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Marik Ishtar (Malik in Japan)

10.04.04  As far as physical appearance goes, Marik is a thin, Egyptian looking young man with tanned skin and platinum blond hair that goes past his shoulders in jagged locks with many jagged bangs. He wears long, golden Egyptian earrings, golden armbands and a golden colored collar (formal Egyptian clothing). He s often seen hidden under a long, purple cloak with a voluminous hood that hides all of his hair or a sleeveless lavender shirt that exposes his stomach. He s older than Yugi and his friends, most likely at least eighteen-years-old.

Marik Ishtar, or Malik Ishtar in the Japanese version, is the son of an Egyptian tomb keeper. The Ishtar family have always served as tomb keepers, thus Marik being the first born son was destined to continue this tradition whether he approved of it or not. Marik did not.

As a child Marik was very close to Odion and Ishizu. Marik s mother died right after he was born, leaving he, Odion, and Ishizu in the care of Mr. Ishtar who was very strict and did not attempt to sympathize with his children. He disliked Odion strongly; Odion was adopted when Marik s mother found him as a baby on the surface above their underground home. Treated like her own son, Marik s mother insisted Odion receive the tomb keeper s initiation, especially after Ishizu was born and she suspected a son might never be born. Marik s father, though disliking this, realized this might come to pass lest a son be born, viola Marik. Mr. Ishtar then forgot all ideas of making Odion the tomb keeper and focusing on Marik.

Marik was an innocent, good-natured child who loved both Ishizu and Odion. Odion was Marik s watcher, protecting the future tomb keeper. Marik was once bitten by a poisonous snake and developed a terrible fever. Enraged with Odion for letting this happen, Marik s father insisted Odion stay by Marik s side until he was well. Marik forgave Odion and explained it was not his fault.

When Marik was about eleven his studying was terribly hard on him, agitating him and making him irritable. Odion brought dinner to Marik in his room while he studied ancient scriptures, though this time Marik was so annoyed he flung the tray from Odion s hands and began complaining angrily how he did not wish to be the tomb keeper. Odion suggested he could be the tomb keeper, delighting Marik and making him wonder why Odion would give up his freedom for him.

When Marik turned twelve, the traditional age for receiving the tomb keeper s initiation, he was carried off despite his cries for help from Odion to be freed, as he did not want to be the tomb keeper. Odion later found Marik in his room lying on his bed on his stomach in pain. He revealed the bandages beneath his shirt where the ancient secrets of the Pharaoh had been tattooed onto his back. Odion proceeded to remove bandages from his own face, showing Marik he too had hieroglyphic tattoos of ancient scriptures on the side of his face. This pleased Marik a bit.

A little after his initiation Marik decided he would enlist Ishizu s help to go to the surface into town. Pitying Marik, Ishizu finally agreed they d go up for a few hours and then come right back before their father caught them. The slipped onto the surface and made their way into down, passing by different stands. Marik saw a picture of a motorcycle, falling in love with it and proclaiming one day he would get a motorcycle and ride it. Ishizu urged Marik to return to their home, coming face to face with their angry father. Mr. Ishtar punished Odion for allowing his children to go to the surface, beating him until Marik, very upset by his father s actions, picked up the sacred Millennium Rod, despite Mr. Ishtar s protests. All at once the hatred and anger that had built up in Marik s heart erupted as the evil spirit Yami Marik. Yami Marik proceeded to banish Mr. Ishtar to the Shadow Realm using the Millennium Rod (Yami Marik uses the Millennium Rod, which at the end of it is a hidden dagger, to kill his father in the Japanese version). Afterwards Yami Marik is suppressed by Odion, returning twelve-year-old Marik to his innocent, original side, who had no knowledge of what happened and was regretful.

Marik proceeded to form a gang of Rare Hunters to find the Egyptian God Cards. As he grew up he decided he would not be a tomb keeper but instead would become Pharaoh himself by using the God cards and the power of the Pharaoh Yami (locked in the Millennium Puzzle). He managed to gain The Winged Dragon of Ra and Slifer the Sky Dragon, but was unable to get Obelisk the tormentor when he discovered the card had been moved from its hidden location. Walking from the enclosure, Marik met up with Ishizu who urged her brother to stop what he was doing. Marik held out his Millennium Rod, pointing it to Ishizu and warning her not to get in his way again or she would pay. Ishizu was shocked Marik was use the Millennium item on his own flesh and blood, but Marik left her.

In Battle City we see Marik had his own large boat and many purple cloak-wearing Rare Hunter servants to do his bidding. He periodically took control of his own mind servants, finally using his Millennium Rod to control the minds of Joey and Tea, forcing Yugi into a duel. He ran into Joey and Tea with Ryou Bakura under the alias of Namu, changing his voice to be lighter and unrecognizable to them.

