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 Master of Shadows Deck Garage


JULY 2008


Deck Fix: Broken Circle


Hello, again, everyone. I have a treat for you all today: one of my own decks, appropriately named Broken Circle - Poor Man's PC. Yes, people, the Perfect Circle has been broken, and not in a good way. Here it is:


What do you get when you take the Destiny Draws, Elemental Hero Stratos, and occasional Allure of Darkness out of Perfect Circle and add to that lack of funds? (Note: I don't have any of those cards which is why I took them out.) You get this crap:


Broken Circle


Monsters: 19


1 The Dark Creator

3 Caius the Shadow Monarch

1 Jinzo

1 Destiny Hero - Dasher

2 Destiny Hero - Fear Monger

1 Destiny Hero - Disk Commander

1 Snipe Hunter

1 Mask of Darkness

1 Night Assailant

2 Dark Mimic LV1 (sorry, no Dekoichis)

1 Spirit Reaper

2 Mystic Tomato

1 Exiled Force

1 Newdoria


Spells: 12


2 Reinforcement of the Army

1 Soul Exchange

1 Brain Control

1 Heavy Storm

1 Premature Burial

1 Monster Reborn

1 Mystical Space Typhoon

2 Lightning Vortex

2 Enemy Controller


Traps: 9


1 Torrential Tribute

2 Limit Reverse

2 Legacy of Yata-Garasu

2 Dust Tornado

1 Bottomless Trap Hole

1 Karma Cut


So yeah, this is the Poor Man's version, namely my version. Looks like the circle has been broken here. Big time, and not in a good way. What I did here was I tried to use the mechanics of the deck (or at least the general idea behind it) and substitute for crap I don't have using other cards. (I do have a Sangan - in fact, two - but it's being used elsewhere in other decks.) Everything should explain itself away. One thing I like about this deck is that, with the relative prevalence of Crush Card Virus (especially since numerous decks where Crush Card wouldn't normally fit are running it), this deck can still function somewhat while under Crush Card’s effect.


Maybe someone will come up with something I can do to this that's not too costly (unless I win the lottery, in which case I'm running all the big name decks and even some of the unknowns like my Light deck). Have at it, people!


Yes, people, I’m fixing my own deck here, and even though I know I won’t be able to do most of the fixes I’d recommend, they’ll still help others. That, and it’ll give me something to work towards.


Cards to cut:


- 1 Night Assailant

- 2 Dark Mimic LV1

- 2 Mystic Tomato

- 1 Newdoria

- 2 Legacy of Yata-Garasu

- 2 Dust Tornado


I cut 10 cards from this deck, bringing me down to 30.


Night Assailant has its job done here many times over and really isn’t necessary, especially since it’s so small and can only hit monsters.


Dark Mimic LV1, while it’s great Crush Card Virus bait after it’s been flipped (unlike Dekoichi), is no Dekoichi and isn’t really needed anyway with the ridiculous draw engine available to this deck. A filler option, this thing really is, just to help thin the deck out (and occasionally serve as Tribute bait).


Mystic Tomato relies on being destroyed in battle and not too many things die in battle these days except for those cards that have already paid for themselves (or are so small that anything can run over them i.e. Disk Commander). I could ram Mystic Tomato, but then what? Again, another filler option that actually does something.


Newdoria falls to the same problems as Mystic Tomato, especially since Night Assailant can do the job better and that’s being cut already.


Legacy of Yata-Garasu is also a filler option like many of the cut cards here. It essentially reduces the deck from 40 to 38 (depending on how many were included – here, it was two). Again, with the draw engines available to this deck, Legacy of Yata-Garasu isn’t needed, though it can be used to bait some Spell / Trap removal.


Dust Tornado is a nice card, and I like it and have used it in virtually every deck I’ve built (except my Burn deck). It can take out some opposing Trap that may be waiting for us. A side deck option this card is since the space is needed, and this is one of the more expendable cards.


Cards to add:


+ 1 Sangan

+ 1 Destiny Hero – Dasher

+ 2 Armageddon Knight

+ 1 Dark Grepher

+ 1 Elemental Hero Stratos

+ 1 Dark Magician of Chaos

+ 2 Allure of Darkness / Destiny Draw

+ 1 Bottomless Trap Hole


I added 10 cards back in. That takes us back to 40, which is good.


Sangan was a card missing from the deck that should really be here (and wasn’t because the two I have are being employed by other decks). The ability to search out just about anything (and perform crazy tricks with Limit Reverse) is welcome anywhere.


The extra Dasher is for something else for Fear Monger to bring back as well as for a Destiny Draw discard if need be. It’s also an excellent Armageddon Knight dump to drop a big monster soon like a Dark Magician of Chaos.


Armageddon Knight is to dump something from the deck to the Graveyard, taking Mystic Tomato’s place. Much more easily accessible and makes using Disk Commander’s effect much easier, especially with 4 revival cards plus the 2 Fear Monger. Dark Grepher, too. It can also serve as a spot of Tribute bait or a bit of swarm or whatever I may need it for.


Elemental Hero Stratos is to search out either Fear Monger or Disk Commander to do whatever (ram Fear Monger for Disk Commander, drop either for Destiny Draw or something, etc.).


Dark Magician of Chaos serves as a big beater here who can also retrieve that Monster Reborn to be used on Disk Commander. Yes, there’s a lot of Disk Commander abuse occurring here.


Allure of Darkness and Destiny Draw are both here for some draw power. Destiny Draw dumps something (like Disk Commander to be used). Allure of Darkness removes something that I’ll never see again. Personally, I’d go with Destiny Draw because everything is very easily accessed.


Bottomless Trap Hole is to help deal with opposing threats like Gyzarus, Dark Armed Dragon, and such. You never know.


There you have it. I fixed another of my decks. The Dark Creator was an interesting choice for this deck, especially since I have to have no monsters to drop it. Here, with the Graveyard filling I added, it can be dropped quickly and be used to bring back Disk Commander for some Tribute bait or something. This deck is almost centered around Disk Commander abuse, so it’s very vulnerable to D.D. Crow. Sometimes, the deck takes quite a while to get rolling and other times, the deck will be rolling right out the gate. With the Disk Commander searching and dumping cards here, that should make it easier to abuse Disk Commander.


Well, there’s your treat, and that’s it for now. Questions, comments, etc. can be sent to darkdestructionv30@yahoo.com


Until next time….

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