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Seto Kaiba  

Seto Kaiba was  once the undefeated world champion. While Kaiba was undefeated he had evil in his heart. He had 3 of the 4 Blue Eyes White Dragon cards made. He searched all over the world for the 4th. Then one day he heard Yugi’s Grandfather owned a card shop. He went to it and found the Blue Eyes White Dragon card on the counter. The one he searched the world for.

He offered any price for it but Yugi’s Grandfather refused. Then he challenged Yugi’s Grandfather with a duel. The victor would obtain the loser’s most valuable card. He beat Yugi’s Grandfather and ripped the Blue Eyes White Dragon card in 2. Then Yugi challenged him and won. Kaiba was defeated in episode 1. The evil in his heart left him the minute Yugi beat him.

Seto Kaiba has a younger brother. Around episode 20 he has to rescue him…

(newer updates toward the bottom of the page)


      Seto Kaiba is one of the best duelists in the world. Ranked World Champion in the most recent World Tournament, Kaiba was undefeated until Yugi displayed the heart of the cards in getting revenge for his grandfather. Kaiba thought he had the duel won. especially because he had all three of his Blue Eyes out onto the field, but Yugi drew Exodia and obliterated his Blue Eyes and life points. After the duel, Yugi used his Millenium Puzzle to destroy the evil in Kaiba's heart. Kaiba thought it was back to the drawing board until he got invovled in Pegasus's "Game" when Pegasus kidnapped Mokuba. He thought the kidnapping would allow him to hostily take over Kaiba Corp., Seto Kaiba's personal company. Kaiba corp is responsible for the holographic dueling fields and discs that allow players to physically "see" the duel. Kaiba flies to the island via helicopter after helping Yugi win a duel against "himself" ( It was his evil self brought back from the shadow realm).

When he arrives he beates Joey 8000-0 in a breif duel. He actually surprises Pegasus by his appearence on the island but Pegasus twists Kaiba's mission to save his brother into an expanison of his game. He allows Kaiba the chance to duel him BUT only if he humiliates Yugi by defeating him in a duel. Kaiba sets out to acheive this quest and duels Yugi when he arrives with his friends on top of Pegasus's castle. In this duel Kaiba does something never done before...using his three Blue Eyes and Polymerization he assembles the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon! Seto also plays the Crush Card virus limiting Yugi to only play monsters with an attk of 1500 or less. Kaiba seems to have the upper hand until Yugi polymerizes his own Mammoth Graveyard with Kaiba's Blue Eyes Ultimate causing it to rot from within. Every turn the Blue Eyes Ultimate lost 1200 attk points each turn. Yugi also plays a Celtic Gaurdian which is strong enough to take out each of the three heads on his Blue Eyes Ultimate. The Celtic gaurdian starts by slicing off one. Next turn Yugi plans to attack another head and win the duel. Kaiba realizes this and plays reborn the monster, reviving one of the Blue Eyes heads at its full strength. So he pulls the last trick up his sleeve, he backs to the castle edge and explains to Yugi that if he attacks another Blue Eyes head the resulting shockwaves could knock Kaiba off the edge. Kaiba knows that Yugi would not hurt anyone so this his plot to make Yugi concede so he'll win the duel. Kaiba needs to win this duel to save his little bro Mokuba and he'll do anythig to win. Yami Yugi orders an attack and Yugi stops it tearing himself apart from within.

He concedes and Kaiba wins five of his star chips taking away his chance of entering the castle and saving his grandpa. Kaiba starts to realize the power of the heart of the cards philosophy but decides he can't change his own strategy now. Kaiba duels Pegasus and the finalists ( Yugi included ) watch from above. Pegasus, using superior cards and his Millenium Eye, defeates Kaiba by using his own Blue Eyes against him. Using the Millenium Eye, Pegasus traps Kaiba and Mokuba into Duel Monsters cards causing Yugi to transform into Yami Yugi to fight for his soul. Now as Yugi duels in the tournament, Seto's and Mokuba's only chance to be free, ride on his shoulders. What will be in Kaiba's future? Let's and see...  Jlact965

Seto Kaiba- Seto Kaiba was the best duelist until Yugi beat him in a duel. Pegasus wanted to take over Seto's company, Kaiba Corp. (originally owned by his step father *more about him in season 2*) When Yugi beat Pegasus he (Pegasus) couldn't have Seto's company ^^! Ishizu Ishar told him that in his past life he was an evil sorcerer. (EVIL SORCERER! I preferred high priest) and then he got Obelisk the Tormentor! Kaiba has a little brother, Mokuba. That will do anything for him. He has a step brother (dead) named Noah (More about him in season 2... hopefully!)

