Here’s the previous post:

This is the new deck.  Format includes Yugi & Kaiba starter decks + Legend of Blue Eyes.

Currently, the meta deck of this format has 3 Summoned Skulls and 2 Soul Exchanges.  Getting rid of any enemy monster + putting a 2500 beater on the board is good against any matchup, but especially against decks with many defense wall monsters.  Some decks will use a 3rd Soul Exchange and add a Judge Man (2200 ATK, 6-star vanilla monster) to balance it out.  The downside of Judge-Man: 2200 is an awkward number, it loses to Summoned Skull and an 1800 beater with Reinforcement.

I use 3 Giant Soldier of Stones instead of 3 Wall of Illusions.  Stone’s 1300 ATK helps you push for damage.  And with Reinforcement for 1800, it beats 1700 ATK monsters and trade against 1800 ATK monsters, whereas Wall loses to both.