel Shotgun – Great for Mob Clearing Husks
  7. Vindertech Disintegrator – Plasma Shotgun – Great for Mob Clear and Good Range
  8. Dragoon – Flintlock Shotgun – Huge Damage, but Slow to Reload
  9. Backbreaker – Semi-Auto Shotgun – Up Close Shotgun with a Good Reload Speed
  10. Stampede – Semi-Automatic Shotgun – High Damage at Short Range
  11. The Bear – Pump-Action Shotgun – Average Range, Capacity and Damage
  12. Maverick – Double Barrel Shotgun – Two Shot Shotgun
  13. Helium – Neon Shotgun – Great for Crit-Heavy Heroes like Raiders
  14. Ground Pounder – Semi-Automatic Shotgun – Rate of Fire is very good, and nice range
  15. Enforcer – Heavy Tactical Shotgun – Fast Semi Automatic
  16. Founders Deconstructor – Tactical Shotgun – Accurate and Powerful, but slow
  17. Nightclaw – Precision Tactical Shotgun – High Damage and high firing rate

Best Pistols

Dragon Pistol
Dragon Pistol

Pistols are great for the Ranger Class as the Ranger Buffs Pistols.  

  1. Founder’s Revolt – Semi-Automatic Pistol – Rapid Firing Pistol with Decent Damage and Accuracy
  2. Dragon’s Breath – Dragon Pistol – a Shotgun/Pistol – Smasher Killer! Huge Hits!
  3. Bolt Bolt – High Impact and Penetration, but bad recoil.  Blaster Killer!
  4. Bald Eagle – Semi-Auto Handcannon – High Damage and Knockback
  5. Viper – Automatic Pistol  – Well Rounded Pistol
  6. Thrasher – Automatic Pistol – High Damage and Quick Reload
  7. Haywire Storm – Semi-Automatic Pistol – Great Firing Rate, and large Ammo Capacity
  8. Whisper .45 – Semi-Automatic Pistol with Silencer – High Base Damage & Crit Chance
  9. Jackal – Semi-Automatic Pistol
  10. Monsoon – Automatic Pistol – High Rate of Fire, Inaccurate and gobbles up ammo
  11. Judge – Semi-Auto Handcannon

Best Explosive Weapons

  • Bazooka – Long Range Rocket Launcher with great AOE damage, Low Durability
  • Dam Buster – Hydraulic Rocket Launcher with Concussive Shockwave
  • Noble Launcher – Neon Rocket Launcher, Deals Energy Damage
  • Bowler – Fires a long-range, bouncing cannon ball that does knockback.  Fun to use

Best Melee Weapons

Constructors, Ninja’s and Outlanders can increase the melee damage from a variety of Melee weapons.  These are some of our favorites:

Neon scythe
Neon scythe
  1. Reaper Scythe – Great End Game Weapon
  2. Stormblade – Sword – A nice elemental blade for many heroes
  3. Doomhammer – Hammer – Slow hitting, but a powerful knockback
  4. Neon Scythe – A quick, popular weapon with good dps, and cool looking to boot
  5. Husk Stomper – Hammer – Good for Constructers, great for stunning
  6. Huskcleaver – Sword- Good for Ninjas, good raw damage
  7. Founder’s Blazing Masamume – Sword – Fast & Deals Fire Damage
  8. Whirling Doom – Spear – Slow, but good damage and some knockback
  9. Slice n’ Dice – Sword – Fast and Good Damage, but little knockback
  10. Stabsworth the III – Sword – Slower attack speed, but good DPS