Seto's deck contains:
3 Blue-eyes white dragon
La Jinn the mystical genie of the Lamp
Ancient Lamp
Judge Man
Saggi the Dark Clown
Obelisk the tormentor

and way to many more to list

Seto Kaiba: What were the artists thinking when they gave him a new trenchcoat design? He gets 3 different trenchcoat designs and he begins to look anorexic...
The designs are very odd and to me they're pretty annoying, esspecially with the way he poses in his trenchcoat.... It's very desturbing and he looks gay...
Seto throughout the series makes a moron of himself when he doesn't work with Yami well and always messes up while Yami needs to pull him out of it when they battle together. Seto keeps his grudge against Yami, though he always reffers to Yami as 'Yugi' and at one point he called Yami 'Yugioh' for some unknown reason... of course.. who knows why Seto does anything. Back to the beginnig of the second season (or the end of the first.. I don't know which). Seto is invited by Isis Ishtar to come to the Museum to see the new Egyptian exhibit but he refuses. Isis then makes a deal that if he comes he will get an extremely rare and powerful card. Seto takes the bait and goes to the exhibit. While there Seto and Isis stand in front of an old Egyptian tablet that has the heiroglyphs of Yami and himself on them with the Dark Magician and Blue Eyes White Dragon above them. In this tablet Seto is holding the Millenium Staff while Yami obviously is wearing the Millenuim Puzzle. Isis gives Seto the God card 'Obelisk'. Seto has a lot of trouble using this card in the series.

Also, Pray you never see Seto happy more then once. In episode 43 after Mokuba, Mai, and Joey are revived after dieing in Seto's virtual Reality game he smiled and his eyes get barely brighter when he's standing behind Yami. Uhm.. that overshadowing on his eyes (which is ALWAYS going to be there) he just looks.. wrong and.. scary. Keep that buisiness face Seto.. please.

Seto also has on major problem later on; flashbacks. Seto gets flashbacks of Egypt and is normally standing in front if a Blue Eyes White Dragon tablet holding a woman (Why he is holding a woman in his arms I have no idea...) in his High Priest clothing.


Seto Kaiba
Ah yes, the all mighty Seto Kaiba. As we all (hopefully) know, Seto was adopted. His mother died giving birth to his little bro, Mocuva, when Seto was five, and his father died a short time after. The brothers were sent to an orphanage, and both were adopted when Seto was ten. Do you know how many people wanted to adopt Seto because they thought he was a genius? Many. But, although many people think he only cares for himself, Seto wouldn't let himself be adopted
without Mocova. The man who adopted them both was the owner of the Kaiba Corporation. Mr.Kaiba treated Seto cruelly (that is why Seto is so cruel,atherwise he's nice), so for revenge, Seto kiked Mr.Kaiba out of buisness, and took over KaibaCorp. Now Seto is around 15 or 16 (i'm not shure) and runs the comany. Throughout the series, Seto is given several different outfits, and personaly, because I am a girl, not olnly is he my favorite character, But DANG he is  cute!!!! Check out some of the other Biose for more info on his present life, but not many people know what I just told you, so I hope you like my info!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kaiba: He's quite the duelisit. Cute too. (Or at least that is what Isis Ishtar thinks.) Although, he is more of a prick in the battlecity saga, then the duelist kingdom saga. Kaiba is the tip of person you look at ,and think"what a $$$$$$$" (Lets leave it at that.) Getting the God card from Isis really put him on eage. The problem he gets later on is flashback. So in the flashbacks
Kaiba is holding a woman? My guess is it Isis. I mean come on. You know Isis has got something for Kaiba. (Witch explains nothing) Kaiba may be a strange guy,but we won't know until we find out. Ishtar363


