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Yugi Mutou  

Yugi Mutou was an ordinary schoolboy who could never quite stand up for himself and was always self-conscious. He was smart, but not extraordinary, and he could never take the challenges other villainous schoolboys threw at him.

Then, one day, everything changed for Yugi. He obsessed over a strange ancient Egyptian artifact that contained the pieces to a puzzle--until the puzzle was solved. The finished product was a bizarre, golden pyramid that granted him strange and dark abilities! Whenever he or his friends are threatened, he is instantly transformed into a more powerful, taller, and older version of himself! Not only does he gain the brilliance of a genius and enough self-confidence to fill a gymnasium, he also gains the ability to master an unusual set of cards and to draw villains into a dreamlike world where reality is at Yugi's whim...

In fact, he's literally the King of Game (Yugi=game) and anyone who challenges him must face the wrath of his many, monster-filled cards, strange games of chance and skill, or rolls of the dice!


Yami Yugi: The most mysterious character in Yu-Gi-Oh. The "Yami" in his name literally means "evil". He is a Dark Soul that resides inside the Millenium Puzzle, and merges with Yugi during a duel in order to help him. He looks like Yugi Mutou, but he is taller and has a different hairstyle and a deeper voice.

Back in ancient times, a Pharoah used the dark powers of the Shadow Realm and the Shadow Games (Duel Monsters) to rule Egypt. But when the dark powers begain to grow out of control, he was forced to seal the seven dark powers away into the seven Millennium Items, sacrificing himself to do so. His memory was erased and his soul was sealed into the Millennium Puzzle. Yami Yugi IS the Pharoah.

Becuase his memory is erased, he has no ambition to rule the world as he once did, nor the knowledge of how to use the Shadow Realm to dominate the world. Because of this, his more likable qualities are present- courage, wisdom and heart. He is friends with Yugi, and guides him to victory during duels.

Like all the Dark Souls that rest within the Millennium Items, Yami Yugi has certain powers. The most obvious is the ability to merge with Yugi Mutou. During this transformation, sometimes a third eye will appear in the center of his forehead. He can also use a devastating attack called "Mind Crush" on anyone who loses to him in any game. Another useful ability is the "Mind Shuffle" which he uses in his duel against Pegasus. A not so obvious ability is the power to reshuffle the cards in someone's deck so that they always draw the card they need. It is not known how many times he uses this ability, but the most evident time is when he causes Joey to draw the "Time Wizard" card in his duel against Mai. (This is confirmed in the Manga series, but not the TV Series.) He can also shield himself from attacks, though he only uses this in the aftermath of his duel with Panic.

Eventually in the series, all seven Millennium Items and the three God cards are gathered together and the dark power that Yami Bakura refers to is unleashed- the Pharoah's memory. It is at this point Yami Yugi becomes an enemy, and Yugi Mutou must duel him in the Shadow Realm with the fate of the world on the line.

By JWildfire


Yugi is a young duelist  who has a millennium item called the millennium puzzle. It makes Yugi a better duelist. Him and his friends Joey, Tristan, and Tea all play cards.

Yugi is world famous because he defeated the undefeated world champion by constructing Exodia. No other person has been able to do either of those tasks. It makes it amazing because it is nearly impossible to do them both at the same time. It was considered impossible until Yugi did it. - CatDog98


Yugi Moto: Respectful, smart, short, and somewhat odd. Was given a task of putting together a puzzle that his grandpa had acquired, his grandpa who owned a shop, and was a great strategist at playing duel monsters (the Card game) taught Yugi, everything he knows, and his friend Joey, who never finished his training, but knew enough to play right. Once Yugi solved the millennium puzzle, he found he couldn't remember things, and felt controlled during duels, this was result of the power of his Millennium Item - the Puzzle, which were highly sought artifacts in ancient Egypt, where the cards were real, and summoned real monsters in real battles. When Pegasus, The President, and owner of Industrial Illusions, who produced the Cards, in the new century captured Yugi's Grandfather using his Millenium Eye, which replaces Left eye, and bears dark powers. This was an effort to get Yugi to duel in the championship known as "The Duelist Kingdom" And Yugi Sought out to do this, along with his Friend joey who could use the Prize money to pay for a costly operation for his little sister, whos losing her eyesight. Battling for his Grandpa, and Joey for his Sister, and Even Seto Kaibe Battling for the sake of his Little Brother Mokoba, is what they Refer to as "The Heart of the Cards" and this is what they have on their side, an emotion that comes through for them when drawing cards, and so on. However, Yami Yugi or "Yu-Gi-Oh!" is not the same.

