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Tea Gardner 

Tea is one of the main female characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh gang, and she always appears to be cheerful and encouraging for her group. Apparently, Yugi and Tea share some sort of subtle love connection, especially on several occassions, such as in the Battle City Finals. Tea is very friendly with Yugi, since they're childhood friends, but her true love is Yami Yugi, who saved her several times. We shall see how it will develop in later episodes.

Her dueling record so far is small but notable. She dueled against Mai Valentine, who felt her will as she battled for Yugi's extra star chips, and so Mai surrendered volunteerily. Another big moment I remember was when Tea dueled against one of the Big Five, Crump, in the form of Nightmare Penguin, during the Deck Master Saga. Tea chose the Dark Magician Girl as her Deck Master, and fought bravely against Crump's relentless freezing assults. The stake of the duel was that whoever lost the duel would be trapped as a solid ice scalpture. At one point, Tea was losing badly at her duel, but her Dark Magician Girl encouraged her to move her forward and use a combination of Stone of Sacred Sage and Yugi's Dark Magician, along with the Dark Magician Girl, to win the duel.

Marik brainwashed and possesed Tea with the power of Millenium Rod for a short period of time during the Battle City Tournament, and it was quite eerie and scary. One of the scariest moment when that happened was the time when Marik's Rare Hunters kidnapped Joey Weeler and Tea, and brainwashed them in order to set up a forced mortal duel between Yugi and Joey. Fortunately, Yugi found a way to save both Joey and Tea. Marik's good side stayed dormant within Tea's mind until he heard the truth about his father's murder by Yami Marik. So, he controled Tea and ordered her to return Bakura Ryu's Millenium Ring and challenged Yami Marik to a Shadow Duel (as teamed up with Bakura). After losing that duel, Marik took refuge at Tea's mind and warned Ishizu to hide Odeon from Yami Marik, since Odeon was the only one who can seal the darkness inside Marik. At the site of Kaiba Corp. Duel Tower, Marik once again possesed Tea, Twice; the first time was when Joey and Seto Kaiba battled for the 3rd Place of the Battle City Finals, and Tea, who was possessed by Marik, challenged Yami Marik to a Shadow Game alone. But as luck would have it, Yugi came in the nick of time to save her and Ishizu from Yami Marik's wrath. The second time was when Yami Yugi and Yami Marik faced each other at the Battle City Championship round. The stake was that as each duelist lost lifepoints, his regular ego would fade away into the Shadow Realm. Marik spoke through Tea to plea Yami Yugi to destroy Yami Marik at all costs. However, Yami Yugi and Yugi did the smart way, with a help from Odeon, who encouraged Marik to keep his dark side on check; Yami Yugi use several combinations to fight Yami Marik's Winged Dragon of Ra, and in the end, used a Spell card called Ragnorak to destroy Ra. Thus, all madness was relatively over at the Battle City Finals.

Another scary moment I remembered was during the fatal duel between Noah and Yugi. In each passing turn, Tea, along Yugi's friends, were turned into stone by Noah in his anger. But as always, Yugi came through for his friends and beat Noah.

Yours Truly and Faithfully, -  Lin, Chao-Chen (Jack)


Tea has been a good friend of Yugi since he saved her from a mugger with a card draw where Yugi drew a Dark Magician and the mugger drew Curse of Dragon. Yugi then did a soul release and knocked the mugger unconscious. She would often beat Joey, but never managed to beat Yugi. She never was shown in a proper duel until she dueled Mai for her extra star chips. Her Monsters include:

Magician of Faith
Petit Angel
Shining Friendship

- Richard Kee


Tea Gardner- Tea is responsible one out of Yugi's group. She believes alot in friendship and help her friends all she can, mainly by cheering for them! Tea is about the first to notice Yumi Yugi.~Lava~


Teah- She is always there for her friends. She is a big believer in their true friendship and how it cant break them apart. She cares a lot for Yugi. After Yugi is defeated by Seto Kaiba the second time, she battles Mai for the star chips so Yugi could once again go in Pegasus's castle and rescue his grandfather. - amoo23


Taia Gardener: Taia is one of Yugi's friends who traveled with him to the Duelist Kingdom. She never was popular because she wanted to study dancing in New York City when she graduated from high school. Until one day at ''Burgerpalooza'' ( the burgerstand where she worked ) Yugi and his best friend Joey came in. She was worried because she was suppose to be eighteen to work there.

'' Ya know, Yug (Yugi's Nickname) we really need to get to know Taia.'',

'' I know, Joey she rarely loses her temper and she's...''

Taia comes over and yells,'' What are you doing? Here have some ketchup!''

The ketchup squirts all over Yugi and Joey. Yugi says he's sorry and tells her to follow her dream of becoming a ballerina.The next day she finds a note in her locker saying that she could use a warehouse for a dance studio. After school she was suppose to meet Yugi and Joey there...

'' Hand over all the money in your purse and nobody will get hurt!'' a shady guy said.

