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 Master of Shadows Deck Garage


JULY 2008


Hello, everyone. I have another deck fix for you, and it's the first time I've fixed one of these decks, so let me get to it. (On a side note, to the person who sent this one in, I didn't see this message until after I responded to your first message, so you're in luck. You're about to see what I mean.)

Samurai Squad


Monsters – x20


Great Shogun Shien

Grandmaster of the Six Samurai x2

The Six Samurai – Nisashi x2

The Six Samurai – Irou x2

The Six Samurai – Zanji x2

The Six Samurai – Yaichi x2

The Six Samurai – Kamon x2

Chamberlain of the Six Samurai x2

Shien’s Foot Soldier

D.D. Warrior Lady

Necro Gardna

Command Knight x2


Spells – x16


Cunning of the Six Samurai

The A. Forces

Shien’s Castle of Mist x2

Monster Reborn


Swords of Revealing Light

Lightning Vortex

Mystical Space Typhoon

Reinforcement of the Army x2

The Warrior Returning Alive

Legendary Ebon Steed x2

Nobleman of Crossout


Traps – x4

Bottomless Trap Hole x2

Sakuretsu Armor x2


When I first saw the 6 Samurai, I knew I was destined to use them. I really want to use each one, but Yariza and the Spirit slowed me down too much. Otherwise, it's fairly decent and can hold its own.


A Six Samurai deck I see before me. Now to see what I see in this deck.


Cards to be cut:


- 2 The Six Samurai - Nisashi

- 1 The Six Samurai - Kamon

- 2 Chamberlain of the Six Samurai

- 1 Shien's Footsoldier

- 1 Necro Gardna

- 2 Command Knight

- 2 Shien's Castle of Mist

- 1 Shrink

- 1 Swords of Revealing Light

- 2 Legendary Ebon Steed

- 1 Nobleman of Crossout

- 2 Sakuretsu Armor


I cut 18 cards from the deck.


Contrary to popular belief, Six Samurai decks don't actually need to have all of the Six Samurai. Nisashi is one of the ones whose inclusion isn't necessary. While it does give you another Six Samurai on the field, it's just a double attacker whose low attack would keep it from making use of its ability. While there are attack enhancers that can be used, too much would be wasted trying to bolster its attack.


Kamon is another Six Samurai that's not particularly needed since it targets just face-up Spells and Traps, something you won't find too often (while Yaichi does face-downs, something you will find too often). I did keep one in here just in case.


Chamberlain of the Six Samurai is just a defensive wall. That's it. Nothing more. While most monsters can't run over it, it serves you little purpose and enables Gladiator Beasts easy tag-outs to drop Gyzarus even easier than usual to blow away your cards (and subsequently run over Chamberlain next turn). Don't worry. We have better dead weight to use.


Shien's Footsoldier isn't really necessary as you have Reinforcement of the Army to search out those monsters (which you could also use to search out whatever you may need). Shien's Footsoldier can be side decked if you really need it, but I don't think you will.


Necro Gardna, while a good card, doesn't really need to be here, especially since Threatening Roar is available, and you'll be on the offensive most of the time, so stopping attacks shouldn't be necessary. (Your raw attack power will stop them.)


Command Knight does grant a boost to your Six Samurai monsters, but it takes up space on the field and also takes up a turn to put it on the field. The A. Forces will do Command Knight's job without taking up critical space.


Shien's Castle of Mist just works when you're on the defensive, something that probably won't happen with this deck. Plus, it takes up space that could be used for something else that'll help us out even more and serve us with more purpose.


Shrink isn't really necessary because of the high attack power that already exists within the deck, and that attack power will only increase due to The A. Forces. You won't have a problem attacking over things. Not with this deck.


Swords of Revealing Light is more a defensive card than anything. Besides, if you're just using it to flip a monster so you know what your opponent is hiding, that's not necessary thanks to The Six Samurai - Irou.


Legendary Ebon Steed can save your Six Samurai from destruction once or twice, but there's a card that'll do that a bit better (and give us draws, and I'm sure you know exactly what I mean).


Nobleman of Crossout isn't necessary because of Irou's presence in the deck as face-down killer. It's a handy card to use, but it's not necessary, not when you already have a card doing that job for you.


Sakuretsu Armor is not exactly the best choice of cards these days. Dimensional Prison is a better option. Mirror Force is. Many cards are better options in place of this simply because they do more for us. Besides, most cards don't make it to the Battle Phase with so much destruction running around.