Kaiba:He's only a teenager but has tons of cash & his own company:KaibaCorp. Kaiba has a brother:Mokuba, and will do anything for Mokuba, he even sacrificed his own soul to try to rescue Mokuba.In the Battle City saga, he meets a mysterious woman named Isis, who bores him with her talk about destiny & a Thousand year duel to save the world! But she sparks intrest in him when he learns about the 3 Egyptian God Cards. She then tells him to start a tournament &
lends him her Obelisk the Tormentor. And Kaiba vows to find the rare hunters and get back the remaining 2 god cards for evil purposes..


5.01.04  Seto Kaiba is the owner of a mutinational gaming company called Kaiba Corp. When he was about 12 his parents died so he and his little bro Mokuba were sent to an orphanage. From then on Seto pledged to always be there for Mokuba being each other's only family & friends. Everybody wanted to adopt Seto because he was so smart, but he wouldn't leave without Mokuba. One day while seto and Mokuba were playing chess, they saw a man named Gozaboro Kaiba on the news. Apparantly Gozaboro won a chess tournament and was donating money to the orphanage Sete was in. Seto knew Gozaboro was the only way they could get out of the orphanage. When Gozabro came Seto challenged him to a game of chess, if Seto won Gozaboro had to adopt him & Mokuba. Gozaboro laughed but then Seto said"Wait till the news paper hears u backed down from a kid." So of course Seto won & he & Mokuba became Gozaboro's "sons" Gozaboro was hard on Seto & made him study all the time. This is why Seto is the way he is now. In later years Seto got meaner and occasionaly beat Mokuba up. Gozaboro needed a son to run Kaiba Corp., which then made weapons 4 war. Since Gozaboro's real son Noah died he needed Seto 2 run the company. Gozaboro gave him a test and he passed.Later Seto took complete control of the company and Gozaboro disappered. Seto turned Kaiba Corp into a gaming company.
Yugi Muto is Seto's "rival". But I think Seto becomes a better person and finally gives Yugi respect.:)


6.04.04  Kaiba (I refuse to call him Seto) is possibly the biggest jerk in the whole show. He thinks he's all that just because he used to be #1 until Yugi beat him with Exodia. Since then, he's been after Yugi for revenge. During Duelist Kingdom, his little brother, Mokouba (who's totally rocks) is kidnapped by Pegasus so he can take control of Kaibacorp (his company that he built up from what his stepfather made it into).

Early on, he and his brother were orphans and was adopted by some guy called Kaiba after beating him in chess. He later takes the company from him and the other Kaiba dude disappears.
In Duelist Kingdom, Mokouba's soul was taken by Pegasus and he has to beat Yugi to duel him. Ironically, he tricks Yugi into surrendering (he threatened him that if he attacks Ultimate dragon that the shockwaves will cause him to fall off the castle wall). When he makes it to Pegasus, he loses to his own crush card and his soul is taken. He's later trapped in a virtual game he created by the directors of Kaibacorp who forged an alliance with Pegasus to take over the company.
He meets Ishuzu who tells him about his ancient past and how he must start a tournment as she gives him an Egyptain god card, Obliesk the Tormentor. He's so ignorant of his past that he wants to use his god card as a source of power to become #1 again, but he's such a snob about not believing the past that I'm convinced that he's been consumed with greed. He's more obnixous than before... his conquest for power definitely explains his ancient past where he defeats the Pharoh (in some way that I have no clue to). I just can't stand him at times because he never gave Joey much of a chance and he's gotten so much better than he was in the beginning of the series.

