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GX Episode Summary
52. The Graduation Match Part 2
by: PsychoRed

From: Tenchi Phay [mailto:aznveritech@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2006 6:29 PM

Subject: The Graduation Match Part 2 by PsychoRed

[Writer's note: I'm writing this article without the actual episode in front of me so everything's off the top of my head. So any quotes included here are rough guesses.]

The episode opens with the usual recap and then with Zane standing next to his Cyber End Dragon with 8000 ATK. Everyone is impressed that Zane managed to summon it again.

Zane declares an attack to which Jaden responds by revealing his face-down, Soul Union, which activates when an Elemental Hero is an attack target. It allows the selected target to increase its ATK by the amount of the ATK of another Elemental Hero in the player's graveyard. Jaden chooses Bladedge and thus increases Wildedge's ATK to 5200. Zane states that it's pointless as his Cyber End Dragon's power is too great. Jaden realizes that he'll still take 2800 damage. He bonks his head, and says to himself, "Why did I study so hard today?"

Zane proceeds with Cyber End Dragon's attack as Jaden refuses to let it end there. Jaden's LP drops to 100 and everyone is wondering what happened. Jaden smirks and reveals that he chained Emergency Provisions to Soul Union just in time to gain 1000 LP, enough to survive the attack. He then activates his remaining trap card, Hero Signal, which allows him to summon an Elemental Hero from his deck when a monster of his is destroyed in battle and sent to the graveyard. Jaden summons Bubbleman in defense mode, and draws two cards via Bubbleman's special effect.

Zane then summons Cyber (Wolf?) (Can't remember the card name sorry.) As part of its effect, he sacrifices it to reduce all damage done to him by a card effect to 0 for the turn, basically negating Power Bond's side effects.

Jaden says he's study so much that he forgot to eat. He calls out for Dorothy to make him some food. Dorothy readily agrees and her assistants begin making rice balls and pickles for him to eat. Everyone especially Syrus notices that Jaden's back to normal. Jaden asks Zane if it's alright for him to eat and Zane says for him to do as he wishes. Meanwhile, Crowler is shocked by all this. Sheppard gives Crowler a short speech and says that Jaden's strength is his heart.

After the meal, Jaden thanks Dorothy and continues the duel. Jaden draws and plays Pot of Greed to draw two more cards and sets Avian in defense mode. Next, he plays the magic card Infiltration Spy (name?). By sending 2 random cards from his deck to his graveyard, Jaden can randomly select one magic card from his opponent's graveyard and put it into his hand. He sends two random cards from his deck to his graveyard to take one magic card from Zane's graveyard. A black-suited figure appears on Jaden's side, turns invisible, and then reappears by Zane, whipping a card from Zane's graveyard and throwing it to Jaden. Jaden catches it, and reveals that it's Future Fusion. He plays it, sending Burstinatrix and Clayman to the graveyard to summon Rampart Blaster in defense mode He then sets two cards face-down and ends his turn.

Zane draws and summons Cyber Phoenix which can negate and destroy a magic or trap card that targets one of his monsters. Jaden realizes that it means Cyber End Dragon can't be the target of his face-downs. Zane proceeds to attack Rampart Blaster with Cyber End Dragon. Jaden activates De-Fusion but Zane states that he can't defuse his Cyber End Dragon. Jaden says he's not De-Fusing Cyber End Dragon but actually Rampart Blaster into Burstinatrix and Clayman to avoid the attack. which splits into Burst Lady and Clayman.

The ATK of the 4 Elemental Heroes arent anywhere near the Cyber End Dragon and Zane wonders what the point was unless......

Jaden activates his other face-down, Elemental Burst, which activates when the player has an Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire-type monster on the field. By sacrificing all of them, he can destroy all the opponent's cards on the field.

Zane reveals another effect of the Cyber Phoenix. When it is destroyed, he can draw a card. Zane then removes one card in his hand from the game to play the magic card Time Fusion. By removing a card from his hand, he can Special Summon a Fusion Monster from his graveyard ignoring any summoning requirements. The light of Time Fusion shines over the field.

