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Maxamillion Pegasus 

A wealthy man  who created duel monsters and is also the soul possessor of the millennium eye, an object that allows to read other people's minds. Pegasus is also the 'bad' guy of yu-gi-oh. Since he can read other's minds, he knows what cards are in their hands, and can figure out your strategy. He is also the owner of every single duel monsters card, and has the 'best' deck in existence. He runs a toon deck, which are new types of cards in upcoming sets ( I won't ruin the surprise) - Dgrabkow


Subject: Yugi-OH! Bio for: Maxamillion Pegasus

Maxamillion Pegasus is the acclaimed, "creator" of Duel Monsters, when in fact, the game was created thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, where actual monsters were created and battled against on another on an evil basis. Pegasus <as he is so often called> has just recently stolen the soul of Yugi's grandfather in another one of his bazaar attempts to duel and
humiliate Yugi. By winning a battle against Yugi, Pegasus forced him to come to The Duelist Kingdom, the ultimate Duel Monster playing field, where all of the top duelists from the country meet and battle for ten star chips, in hopes of making it to Maxamilllion's mansion for the one fateful battle with the "maker of the game". Wielding one of the millennium items, the "millennium eye", Pegasus is able to see through other people's eyes, (read their minds) and he uses this technique when dueling as a way of cheating -he can see every card that someone is holding, creating the ultimate defense. Even more recently, he has stolen the souls of Seto Kiaba, and Seto's little brother Mokuba, and trapped them in Dueling Monster cards -just for fun. Or so we thought.

As it turns out, Pegasus used to be one of the "good guys". He was even a talented painter. When his wife, the love of his life, died, he was thrust into a world of despair. Traveling all over the world looking for answers, Maxamillion found his way to the Giza pyramids in Egypt. There, by a stroke of luck, (and a weird/mysterious guy who doesn't bother to tell him his name) he found that he was destined to acquire the Millennium Eye -and he had planned to use
it to bring his deceased wife back to life.But now, the world is just a cartoon show to him, and he tries to make the most interesting web of lies and deception as he is capable of. (He had also planned to use the Kaiba Corporation, Yugi's Millennium Puzzle, and the soul's of Yugi's grandfather, Seto Kaiba, and Mokuba Kaiba,  to bring his wife back. But alas, he has lost the Duelist kingdom title to  Yugi, and has freed the souls of Mr. Mutou's, and the Kiaba brothers. The "evil Bakura" -Bakura possessed by the evil spirit in his millennium eye- has also stolen the millennium eye from Pegasus. Things just aren't looking so good for the oh-so-noble Pegasus. He has even taken the three most powerful duel monster cards in the world and hid them to make sure that anyone eivil could not use the cards powers against another. Of course, that plan failed too, as they have once again been taken.) Billionaire Maxamillion Pegasus can often be seen sipping a glass of wine -I mean, the worlds finest grape juice- at the head of his oversized dining
room table, watching cartoons, and practicing his sinister laugh. I ask you; How evil is that?



Pegasus is the creator of the deul monsters card game. He had the millenium eye, which allowed him to read other people's minds, but it was stolen by the graverobber spirit in the millenium ring. ( no one has told us if he's ok yet! :( i really need to know!) Although he does the wrong things, he still deuls for the right reasons; Pegasus has a plan to bring back his wife, Cecilia, who dies shortly after their wedding.

- C.Pegasus(i wish)


6.04.04  Maximilian Pegasus is the eccentric creator of duel monsters. He loves cartoons and even put cards in his deck(and created)cards based on them. His deck includes:
Toon world
Toon index
Toon defense
Manga Ryu Ran
Toon Mermaid
Toon Summoned Skull
Blue eyes Toon dragon
Toon Cannon Soldier
Toon Gemini Elf
Toon Goblin Attack force
Toon Masked Sorcerer
Toon Alligator
Dark Rabbit
Parrot Dragon
Thousand eyes idol
Thousand eyes restrict

   Mike Giorla (buying Pegasus structure deck $54.00)


Maxamillion Pegasus wields the millemium eye which allows him to see through people's souls and know what they are thinking and feeling. The eye also allows him to trap people's souls into objects like he did with yugi's grandfather and the Kaiba brothers. He invites Yugi to his duelist kingdom to compete in his tournament. Pegasus wants yugi's millenium puzzle and that's why he throws the tournament using yugi's grandfather as bait. Pegasus wants the millenium items so that he can bring his wife Cecilia back to life. Pegasus was given his eye by Shadi who knew pegasus was destined to wield it. Pegasus loses his millenium eye to Yami Bakura in a shadow game right after he lost a shadow game to Yugi which really tired him out which was Yami Bakura's plan.
Pegasus also created Duel Monsters and the Egyptian god cards which were based on his discoveries on Egpyt's history after gaining his millenium eye. He later entusted the god cards to Ishizu Ishtar.

Steve Romero



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