[May 2002] Legend of Blue-Eyes Format (Guide)

This is a deck list I made for the format.  Most decks will be very similar and have 35+ of the same cards.  Link to YDK File: https://www.duelingbook.com/deck?id=411291

Reasons to play this format: it’s simple to learn, relaxing, nostalgic and can be used as a way for beginners to learn how card advantage works.  It moreso requires logic than rote memory.  Games are often balanced and close.

Downsides of the format: Games can last very long.  It’s fun on occasion but it doesn’t have the depth of other formats.

Card Pool: Starter Deck Yugi & Kaiba.  Legend of Blue-Eyes. 

Forbidden List: Pot of Greed, Monster Reborn, Dark Hole, Change of Heart and Raigeki are limited to 1.  Swords of Revealing Light is at 2.

3 La Jinn, 3 Neo and 3 Battle Ox are the staple beaters.  La Jinn, of course, having the most importance.  With 1800 ATK edging out 1700 ATK, La Jinn nets a +1 against the other two.  Ideally, we want to bait out enemy removal cards with our 1700 ATK beaters and we want to summon our La Jinn to counter their 1700 ATK beaters.

Spell Cards – Dark Hole, Raigeki, Change of Heart and Monster Reborn higher value than other cards in the deck, so save them if you can use a lower value removal option instead. 

Swords of Revealing Light is countered by De-Spell.  Some people use De-Spell, but imo, Swords is more versatile.  Though De-Spell can be used by higher skill players who are able to call a bluff correctly (like with Trap Master)

Trap Cards – There aren’t many traps in this format.  Hence, they all are countable.  You know that in every duel the opponent will have 3 Trap Holes and 3 Wabokus.  Checking the opponent’s graveyard can help read these plays.  If they used all 3 of a card, then you no longer have to play around it.  If they didn’t use any copies of a particular trap card and it’s still in the middle of the game, they likely have it set.  Other logical deductions can be made (i.e. if I summoned La Jinn and they didn’t Trap Hole it, maybe they don’t have a Trap Hole set yet.  

Reinforcements — Used to help your Neo or Battle Ox win in mirror battles, or even take out La Jinns, or at the very least, force out an enemy Waboku.

Trap Hole — While it can be used against Battle Ox and Neo in particular situations, you want to particularly save it for La Jinn (or Summoned Skull perhaps) to get the most value out of your 1-for-1 trade.

Waboku —  Ideally, use it for card/field advantage, i.e. to keep your monster alive in an equal ATK battle while destroying theirs.  Though, life protection is also important.  For me personally, I use 3000 LP as the threshold on when it’s worth it to -1 on it.