Now for me to add cards to this deck:


+ 1 Great Shogun Shien

+ 1 Grandmaster of the Six Samurai

+ 1 Enishi, Shien's Chancellor

+ 1 The Six Samurai - Zanji

+ 1 The Six Samurai - Irou

+ 2 Spirit of the Six Samurai

+ 2 Six Samurai United

+ 2 Enemy Controller / Book of Moon

+ 1 The A. Forces

+ 1 Lightning Vortex

+ 2 Reasoning

+ 2 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast / Raigeki Break / Karma Cut

+ 1 Mirror Force


I added 18 cards in here.


Great Shogun Shien is your big monster here and a key part of your swarm, especially since it limits what your opponent can play each turn, keeping your opponent from blowing through their deck in one turn. With 2500 attack, it can run over all the Monarchs, Jinzo, and Gyzarus, just some of the cards that'll threaten you.


Grandmaster of the Six Samurai is another key piece of your swarm. I added extras of both the Shogun and Grandmaster because they're both critical. Grandmaster of the Six Samurai will help you to recover a fallen Six Samurai monster should your opponent use an effect to rid themselves of it.


Enishi, Shien's Chancellor is like this deck's Chaos Sorcerer, but I only included one because of its tendency to be a dead draw at times like early game when you don't have 2 Six Samurai in the Graveyard to remove to summon it. If you want, you could replace this for another Great Shogun Shien. It's always nice to have options.


Zanji and Irou were maxed out because they'll be doing most of your attacking, destroying what they can by their effects - Irou the face-downs and Zanji the face-ups. They make a nice attacking pair.


Spirit of the Six Samurai is the replacement for Legendary Ebon Steed. While it does cost you a turn for the summon, it'll easily replace itself with a draw if you manage to kill something while it's equipped. Plus, it makes it easier to summon Grandmaster of the Six Samurai early without losing your field to Mirror Force. The built-in protection is nice, too.


Six Samurai United, along with Spirit of the Six Samurai, serves as a draw engine of sorts for this deck, and since this deck summons rather easily, you should have no problem drawing two off of it, although drawing one is still enough.


Enemy Controller and Book of Moon help you deal with some of the bigger threats that you may be unable to deal with for whatever the reason. They also help you stop some of the opponent's shenanigans (Batteryman OTK - switch a AA to defense mode so they all lose power or take one so it's destroyed, Gyzarus play - rob Test Tiger of its target, rob opponent of Darius, etc.). Both are very versatile.


The A. Forces is to supplement your existing copy to help boost your Six Samurai monsters' attack without costing you a critical summon or anything (just the card, and it pays for itself through whatever you manage to kill with it).


Lightning Vortex is anti-swarm material as well as helping to clear the opponent's field out so you can do whatever you wish. Feel free to replace with Cunning of the Six Samurai, which can often help you get an extra attack in, simulating Nisashi's effect for something.


Reasoning was something of a last choice. It can help you drop a monster onto the field, but Six Samurai decks are somewhat predictable, so Reasoning may be a risky choice. Some useful Counter Trap is a good replacement for it like Solemn Judgment or Divine Wrath (or a Bottomless Trap Hole and a Six Samurai United).


Phoenix Wing Wind Blast is to spin something that's in your way out of it, giving your opponent a bad draw half the time. Raigeki Break to destroy whatever. Karma Cut to remove whatever, but it only works on face-up monsters instead of anything like Raigeki Break and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. The options are there, though.


Mirror Force, while you'll be doing most of the attacking, is just in case something turns the tables on you, which is quite common with Gyzarus, Judgment Dragon, and Dark Armed Dragon running around (and to a much lesser extent, Short Circuit). This'll enable you to quickly get back in the game. Just remember not to invest too much on the field.


Well, I hope that helped. I hope you got your glimpse into what I do and what process I go through. If things still aren't working, try altering your playing style a bit when playing this deck. That's what I do when I play my decks and things aren't working. (In one of my earlier deck fixes, I alluded to how my Burn deck didn't run correctly because I played it as if I were still playing an offensive deck.) Just remember what you're working with and what you're aiming to do.


Questions, comments, etc. can be sent to darkdestructionv30@yahoo.com


Also, when you send in a deck fix, please include what kind of deck it is in the subject. That'll make it much easier for me to comb through everything. I still have a lot of messages to comb through, so a deck type in the subject will make it easier on me. To those that have already been doing it, I thank you.


Until next time....


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