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 Master of Shadows Deck Garage


JULY 2008


Hello, everyone. I have another deck fix for you (and have been out for a while due to teeth removal - pills and water do not a diet make and add to that no solid food), so let's get to it.

Hey Shadows, I've come up with a Jungle Beatdown themed deck. I've tested it a couple times and the only deck it has problems with is DAD. Any tips for improvement would be greatly appreciated.


Monsters: 20


3 Amazoness Paladin

3 Amazoness Swordswoman

2 Amazoness Fighter

2 Amazoness Tiger

2 Berserk Gorilla

2 Enraged Battle Ox

2 Gigantes

2 Manticore of Darkness

1 Sangan

1 Injection Fairy Lily/ DD Assailant

(I flip-flop between these two often, neither are ever dead draws)




2 Reinforcement of the Army

2 Enemy Controller

1 Lightning Vortex

1 Mystical Space Typhon

1 Heavy Storm

1 Amazoness Spellcaster

1 Rush Recklessly

1 Wild Nature's Release

1 Premature Burial

1 Monster Reborn

1 The Warrior Returning Alive


Traps: 9


33 Amazoness Archers

2 Bottomless Trap Hole/em>

1 Torrential Tribute

1 Mirror Force

1 Dramatic Rescue

1 Ojama Trio


Thanx ^_^


The power of Amazons. This'll be interesting to fix. It's a deck that no one has seen in a long time. I wonder when the last time was....


Cards to cut:


- 2 Beserk Gorilla

- 2 Enraged Battle Ox

- 2 Manticore of Darkness

- 1 Rush Recklessly

- 1 Wild Nature's Release

- 1 Amazoness Archers

- 1 Dramatic Rescue

- 1 Ojama Trio


I cut 11 cards from this deck.


Beserk Gorilla was cut because it's just a big beatstick. Yes, it can run over anything Cyber Dragon can run over, but it's forced to attack each turn, which could mean attacking right into Dark Armed Dragon before you have an answer for it, and there are few answers here for many big monsters.


Enraged Battle Ox, while it does grant Trample to a few of your monsters (most of whom got the ax), is also just a beatstick that's not doing much for you. Most decks have easy access to a monster that can and will run over this while doing something for their deck in the process (milling cards, pulling Disk Commander or Prisma, tagging out for Darius to revive Bestiari for Gyzarus, etc.). We'll need something a bit more useful to our deck.


Manticore of Darkness doesn't exactly help the deck out other than just being something that can be brought out by Dramatic Rescue. Yes, it can revive itself a lot of the time, but with just 2300 attack, Jinzo, the Monarchs, and Gyzarus will just keep running over it. Don't worry, though. There should be better options that'll help.


Rush Recklessly is far outclassed by Shrink (but that won't be here, either).


Wild Nature's Release has had most of its targets removed from the deck, and it wasn't doing too much for you here anyway except using 2 cards to rid yourself of one big one, something we really don't want to do unless it's really going to help us and not leave us wide open.


Amazoness Archers must be activated in response to an attack. While this is a good card, with so much destruction running around, this card will prove to be more of a liability than anything if it can't be used in response to a summon or if it can't be chained.


Dramatic Rescue suffers from the same Spell / Trap destruction abundance thing that Amazoness Archers suffers from. While it's a good answer to something targeting one of your Amazons, it's better used in your side deck.


Ojama Trio was one card I was somewhat baffled by. I think the sole purpose of the inclusion of this card was to take advantage of the Trampling abilities granted and to stop a swarm. Okay, that's two purposes. This is better used for the side deck, especially that, while stopping a swarm, it's also stopping you from punching through to your opponent. Side deck this card if you wish.


Cards to add:


+ 3 Giant Rat

+ 2 Exiled Force

+ 2 Enemy Controller

+ 2 Book of Moon

+ 2 Limit Reverse


I added 11 cards back in.


Giant Rat searches out the majority of cards that you need quick access to like Amazoness Tiger and Amazoness Swords Woman. It also searches out...


Exiled Force, which will be an answer to a lot of the big monsters that you'd normally be running in fear from.


Enemy Controller and Book of Moon are to help you take out a lot of the big monsters that you normally couldn't by either preying on their low defenses or taking control of them and doing whatever you want with them. Plus, they can be used to stop a Gyzarus play not to mention numerous others. Plus, it won't cost you your monster at the end of the turn like Wild Nature's Release. (Though, with these cards coming in, keeping the Tramplers may make a bit of sense, but it's your call.)


Limit Reverse is to reuse Exiled Force and Sangan and, to a lesser extent, Injection Fairy Lily. Bring back Exiled Force to take out a monster. Bring back Sangan to search out Exiled Force to take out a monster. Bring back Injection Fairy Lily to run over a monster.


Other cards that could be added here:


Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

Card Trooper

D.D. Warrior

Morphing Jar

Destiny Hero - Disk Commander (solely for the Limit Reverse abuse, but I recommend against it)


Raigeki Break

Phoenix Wing Wind Blast

Karma Cut


I hope this helped. Amazon decks aren't exactly my area of expertise, but you do what you can with what you have and what you know, right? If things still aren't working for you, try changing your playing style a bit with this deck. That usually helps things out. Good luck with it.


Questions, comments, etc. can be sent to darkdestructionv30@yahoo.com


Until next time....



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