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6.04.04  Bones’s age isn’t really known but I would think he was around the age of 13-14 one of the younger duellists in the show. His jap name is ‘Ghost Kotsuzaka’ Ghost as in well.. Ghosts’s and Kotsuzaka means something along the lines of ‘Bone hill’ many people think he’s one of the creepiest duellists but he is also rather naïve in his need to have like an acceptance among his older peers, I myself doubt they were ‘friends’.

Bones is like a puppet with the strings crossed, he’s not a bad duellist but he needs a back bone and to learn to stand up for himself. He could have beat Joey if he had attacked at the right moment instead of listing to Keith’s advice of ‘humiliating’ Joey.

In battle city he manages to spook his way into getting almost as many locator cards as he needed along with the help of Sid and Zygore. Yami No Bakura saw through their scare tactics. At first when the challenge was being set Ghost was hesitant towards the offer of ‘winner takes all’ but due to his friends rashness he fell into Bakura’s plan and duelled him.

He seems to have grown more of a spine by now but it didn’t hold out to long when he saw he wasn’t the only one who was in ownership of a deck of chilling cards. In the end the spirit of the ring managed to beat Ghost despite his last ditch attempt with ‘Nightmare steel cage’ he lost the duel and was dragged down along with his two friends into the shadow realm [hell] and isn’t seen again.

Another small fact, Bones has the same voice actor as Tea in the dubbed version.

- Raine


Bones is one of Bandit Keith’s lackeys and is definitely the creepiest duellist imaginable, Bones has a really scary deck full of zombie cards and based around the Call of the Haunted Card, which resurrects all of his monsters as zombies. He brought back the Dragon, Clown and Warrior Zombies in a duel against Joey. He also has the Pumpking, King of Ghosts in his arsenal, unfortunately it was already a ghost, so he couldn’t bring it back after it was defeated by Joey’s Red Eyes. He was beaten by Shield and Sword, which switches the all monster’s attack points with defence points, which zombies don’t even have. Bones still had remaining star chips left after his loss, but Keith stole them in order to get into the castle and compete in the final. - Richard Kee


Bones, (whose sexual category is unknown) is a crony of the fraudulent “Bandit Keith”. When Keith was in another one of his "vengeance moods", he kidnapped Joey Wheeler and forced him to play a game of Duel Monsters with Bones.

Bones, being one of the most revoltingly unattractive, unsightly worm-like things to ever grace this Earth, obviously scared the living daylights out of Wheeler upon first glance.

Bones “specialty” as you could call it, are Graveyard Monsters. Graveyard Monsters are very tricky cards, such as insects, but just like any other thing, has a major weakness. When Yugi, Bakura, Tristen and Tea find Joey, they give him the ego boost that he needed to keep the duel up. Before, Joey had been playing blindly, without a purpose, and that changed after  Tristen reminded him of just what he was playing for –Joey’s little sister’s eyesight.

This got Joey back into the game. All throughout the duel, Bandit Keith had
been instructing Bones on what to do, step by step; never allowing the one
dueling to actually make any decisions on his own. If this had been
allowed, Cones would have won the game, after drawing the “perfect card” to
do so. That wasn’t enough for the two of them thought, Keith and Bones,
they had to pump their monsters up so much that they would wipe out all of
Wheeler’s life points in one swoop. This turned out to be Bones downfall.
Joey eventually realized the one major flaw in Bandit Keith’s/Bones’
strategy. As Zombies, the cards have zero defense points! Joey now knows
the card that he needs to draw –Shield and Sword- and by believing in the
“Heart of the cards”, he does so.

Joey plays Shield and Sword, and in doing so, switches the attack and
defense statistics of all monsters on the field. This leaves the zombie
cards defenseless! After this, with a few, “Oh no Boss!”s and, “Anything
but that!”s from Bones and Bandit, Joey easily wins by attacking the three
monsters, therefore knocking out all of Bones life points.

Bandit Keith did not stand for the loss, even thought it was under his
strict direction that Bones lost in the first place, so he beat up Bones
and his other cronies and took all of their stars; enabling him (illegally,
mind you) eligible to enter the Duelist Kingdom finals.

Bones, like so many other worthless characters, has never had his fugly
face seen or mentioned ever since; and I'm just fine with that.




Bones is a creepy duelist who uses and army of zombie type cards. He first appears at Duelist Kingdom as one of Bandit Keith's flunkies and challenges Joey to a duel. His graveyard field gave his zombies a power boot, but they were no match for Sword and Shield. Bones's zombies appeared another time in the Virtual World Trilogy. It wasn't until Battle City that we saw Sid, Cygor, and Bones again, this time wearing masks in a graveyard to frighten duelists out of their locater cards. However, Bakura was unafraid and used his own undead deck to overwhlem and defeat Bones and win entry to the Battle City Finals with a single duel, while Bones was trapped in the Shadow Realm.

By Red Eyes Fan #1


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