Yami Yugi: Convincing, Determined, Serious, Bold, Powerful. Yami Yugi is somewhat of a Spirit that resides in the Milenium Puzzle, and kind of possesses Yugi during a duel, or a troubled situation. Although he solves problems honetly, and fairly, usually teaching the antagonist a Lesson. He IS NOT good, he uses Dark powers, and Shadow Techniques, and Further into the Series, it is Most likely that he will be seen for what he is...  Eventually further in the series, Yugi Conquers him in a Duel agait eachother in the Shadow Realm.

That last bit hasn't happened yet, but from what I know about the Japanese Series, and the current one, I'm confident it will.
I did a Bad job, but I gave some facts, Hope I helped...
                                                                                           -Fenix a.k.a. Matt


  Yugi Moto is a small, weak, often picked on freshman at Domino High School(I'm not totally sure that's the actual name of the High School).  He often gets picked on by Joey and Tristan until Joey and Tristan get beat on, and Yugi says he coniders them his friends.  From then on all three of them were always together.  Yugi's grandfather then challenges him to piece together the pieces of an ancient puzzle.  Yugi succeeds.  With the help of this Millenium Puzzle, Yugi can become taller, stronger, and more confident.  More than once this item will help to save him and his friends.  Yugi is teaching his friend Joey, a card game called Duel Monsters.  The game is a game with ferocious monsters, magic cards, and trap cards.  Joey struggles at first, but then gets the hang of it.  He still always loses to Yugi.  Yugi's grandfather owns a gamer's shop, and Yugi and Joey often go to him to get cards.  One day, Seto Kaiba walks in.  He owns a very rich company called KaibaCorp.  Yugi's grandfather has a card he wants, The Blue Eyes White Dragon.  Kaiba offers a suitcase full of rare cards for the legendary dragon.  Grandfather refuses.  Kaiba then challenges him to a duel for it, and Yugi's grandfather walks away almost in shock with defeat.  Kaiba, who had taken the last and fourth Blue Eyes from him, tears the card in half.  Yugi's friends take his grandfather to the hospital while Yugi challenges Kaiba to a duel.  Joey stays behind to cheer Yugi on in the duel.  During the duel, Yugi realizes why Kaiba wanted the Blue Eyes so badly.  Kaiba owned all of the three other blue eyes white dragons!  In Yugi's deck lie the five Exodia cards, cards that when assembled, guarantee defeat.  Yugi assembles Exodia and defeats the lossless Kaiba.  Soon after, The maker of Duel monsters, Pegasus, captures granpa's soul through the use of a millennium item like Yugi's only it's an eye.  Pegasus tells Yugi the only way to get his granfather's soul back is to come to the next duel monsters tournament and defeat him.  Yugi goes to the tournament, and he is currently fighting for his grandfather.  -pkthigh  


Yugi Moto

        Yugi Moto has been a normal boy intill he solved the Millennium Puzzle, soon he had dark powers and changed into Yami Yugi. Later Yugi duels witn Seto Kiaba. Yugi won by trusting the cards and he esambled Exodia the forbidian one. After that episode Yugi duels Maximilian Pegasus, but Yugi unfortinatly lost. But Pegasus took Yugi's soul. That's why Yugi now is in the Duelist Kingdom to win 10 starchips to enter and defeat Pegasus to regain his grandfather's soul.

- James Chen


Yugi Moto: He is a small, shy kid, but a master at the Duel Monsters Trading card game. He learned everything from his grandfather, who gave Yugi an ancient Millennium Item {It happened to be the puzzle}. There was one thing wrong, Grandpa gave it to Yugi unassembled. Grandpa gave Yugi the challenge of assembling the artifact. Yugi assembled it, but when he did, the ancient spirit inside the puzzle was released. He became Yami Yugi, an ancient Egyptian king. He is an expert strategist at Duel Monsters, and never gives up a duel. He is world famous for beating world champion Seto Kaia and his 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons by accomplishing the unthinkable, assembling the Unstoppable Exodia, and wiping the evil from Kaiba's soul.

One day, Yugi, his grandpa, and Yugi's friends Joey, Tea,' and Tristan were watching the Duel Monster Regional Championships. The finalists were Rex Raptor, the dino duelist and Weevil Underwood, the Bug duelist. Weevil won, and Duel monsters creator Maximillion Pegasus presented him with the trophy and mentioned something about "The Duelist Kingdom." Yugi received a package from Pegasus, and he froze time except for Yugi. He brought them to the Shadow Realm where monsters are real. Yugi transformed and Y. Yugi dueled Pegasus for 15 minutes. Yugi lost, and Pegasus took Yugi's soul as a prize. Now Yugi goes to the tournament to save his Grandpas soul.

