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Joey Wheeler  

Joey is Yugi's best friend. Early in the show he is not a strong duelist. Yugi helps him make a stronger deck. Over time he thinks more strategically and becomes quite formidable. Joey has beaten some of the best duelists but has never beaten Yugi or Kaiba.


6.04.04  Joey-Joey is Yugi's best friend. When the show starts, he can't duel (Tea beats him!). Yugi teaches him, and Joey becomes a pretty good duelist (not as good as yugi, kaiba, or pegasus, though). They go to Duelist Kingdom together, yugi to save his granfather's soul, and joey to save his sister's eyesight (he REALLY cares about her). yugi and joey duel their way to the finals, where they have to face each other. yugi wins, but gives joey the prize money for serenity's operation (what kind of operation costs $3,000,000!?!?). Anyway, yugi gets his grandfather's soul back and everyone is happy.

       in season 2  joey enters the battle city tournament for fun at first, then he promises to help yugi take down marik -the newest bad guy- (that is the most annoying flashback!) joey meets marik, but marik calls himself Namu and pretends to be a friend. Of course, they need some drama, so Marik takes control over joey's mind(although joey doesn't know its marik, he thinks odion is marik), and forces him to duel yugi, in a duel where the loser dies (why don't they just say the word "die" or "kill" on the show?!?!). of course they get out of it, no one actually dies. Serenity, mai, and duke(i love him, though not as much as joey) join the gang. After going through with operation, serenity gets to see joey duel in the finals (he beats Espa Roba, Weevil and Mako to get there).

There he duels Odion, who everyone thinks is marik. He wins cause odion plays a fake Ra, and they both get struck by lightning, and kaiba(i like him, but i think he is a jackass-sorry to those who like him) says the winner is the one to get up first. joey wins and marik is exposed. marik then turns into yami-marik(this guy makes pegasus look like a stuffed animal). after the duel they go to see odion, who is unconcious. joey tells the gang that he won because he a wierd dream, and all of his friends were in it and they help him stand up. mai asks if she was in it and joey says no, cause he doesn't want her to know he's thinking about her(he soooo likes her!), and she gets all independent, and won't listen to their advice during her and marik's duel(like when yugi tries to tell her about revival jam), anyway she is about to get attacked by Ra, and she can't move casue of some freaky monsters mairk played. joey runs up to her, and tells her she was in his dream, and stays with her to hold off Ra's attack. yugi blocks it for both of them. marik sends mai to the shadow realm and joey feels REALLY guilty.

Season 3 was stupid. They go to a virtual world for a day. They come back. The End.

       Season 4. Joey wants to duel marik in the semi-finals, so he can rescue mai(we find out from a flashback serenity has that mai likes joey and says he can be "charming" and has a "soft side")serenity stays with mai while Joey fights marik in a shadow duel where their "energy" or "inner strength"(they said both) gets drained when a monster is attacked. joey loses a lot of monsters, so this isn't a lot of fun for him. marik summons Ra, and attacks, and joey's energy or strength or whatever becomes completly drained, so he falls down and doesn't get up right before he attacks marik to win.(i'm not sure if he's in the shadow realm, or just unconcious. they don't show marik sending his mind to the shadow realm, so i dunno). serenity REALLY freaks out when he loses. yugi is dueling kaiba to try and save his mind right now (i cant believe yami is evil!)
       Sorry this bio was so long. I had to type this because, I LOVE Wayne Grason (joey's voice actor- for more voice actors, see voice actor web page)



6.04.04  Joey (as this has been often said) is Yugi's best friend and definitely one of my favorite characters *spoiler* (especially after what happened on today's episode-- faces the "fury" of Marik's winged-dragon). *spoiler*