Jaden draws, then sets the card face down and ends his turn. Zane draws, then reveals the card he removed from the game last turn was Card from Another Dimension. He returns it to his hand, and both players draw two cards. Next, Zane activates the effect of Time Fusion to summon Cyber End Dragon. Alexis wonders if he would actually use a combo that doesn't involve Cyber End Dragon. Bastion points out that the monster summoned by Time Fusion can't attack the turn it's summoned. Chazz is frustrated that he has to wait another turn for Jaden to lose. Zane sets one card face down and ends his turn.

Crowler is sweating bullets from all the excitement while Sheppard watches on eagerly. Jaden drawsand plays Fusion Recovery to return Polymerization and Burstinatrix to his hand and then summons Burstinatrix. Next, he plays Miracle Fusion, removing Burstinatrix and Avian from the game to summon Flame Wingman. And then he plays Polymerization, fusing Flame Wingman with the Sparkman in his hand to summon Shining Flare Wingman whose ATK is increased by 300 for each Elemental Hero in his graveyard.There's 8 Elemental Heroes: Clayman, Sparkman, Rampart Blaster, Bladedge, Flame Wingman, Wildman, Bubbleman, and Wildedge. Thus, the ATK of Shining Flare Wingman becomes 4900.

Jaden declares an attack on Cyber End Dragon. Shining Flare Wingman destroys it,
reducing Zane's LP to 1100. Jaden then activates Shining Flare Wingman's effect to do damage to Zane equal to Cyber End Dragon's ATK. But Zane activates his trap card Damage Polarizer, which reduces the damage done by a card effect to 0. In addition, both players draw a card. They both draw at the same time and are surprised at the card, Battle Fusion. Jaden sets his card face-down, and ends his turn.

Zane draws and plays Power Bond, despite his empty field. He then plays another magic card Cybernetic Fusion Support. By paying half his LP when he attempts to Fuse a Machine-type Monster he can instead remove the Fusion materials in the graveyard from the game and summon the Fusion monster normally. He does so and his LP reduces to 550. The three Cyber Dragons emerge, and merge into Cyber End Dragon with 8000 ATK by the effect of Power Bond. Zane then plays Limiter Removal and doubles Cyber End Dragon's ATK to 16000. Chazz states that Jaden's in trouble. Zane declares an attack.

Jaden reveals his face-down, Battle Fusion which allows him to increase the ATK of his monster by the ATK of the opponent's monster. Shining Flare Wingman's ATK skyrockets to 20,900. Sheppard excitedly cheers them on. Cyber End Dragon dives at Shining Flare Wingman while Shining Flare Wingman leaps up at Cyber End Dragon. Zane smiles and activates his own Battle Fusion to increase Cyber End Dragon's power to 36900. And with this, they both make a speech:

Jaden: I'm going to miss you Zane.

Zane: And I you, Jaden. That's why I'm passing on the torch to you.

Jaden: What?

Zane: When I'm gone, you'll be the top duelist here. Despite your grades or your rank, you're still the best, so make me proud Jaden.

Jaden: Thanks, Zane. I'll do my best. And I'm going to start right here.

Zane: Hmm?

Jaden: You see. I still got one more trick up my sleeve.

And with this Jaden, activates his final face-down, Final Fusion. Zane is surprised but says that Jaden is clever and admires the fact that Jaden won't go down easily. Due to Final Fusion's effect, both players will take damage equal to the combined ATK of the two battling monsters. Jaden and Zane smiles as Cyber End Dragon and Shining Flare Wingman collide.

As the smoke clears, Zane has dropped to one knee, while Jaden is on his back. Both player's LP have dropped to 0 due to taking over 57000 damage. One by one, the students rise to their feet. Sheppard is the first to begin applauding, and everyone joins in.

Zane: Looks like a draw

Jaden: Does that mean we have to duel again?

Zane: Yea. Some day.

Jaden: Good. I could use the break.

Zane: Yea. Me too.

With this, they high-five and collapse on the floor, laughing. Everyone applauds. Even Chazz looks impressed.

The End (until next season)

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