YU-GI-OH! - New924


Yugi has always non-violent kid. until he got into duel monsters.he use to have exodia(all hail exodia) then off the duelist kingdom boat,then joey tried to find all 5 pieces of it,but didn't find all pieces.(he only found 2). yugi is the best duelist ever. - Pokemonbobby1518


Yugi Moto is a regular school kid boy that plays a card game called Duel Monsters. He always was the one to get picked on by bullies and he couldn't defend himself! Well that all changed when his grandpa gave him the Milleniem Puzzle. His gramps said that it had magical powers that was given to the person who solved it. When Yugi solved the Milleniem Puzzle, every time he and his friends were in danger or he was challenged to a duel he would transform into a more confident being with unimaginable powers! The being was Yu-Gi-Oh an ancient pharoh that played the Shadow Games (Duel Monsters). His grandpa always told him to believe in the heart of the cards. So he always dueled did duel believing in the heart of the cards!

By WhereWolfTuc


      Regular Yugi is a wimp but he does make a good friend. He is short and he has tight big hair. He is smart but even smarter when he is Yami Yugi or aka Yugi-Oh. He is more courageous as Yugi-Oh. Yugi-oh is the young prince of Egypt who locked evil in the seven millennium items. I think, as a girl, that Yugi-oh is cute but ugly as Yugi. Yugi has purple colored eyes. Well I described Yugi and Yugi-Oh as much as possible. - Llngl28098


Yugi Motou Is One of the best duelers in the world. He defeated Kiaba with the all-powerful Exodia, making him famose. But later on, Weevil threw Exodia in the water. Yugi taught Joey all about duel monsters. When I first saw Yugi, I thought he was a 2nd grader, because he was so small. But I guess he just dosn't eat his veggies:)  When Yugi duels or is in trouble, he unlocks the magic in the Milleneum Puzzle, turning him into Yami Yugi. But, be warned, it may look like he is on the good side, but he is really a bad...person, or whatever he is. Yami Yugi is an expert duelest, and was the ancient egyption pharoh who locked away the Shadow Games. Tea Gardner has a crush on Yami Yugi, but not normal Yugi, and Normal Yugi had a crush on Tea. When ever Yugi is about to lose a duel, and their is no hope of winning, Yami Yugi's Spirit leaves Yugi's Body, so Yugi Can feel the pain and suffering of losing, but not him. Told ya he was bad. But in future episodes, Yugi Duels Yami Yugi to a duel, and I won't tell you who wins. Yugi Has many rivals, but his 2 main ones are Kiaba and Malik. Malik wants to kill Yugi for some odd reason. He is the holder of the Milleneum Rod. Good bye!
                                    -The Best Duelest Because I Have Exodia!!!!


Yugi is the only one to beat Seto Kaiba in a duel.He is also the owner of the mellinium puzzle. Usually a fun loving,happy-go-lucky guy,Ygi turns into an older and wiser version of himself.He dosent loose a single game until he battles Kaiba for a second time. Scarlet Night


Yugi, a teenager in high school that loves to play the game of Duel Monsters that his Grandpa taught him. He uses the "Heart Of The Cards" to win duels. Unlike his rival Seto Kabia that believes in power is all you need to win duels. But when Yugi beats Kabia giving him his first loss Kabia. In school Yugi was a smart kid but could never stand up for himself. After putting the Millennium Puzzle together, he could stand up for himself. Yugi is one of the best players in the game!

- Ultimate Duelist


Yugi got into duelmonsters from his grandpa who on his travels, picked up the millinuem puzzle. He challenged yugi to solve it. He did and now when he duels or gets picked on, a stonger and more confident yugi ( Yami Yugi ) takes over. Yugi first started to get famous when he beat Kaiba by being the first ever to call upon Exodia the Forbidden One. ( He no longer has him thanks to weevil ) He has beat many other Duelist also. -Duelmonstersking11-


Yugi Motou: (I have seen 5 billion stats for him so this'll be short... I think) Before Yugi considered Jounichi (Joey) and Honda (Tristan) Friends his only friend was probably Tea, from what I understand of the 2 episodes I got form the first YuGiOh series that ran during 1996 in Japan. In the 1996 series Yugi and Yami have different voices like they do in the English version but not as drastic. Yugi's mother also gets worried about him (I don't know if it's in the manga, the TV series or both) because of him talking to himself (he talks outloud to Yami who is in a metaphysical state -see through-)

While trying to finish the puzzle Yugi found that he was missing one piece, the piece with the eye of darkness. Yugi then runs to school and is interrupted by his 'bodyguard' who ends up beating Yugi up since Yugi can't pay him. While this is happening Jounichi and Honda are walking by the water reservoir that Jounichi had thrown the eye of Darkness into. To makea very long story short, Jounichi shoves the piece of the puzzle into Yugi's hand after retrieving it while Yugi's passed out on the ground after being shoved into a wall. Both Honda and Jounichi get their butts stomped by the 'bodyguard'. Finally, Yugi wakes up and completes the puzzle and then there is a bright light...