At the start of the series, Joey and Tristan used to bully Yugi around and even throw a piece of the millennium puzzle into the school's pool. Later, he and Tristan get beat up by some big guy. Yugi protects them, saying they're his friends and takes some damage too. Joey decides to get the piece of the puzzle back for Yugi, calling him a real pal.
During the first episode when Yugi duels Kaiba, Joey cheers Yugi on as his other friends are with Yugi's grandpa, who was in a state of shock after losing to Kaiba (over the 4th blue-eyes).
When Yugi's grandpa's soul was taken by Pegasus, Joey wants to join the tournament to help Yugi out. Actually, the reason he's interested was the $3 million prize money. He got a video from his long-lost sister, Serenity (who he hasnt seen in years since his parents divorced) who says that she wants to see him one last time since she could go blind soon. He wants the money to pay for eye surgery so she can see again. (how's that for a noble cause?) At duelist kingdom, Joey's weak at the start. (His deck was all monster until he traded a few cards on the boat to the island, where he got cooneye with chain, baby dragon, shield & sword, and salmondra, and Yugi gives him the Time Wizard). He's at a disadvantage as Yugi gave him his only star chip. Somehow, in his duel with Mai Valentine, he won with the Time Wizard and Baby Dragon combo seen a lot through the series. He wins after making so many mistakes (sadly).
His next few duels are usually settled by his Time Wizard and when he duels Rex Raptor (who Mai made him duel without asking Yugi for advice as he did in her duel, she wanted revenge). In that duel, he comes through and in the extra wager Rex put up, he got Rex's Red-Eyes Black Dragon, his most powerful card. He makes it all the way to the final 4 at duelist kingdom. He beats Bandi Keith, the contential champion, who was later disqualified for cheating (he had his 7 complete cards until his wristband so he can use them whenver he wanted). In the duel between him and Yugi, he gets very close to winning, but Yugi comes through in the end and wins, later giving the money to Joey for his sister's operation.
When it comes to that, Joey runs into some trouble (after saving Yugi from a fire), he has to get to the hospital to see his sister through the operation, but he runs into rare hunters who want to take his red-eyes. (Kaiba just started up his battle city tournament and a rare hunter hacks into the system to put him in so he can duel for his red-eyes. Kaiba never liked Yugi and gave him the lowest rating, unable to enter before the rare hunter hacked in). He loses to Exodia and is extremely late for Serenity's operation. She's mad at him for being late, but he told her that he tried to get there in time, but he run into those creeps.
In the Battle City tournament, he fights Espa Roba, Weevil and Mako (2/3 were beaten by Yugi in Duelist Kingdom, and for some odd reason, Joey attracts people who cheat to win duels (Espa faked ESP and Weevil snuck a card into his deck). After making to the top, Joey and Teya were kidnapped by Marik's rare hunters (Marik's the bad guy in the show who wants to take over the world with the pharoh's powers that he "thinks" he deserves). He's controlled by Marik's Millennium Rod and forced to duel Yugi where the loser gets sent to the bottom of the sea (they're attached an anchor that's supposed to drop when one of them loses). Joey's will is so strong after Yugi gives him his puzzle and shows him red-eyes (Joey let Yugi have it after he beat the rare hunter) that he breaks Marik's spell. In the end, he saves Yugi's life and Serenity saves his (she took her bandages off at the time and could see again). Joey goes through a lot in the tournament finals. He faces Odion, who he thinks is Marik, but is knocked out by his fake Winged-Dragon, but wins since he got up when Odion didnt. After Mai is sent to the shadow realm, Joey is willing to do anything to get her back, including wanting to duel Marik. He's probably in love with Mai, and i wouldnt blame him.
*spoiler*Unfortunately, as Kaiba would probably say, "he got what was coming to him" when he fell unconscious after having his energy zapped by the phoenix form of the "Winged-Dragon of Ra". Now, everyone (except Yugi, Kaiba and Marik, who are busy dueling for the championship) is by his side, trying to get him to wake up. Somehow, I know he's going to make it through, but, for right now, he's unconscious and I'm scared for him. *spoiler*
~ Jackie B.
Ash Ketchum and now a major Joey Wheeler fan
C'mon Joey, wake up!!


     Joey is one of Yu-gi's best friends. When Joey was small his parents divorced and he was seperated from his sister for a long time. Later on Joey's sister becomes blind and Joey vows to bring back her vision. joey wasn't actually invited into the duelist kingdom. yu gi felt sorry for him and let him have one of his two starchips.
      In the beginning joey is a bad duelist who gets over confident. later on yu gi helps him with his deck and Joey becomes a remarkable duelist. Joey has beaten Rex raptor,Mai aand Bones. Later on he beats Bandit kieth in the finals. Joeys strongest cards are Red eyes black dragon,thousand dragon,time wizard and flame swords man.
                                                                              -Tanvir kalam


Joey is the funny/stupid guy of the show as a beginner duelists it takes him a while to learn the rules and such but after making some good trades he gets the time wizard which helps him win some key victories also by beating rex raptor in episode 11 he obtains rex's Red Eyes Black Dragon, Compared to Yugi/Kaiba he is weak but he is still strong with red eyes. His purpose of dueling in the tournament is to cure his sister of her blindness her name is Serenity if he wins the prize money he can save her vision by paying for the surgery. - Rav Singh


JOEY wasn't always a strong duelist. he had one good card "flame swordsman".until he beat rex and his rebd (i love that card). joey won almost every duel he was in except for kaiba and yugi. - Pokemonbobby1518


Joey is Yugi's best friend. Yugi gave him Time Wizard allowing him to get the Thousand Dragon! Joey's favorite card is the Flame Swordsman. His best card is the
Red-eyes Black Dragon. He won it when he beat Rex Raptor in a duel. He beat Mai by discovering her " Perfume on the Cards " trick. Although Joey is nothing compared to Kaiba, Yugi, or Pegasis, he is considered a very  formidable oppenent.