She was getting nervous until Yugi came in and grabbed the guy's legs.Then he got pushed into a pile of boxes. Taia got angry and bit the guy's arm but she got pushed against a wall and fainted.Yugi then tapped into the power of his Millennium Puzzle and challenged the guy to a one-on-one duel.The guy drew Curse of Dragon( 2000 attack points) and Yugi drew Dark Magician. The guy got angry that he lost and almost punched Yugi until he sent that man's dark half to the Shadow Realm. Taia woke up and didn't know what happened. Ya know I think she likes Yugi - Taia J.


Tea is a good duelist. She could always beat Joey + Tristen.but never yugi.

her cards are:
petit angel
shining friendship
light elf
magian of faith
light bow +arrow
freindly fairy


Tea - Tea and Yugi have been friends since they were young.  It's quite obvious in some episodes.  They would often have private conversations with each other.  Tea's dream was to become a dancer.  For now, she's a cheerleader (Mai told Tea to go back to her cheerleading or something like that when Tea wanted to duel Mai for the star chips Mai was willing to give back to Yugi).  As many people put it, Tea is "the voice of reason".  Always leveled headed (except when it came to Mai, she disliked Mai a lot at first).  Tea is a female duelist (doesn't look like one though).  Unfortunately, Tea is the only main female of Yu-Gi-Oh!.     ~SoraAMy


Te'a and Yugi have been friends ever since they were little. Te'a and Yugi often get mistaken for boyfriend and girlfriend be cause they spend so much time with each other. Yugi has a crush on Te'a ...and Te'a has one on Yugi. But she more so likes the all powerful game king Yami Yugi (CONFLICTED!). She is a great dancer hoping to become a pro in NY. She uses fairy cards
and ones that reflect herself. She is a fair duelist (whom you'll see more of soon) and Yugi's biggest cheerleader! Always looking on the bright side and doing whats right! Te'a is the "smart" one of the bunch and most likely the 3rd best dressed!! (1st being Yami Yugi..what a cool belt!!)

- Molly Rosen


Tea Gardner, is one of Yugi Mutou's best friends. Tea is (like the rest of people Yugi hangs out with,) a little slow to catch on to things, but surprisingly, she was the first to notice that "Yami Yugi" ( The spirit from the millennium puzzle that lives within Yugi) was, in fact, living within Yugi Mutou.

Tea isn't a very good Duel Monsters duelist, but she is a true friend. She even dueled Mai Valentine (a very experienced Duel Monsters player) to win back some of Yugi's star chips. Tea is a worker at a fast food restaurant, even though she is underage. Her dream is to be a professional ballet dancer, and she works after school to pay for her lessons. One time, Yugi and Joey Wheeler walked in the restaurant. She (of course) didn't want them to rat on how she was a couple of years younger than she had told her boss she was, and started to yell at them. She even squirted some ketchup on Joey! (They weren't as good of friends as they are now) She eventually told them how she planned to dance for a living, (be a ballerina) expecting them to laugh at her "stupid idea". But to her surprise, they didn't laugh at her, and Yugi actually rented out a studio for Tea to practice in.

A mugger tried to steal her purse one time, and Yugi sent him to the netherworld; saving her life in the process. Tea has been good friends with Yugi, Triston Taylor, and Joey since then. She and Triston even risked their lives when they snuck onto an ocean liner so they could be with Yugi and Joey when they went to the Duelist Kingdom. (An island in which billionaire Maxamillion Pegasus put the top duelists in the world to battle against each other.) Tea is great at making big speeches, especially about friendship, and mouthing off at people when they make fun of her friends. Mai Valentine and her could go at it for hours on end. (Mai's a top duelist, and pretty much the only other woman/girl character on the show) Lately, Tea has been having what seem to be prophetical dreams about Yugi and Yami Yugi facing their destiny, and other things upon those lines. You'd think that she and Tristen would be the closest of friends, being the ones who sort of always look after the other more adventurous Yugi and Joey, but, I don't know...Tea often stays behind to make sure things are just fine in the safe zone.

When Mokuba Kiaba, Yugi Mouto, and Joey Wheeler went into an scary-looking  virtual reality prototype, she and Tristen stayed behind to look after their bodies, and make sure everything went according to plan. In one episode, Tea took a permanent marker and drew a mark on her, Joey's, Yugi's and Triston's hands as a "symbol" of their friendship.I ask you this;She's got to be a great person if she's not afraid to mess up her nails over some friendship symbol, right?



Tea Gardner: Tea is one of Yugi's classmates at Domino High School. She is a very talented person with a strong sense of pride. Unlike Mai, she does not duel, but she competes in a ''dueling'' dance game. She even beat the champ, Johnny Stepps. Even though she does not play Duel Monsters, she travels with Yugi and Joey to all the tournaments. Also at school she was a cheerleader to enhance her dancing skills. During a popularity contest she was going to dance but she got sabotaged. In short she is a cool,sweet person who is great at all kinds of dance.



Tea is Yugi's best female friend. She and Tristen sneak on to the duelist kingdom boat to support yugi and Joey.In the battle city season, Tea and Joey become Merrick's mind slaves. Yugi helps Joey fight off Merrick, but Tea is still Merrick's mind slave up to the TV episodes I have currently seen. After Yugi defeats Bakura in the 1st duel, Tea is driven by Merrick to steal Bakura's ring.


Anzu Mazaki's name is sometimes mistakenly transliterated as "Anzu Shinzaki" or "Kyoko Mazaki". - Vicious




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