Yami: The eye of Darkness shines on Yugi's forhead and Yugi's shadow is lengthened and the first 'Yami no Game' (Game of Darkness) in over 5 millenia is started. Yami basically beats the school thug by a strange card game played on the side of the school while they are tied to ropes to keep them from falling. In the end Yami wins and the bodyguard cheats, thus being punished by the shadow realm, being driven to insanity.

Yami is mysterious as anyone would say. Yami's mind is complicated while Yugi's is simple. Yami's memories were locked away because of sealing the Game of Darkness. Yami -from what I have mostly seen, esspecially in fan subs and fan fictions- means 'Dark' or 'Darkness'. Yami also reffers to Yugi as 'Aibou' or 'Other Self'. Strangley, in the Japanese version of the YuGiOh series that is running still, and what we have yet to see, Yami and Yugi have basically the same voice. I don't know if it was like that during the beginning of the series, but in episodes 95-98, Volume 24 Yami and Yugi speak to eachother outside of Yugi's mind. I found Yugi's voice.. desturbing considering how high pitched it was in the 1996 series.

Yami is also given the God Card 'Osiris' Also, to only time that I know of that Yami looks super cute and happy -up close- is in episode 43 after the others are revived and he has somewhat big happy eyes and he's smiling with his mouth open.


Yugi Motou- A young 10th grader who takes a passion for the game "duel monsters" and holds the power of a millenium item, the millenium puzzle. After defeating Seto Kaiba in a duel, Yugi is invited to Pegasus's dueling tornament. But after losing his grandfather's sole, he is determined to win. This is one of the most important of characters. His kind heart and sole gives him 3 best friends; Joey Wheeler, Tea Gardener, and Tristan Taylor. Together they go against all evil to win Pegasus's tornament and get Yugi's grandfather's sole back. But what makes this character so loved by our peers you might ask, so many other things than just beiung the main character. But we will just say he is someone who is willing to risk anything at any cost to save his fellow friends and family. - HiKari


10.21.04  Yami Bakura is the evil spirit of the Millenium Ring. He posseses Ryou Bakura in order to seek the other 6 Millenium items in order to gain ultimate power.
In the manga, he was a tomb robber who went mad after witnessing the destruction of his village. He steals the Millenium Ring from one of the Pharaoh's priests but eventually gets sealed inside of it. In the anime, he's a demon named Zork Necrophedious who was created along with the Millenium Items and wants them in order to destroy the entire world. - Derafla


About Yugi Moto

Yugi is a small cheerful guy. He may get picked on during freshman class at school. He also stands up for his friends he will even duel for them if there is in danger. But when he gets mad or wants to duel the millennium puzzle actives. the spirit inside of the puzzle is a ancient Egyptian pharaoh who saved the world 2 million years ago.the pharaoh can master any game or challenge thrown at him. Yugi has caring friends like Joey who will do anything for him and will duel by Yugi's side any day. Yugi is not without his enemies. His main enemy Kaiba who is a wealthy CEO of Kaiba Corp. Kaiba pity's Yugi's belief in the heart of the cards and friendship with his friends. Yugi teaches Kaiba about the heart of the cards he does start to believe in the heart of the cards but he still denies he believes it. Yugi's favourite card is the Dark Magician. The Spirit that lives in the puzzle is a master duelist. When the spirit takes over yogi has no weakness he can handle any challenge. He has even Beaten The creator of Duel monsters Maxamillion Pegasus and the world champion Seto Kaiba. He has also beaten a 10,000 year old atlantian Dartz. Yugi has all three Egyptian God Cards. Which he won from Kaiba and Marik and a card hunter Strings. When Yugi goes to the spirit world to find out to who Yami is (the pharaoh) he finds out that yam's real name is Atem. When Yugi returns to the present day he finds he must duel Atem and he must win so Atem can go back to the spirit world. In the end Yugi wins the duel and picks up his life were it left off before he became involved with the Pharaoh.



Yugi's Deck has contained:

dark magican
dark magican girl
dark magican of chaos
magican of black chaos
black luster soilder
summon skull
cures of dragon
horn imp

- by the king of games




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