Joey is one of yugi's best friends. He is a small minded person who always gets himself into trouble. Usually he thinks he's pretty tough but that's the bad part about him. This type of personality gets him into duels that he's not ready for, but he always makes it out exept when Kaiba made him look like a lousy dog when Joey lost to him

By Aznacepride a.k.a Ace



Joey is the 2nd best duelist in the world. he only lost to yugi,kaiba and duke devlin. he lost to duke devlin because he didn't have his original deck. - jovic


Joey is the crazy nutcase of the group. He rarely takes things seriously, unless he's in a duel, and even then he doesn't exactly keep his cool. He has been known to take stupid risks, which sometimes don't always work out. He's always ready with a good punchline or two, and is very loyal to his friends. He very rarely thinks before he acts,and this gets him  into trouble a lot- although he has improved at this a lot since he started duelling.Although Joey may act like an idiot, his heart is always in the right place. The only reason he's duelling is so that his sister can have an operation to help restore her vision. Although, why he'd need three million dollars for that is beyond me.....


Joey Wheeler nearly matches Yugi for popularity in the series and is my fave character. He enters the duelist tournament in the Duelist Kingdom on an honorable quest to win the prize money of the contest for a special kind of eye surgery for his baby sister, Serenity. His favorite card is the Flame Swordsman and he uses the very popular baby dragon/time wizard combo. Naive but sharp, Joey works best when his friends are there cheering him on. Joey's most powerful card is the red eyes black dragon. Joey plays a major part in the series as Yugi's best friend and when *Spoiler* Weevil threw Exodia off the boat headed for the Duelist kingdom, Joey recovered two of the 5 peices *Spoiler finished*.

Joey wasn't originally Joey's friend. In both the manga and the TV show, Joey stole a piece of the millenium puzzle from Yugi and it made it to the school's pool some way or another (in the manga, Yugi almost went insane looking for the last peice haha) but out of pity and shame, Joey brought it back. In the manga, Joey eventually warms up to Yugi as does Tristen but in the show, Tristen and Joey become friends with Yugi instantly.

Thought not possessing the best deck in the show, Joey has a few powerful cards mentioned before.




at the beginning of the seris Joey is a very weak duelist( he lost to Tea!! )he gets a recorded tape from his sister Serenity. She's going to lose her eyesight so Joey decides to enter the tournement(he wasn't invited)the winner get's prize money which he could use to save Serenity's eyesight.joey get's a baby dragon and other cards which he traded on the ship to Duelist kingdom(where the tournement takes place).Yugi gives joey a time wizard.When they reach duelist kingdom, Joey duels Mai(one of the top duelists)Mai's winning till joey sends out Baby dragon and time wizard which makes thousand dragon and wipes out her life point's.joey becomes a better duelist and wipes out Rex(he gets his REBD 'CAUSE THEY BET ON IT, Bones(Bandith Kieth's follower),and the pardox brother's now we'll see who winnes:joey or Bandith kieth. - Bassam


Joey - Joey's parents divorce when he was young.  His sister Serenity (dub) went with their mother.  Joey really loves his sister, and wanted to enter the duelist tournament in order to win the prize money so he can pay for an expensive operation for his sister's poor eyesight.  Joey and Tristan are best friends at school.  Joey is the "gangster" type.  He'll always try solve everything by fighting.  Before he and Yugi became friends, Joey and Tristan would pick on Yugi and Yugi would take it.  Though they never really tell us (in America) exactly how Joey and Yugi became best friends, both know that Yugi's Millenium Puzzle had something to do with it.  Joey was never the greatest duelist, but he'll play with some kind of strategy (yeah right).  After hanging around Yugi for some time, Joey has used fighting less to solve problems (though he'd gladly beat Kaiba senseless if he had to).  Joey never liked snobby Seto Kaiba, especially after what Kaiba did to Yugi's grandfather.     ~SoraAMy


Jounichi (Joey): Joey later on becomes extremely infatuated with Mai. He also makes a fool of himself more often because of her. Joey is much stronger in the Duel Monsters game then at the beginning of the series and he becomes more concerned for the others. Joey's Japanese voice is much deeper then his English one. No, Joey is not from Brooklyn. Also, Yami Malik takes over his mind and makes him battle Yami/Yugi. Yugi ends up during the battle giving Joey the Millenium Puzzle because he didn't want Joey to get hurt. In this episode Yugi looses to Joey and before he is forced into the watery depths below he says 'Jounichi-kun.. Aishiteru' meaning, 'Joey I love you'. Uhm... Yugi loves Joey as a friend guys... (baka hentai/yaoi freaks)


In the manga, Jonouchi has a father who drinks lots of alcohol and gambles a lot. Jonouchi once hung out with a teenage thug named Hirutani in middle school. Jonouchi left his gang, and Hirutani forced Jonouchi to rejoin in a manga chapter; Yugi and his friends help pull Jonouchi out after Hirutani tortures him with a stun gun; Jonouchi earlier punched a fellow gang member for hurting Yugi. When Hirutani tries to get Jonouchi to join again by having Yugi strangled, Jonouchi instead gets hit by a bunch of yo-yos to rescue Yugi. Yugi and Jonouchi then take down Hirutani's gang for good. - Vicious


Joey's Deck Has Contained:

battle steer
swamp battlegard
lava battlegard
battle warrior
red eyes black dragon
baby dragon
time wizard

by the king of games.



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