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GX Episode Summary
51. The Graduation Match part 1
by PsychoRed

At Duel Academy, Zane is lying on his bed staring at the ceiling. He remembers Crowler calling up a list of the top ten scorers on the final exam and ranking number one is Zane. Crowler says that, because of this, Zane has been chosen for a graduation duel and that he gets to pick his opponent. Back in his room, Zane stands and walks to the window. There's only one person he wants to face.

Back at the Slifer Red dorm, Syrus is surprised to see Zane there. Zane looks around with a smile. In all his years at Duel Academy, it's the first time he's seen a Slifer Red dorm room. Zane turns to Jaden and says he wants to see a good duel from him.

Later, Alexis, Bastion and Chazz is meeting in the school's forest. The rumor's spread throughout the whole school that Zane has picked Jaden to duel.

The next day, everyone has gathered in the stadium. Jaden's friends talk about the duel among themselves, with Bastion noting that the odds are in Zane's favor, and Chazz still upset that Jaden was picked over him. Zane and Jaden enter the arena walking side by side. Syrus notices that there is something strange about Jaden. The others agree that he looks strangely serious.

The duel starts. Jaden decides to go second. Zane agrees, but is surprised. He comes to the conclusion that Jaden's been studying him. Zane draws, and then plays his new card Polymerization. He sends three Cyber Dragons from his hand to his graveyard, and summons Cyber End Dragon. Everyone is amazed that he was able to summon it on the first turn. Jaden tells Zane to bring it on. Zane plays Different Dimension Capsule, searching his deck for one card and temporarily removing it from the game. In two turns, he can destroy the Capsule and move the card he searched for to his hand. Jaden remembers their first duel, Zane used the Capsule to retrieve Power Bond. He wonders if Zane is using the same strategy. Jaden decides that the card in the Capsule must be Power Bond, and the face-down card must be De-Fusion.

Jaden draws, then summons Wildman in attack mode. Next, he plays Wild Half, cutting Cyber End Dragon's attack points to 2000 and creating a Half Token with the same attack strength. Thus, Cyber End Dragon is split in two with 2000 attack points each. Jaden then equips Cyclone Boomerang to Wildman, boosting its attack to 2000 and declares an attack against the real Cyber End Dragon. Zane activates his face-down card, De-Fusion. Cyber End Dragon vanishes, and three Cyber Dragons appear. Jaden notes that with 2100 ATK, they're too strong for Wildman to destroy, but he can still destroy the Half Token. The boomerang swings back around, and flies at the Half Token. Both the token and Wildman is destroyed. Then Jaden activates Cyclone Boomerang's special effect, when the monster equipped with it is sent to the graveyard, it destroys all the magic and trap cards on the field, and deals 500 damage to the enemy for each card destroyed. The Different Dimension Capsule shatters, and Zane is reduced to 3500 LP.

Crowler is surprised that Jaden destroyed the Dragon and inflicted damage to Zane at the same time. Councilor Sheppard says that Jaden must have been studying Zane. Jaden sets one card face-down and ends his turn.

Zane draws. Then he returns the card Different Dimension Capsule removed from the game to his hand. Jaden is surprised that it wasn't Power Bond. Zane reveals that the card was Card from a Different Dimension. If the card is removed for one turn, it is returned to the player's hand during the Standby Phase and each player draws 2 cards.

Chazz thinks about Zane's strategy, fusing Cyber End Dragon wiped out his hand. Using Card from a Different Dimension was a way to build his hand back up again.

Zane and Jaden both draw two cards. Zane then declares an attack with a Cyber Dragon. But Jaden activates his trap card, Draining Shield. The Cyber Dragon's attack is negated, and Jaden gains life equal to Cyber Dragon's attack points. Now, his LP is 6100. Zane attacks with the two other Cyber Dragons, reducing Jaden to 1900 LP. He sets one card, then ends his turn.

Jaden draws, and then plays The Warrior Returning Alive to return Wildman to his hand Then, he plays Polymerization to fuse Wildman and Bladedge into Wildedge who can attack all the opponent's monsters at once. It destroys all the Cyber Dragons reducing Zane's LP to 2000.

Zane activates Return Soul. All his monsters that were destroyed during this turn return to his deck. Seeing Jaden quiet, Zane asks whether he has finished yet. Jaden then ends his turn. Syrus is thinking that that's not Jaden at all.



Zane shuffles his deck. He says that Jaden is a fool and begins regretting picking Jade as an opponent. Jaden becomes upset and wonders what Zane is talking about. He says that this is not the kind of duel people came to see. Jaden becomes more upset.

Zane draws and plays the magic card Future Fusion, allowing him to send Fusion Material monsters in his deck to the graveyard to summon a Fusion monster. Once again, he chooses his Cyber Dragons to summon Cyber End Dragon. The monster equipped with Future Fusion can't attack the turn it's summoned, so Zane ends his turn.

Jaden draws sets all three cards in his hand face down and ends his turn. Jaden asks Zane what he thinks of him now. Zane simply says that Jaden still doesn't understand. Zane draws Power Bond, and he says that this turn will be the last. He plays De-Fusion, returning Cyber End Dragon to the Fusion deck, summoning the three Cyber Dragons, and sending Future Fusion to the graveyard. Next, he plays Power Bond, fusing the dragons and doubling Cyber End Dragon's attack power to 8000. Atticus notices that Zane is now very serious. Zane pities Jaden and the fact that he doesn't seem to understand what Zane is trying to telling him.

To be continued.....

By PsychoRed


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