~ Jackie B.
Ash Ketchum and now Huge Joey Wheeler fan


Seto Kaiba- A split personality is this cold-hearted duelist. After being adopted by Kozoburo Kaiba, was turned into a cold blooded person. Seto believe only in winning and fighting for his only family, Mokuba. After losing Mokuba in the first season "Duelist Kingdom" you find him on duelist kingdom, hunting for Pegasus. It would have seemed that Pegasus had kidnapped Mokuba and then snatched his sole. Kaiba then faces his second defeat against Pegasus. Therefore losing his sole. But not to worry my fellow Seto fans, Yugi than defeats Pegasus and restores his grandfather's and the Kaiba bros soles. THANK GOD! Seto maybe the cold-hearted person as we know it, but many know him for his true person, and his little brother. And quite franctly, who wouldn't love him? Because he one of of the mayjor characters in the show Yu-Gi-Oh! So long live Seto Kaiba! - HiKari


Seto and Mokuba got adoptid by Gozaburo Kaiba. Gozabura wanted to adopt only Seto in the first place, because Seto made him think about is deceased son Naoh. After Gozaburo got beatten by Seto at a game of chess he had to adopt them both. Gozaburo forced Seto into home-schoolling so he can be as smart as Naoh. At some point, Seto couldn't take it anymore and pushed Gozaburo out of the window and took over KaibaCorp (good job). He refused to invest in weapons, but he investid in Duel Monsters. Later on he became a world champion...
It always seems like he's so selfish and only cares for himself (or Mokuba), but it was his father who turned him into that. Seto became as cold-hearted as his father. Though he didn't showed any emotions, it all changes after Yugi beated him with Exodia. Then he got a new goal in life: Defeating Yugi once and for-all!

- KaibaGurl, Yami No KaibaGurl



Kaiba's Egyptian alter ego, Seto was a priest in ancient Egypt. He first appeared on the tablet of the Pharaoh shown to Kaiba and later Yugi by Ishizu, and then in three visions she gave to Kaiba through the Millennium Necklace. Seto appears in the show only in flashbacks of the duel between the Pharaoh and himself and another duel between him and a servant of the Pharaoh. Like his modern day doppleganger, Seto made use of the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Seto held the Millennium Rod, which is why it has reactions to Kaiba in the modern story. Seto also appeared in several video games:
Forbidden Memories and Dark Duel Stories in his Egyptian priest role and in Duelist of the Roses as the cool, calculating leader of the White Rose Knights.

By Red Eyes Fan #1


seto kaiba is the ceo of kaiba corp. he has a little brother named mokuba.his wardrobe is not so good the only outift i like is the one he wore in battle city.he wil wear it again for the 3rd season he looks hot in that outfit.also seto is gonna lose his soul to dartz in this season but he is gonna help yami to save the world. also kaiba is gonna open his kaibaland an have a tournament where they will all face a new villian. kaiba needs to lighten up. i think he needs a gf already i mean he is like 18 he has good looks jus needs to stop this rival thing with yugi already. other than that seto is so hot an i wish he was real. I LUV HIM!!..


(prechezzangel)my sn im me or email me if u want to.


Who the gril is who kaiba is holding during the flash backs?

Well i'm responding to the flask backs Seto had with that girl. I know who she is and why she is important to Kaiba. She is the Blue eyes white dragon. Ok, let me explain. 5,000 yrs ago when Yami (aka Atem ) Priest Kaiba was looking for the strongest monsters to put into the tablet and to duel with. One day he had ran into a thief ( who had the soul of Saggi the Dark Clown) yelled to Kaiba that the guardian of the desert is in the city. The monster he calls the white dragon. Kaiba then finds a woman and saved her from being killed by the people of the city for stealing food. Her name is Kisara. He saves her and takes her to the palace. He remembers her from when he was a young boy. He saved her and right after he saved her his village was attacked by the men who had her. Then out of no where a Blue eyes white dragon comes from the direction of where she was going, saved Seto and killed the men off. Later a man, who looks like Marik Ishtar's father, tests Kisara to see if she is really the Blue eyes white dragon. It isn't till Seto comes and saves her that she releases the blue eyes to save him. Sadly she is killed my thet man who looks like Marik Ishtar's father and the Blue eyes is taken out of her. The evil spirit that is controlling the guy goes inside Seto and makes him fight he cousion Yami Yugi. ( in the past Marik Ishtar's father is Kaiba's father and is the brother of Yami's father making them family). When Seto is about to lose the duel and be sent away, Kisara comes and breaks the spell and gives the Blue eyes to Seto for being so kind to her.




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