When the Battle City Finals rolled around Yugi and his friends were under the impression Odion was actually Marik, with Marik still going by Namu. During Odion s duel with Joey, Odion and Joey faced the wrath of the vengeful Wing Dragon of Ra after Odion tried to use a fake card while dueling. Odion was struck down by lightning, along with Joey, and both were knocked unconscious. Joey managed to stand up in order to win the duel, though after Odion remained unconscious in a coma-like state. Without Odion to suppress the evil darker half of Marik, Yami Marik erupted from deep within Marik, alerting Yugi and his friends Namu had been tricking them all along. Yami Marik, now in total control of Marik body, dueled Mai and sent her mind to the Shadow Realm, rendering her in an unconscious state so long as her mind was trapped. After a close duel with Joey, Yami Marik won after Joey fainted when the pressure of the Shadow Realm became to much for his body to handle. Yami Marik went on to face Yami Yugi, with both Marik and Yugi hanging chained in midair in the Shadow Realm. Each time a duelist lost life points, part of his hikari, or lighter half, disappeared. Yami was able to switch Marik s place with Yami Marik, defeating him and freeing Marik of the dark spirit forever.

Regretful for all that had happened, Marik handed over the Winged Dragon of Ra and his Millennium Rod (Yugi s got quite a collection). Now sounding and acting like Namu, his personality completely changed (not really a good thing. Marik went from semi-antagonist to best buds with Yami. X.X Marik s Namu voice is too different from his regular voice (not Yami Marik s voice). It sounds too cheesy and not Marik at all). He removed his shirt and showed Yami the key to unlocking the Pharaoh s secrets and past on his back (many hieroglyphics). He, Ishizu, and Odion got on their boat and proceeded to sail back to Egypt (doesn t make sense but then again what does in this episode?)

Biography by Marik-kun


6.04.04   Marik Ishtar-Marik is Ishizu's younger brother,and leader of the rare hunters.He can be seen as cowardly,demented,and ruthless.However,he wasn't always evil,he began life as an innocent child.

He didn't want to be a tomb keeper,and so the hatred and anger in his heart created the evil inside him when he received the tomb keeper's initiation.This evil side would come out whenever Odion is unconscious.Yami Marik sent Mr.Ishtar to the shadow realm when he first appeared.Marik's goal was to collect all 3 god cards,seize Yugi's puzzle and strip Yami of his powers.His evil side is much more powerful and evil than he is,also looks freaky in a scary kind of way.My feelings are beginning to go soft towards Marik,i.e the semi good Marik.He is apparently going to repent in the up coming episodes when he battles against his evil self.

He's the main enemy in the Battle City saga in Yugioh. Also he's the controller of the Millenium Rod, which has the ability to battle in the Shadow Realm, transport their minds to the Shadow Realm, and to control people like zombies for his own bidding. His main purpose is like all the
other bad guys, to capture Yugi's Millenium Puzzle. He's the main person  that tells where the Rare Hunters go, and has one of the Rare God Cards, Ra. This guy's a psycho, he makes Pegasus looks like a baby.

- M. Miller


5.15.04   Marik is probably the most evil character in yu-gi-oh. The dreaded Marik or Malik as he is sometimes called, wieldes the Millenium Rod. Marik has a vast arsenol of rare hunters. But if the rare hunters don't pay off his deck yill do the job. Below are facts about Marik:

Some of Mariks Mind Slaves consist of:
The Seeker (with 3 Exodia sets)
Arkana (the guy with the *girl friend* he loves so much)
Bandit Keith (after dualist kingdom was temporarilly controlled by Marik)
Umbra & Lumis (masked people)
Joey (temporarily controlled)
Strings (the one with Slifer)
Odion (The tall dude)

Marik Holds the Millenium Rod which can controll opponents, I also say it bind Bakura, trap minds in the shadow realm, and even suck energy from people. The Millenium Rod allows Marik to transform into Yami Marik, an even more powerful foe.

Marik also holds the God Card Ra. Some of Ra's abilities include a abilitie to drane the owners life points but one and add the sacrificed points onto Ra's ATK.

That is almost all it on Marik. I hope you liked this.



3.15.04  Marik is born from a long line of egiptians, who were, in fact, the watchers over the pharoh's tomb. Odion was to be the tomb keeper instead, but Marik, being an actual heir, was to recieve the intuition instead. Even though he spent late nights reading up on the responsibilities of a tomb keeper, he really didn't want to accept the family's job. When he finally told Odion about this, the evil in Marik was released from his body, and it travled the Earth, looking for the pharoh's decendant, so that he may eliminate him, and be pharoh instead of Yugi Mutou.


Malik Istar is Ichizu's Brother, owner of Ra (used to have slifer, until yugi won it in Battle city, and is is owner of the millennium rod. His rod can kill people and posses people like Bandit Keith and other puppets in Battle City. currently in anime, it is Yugi versus Malik. Tea#40493


Malik Ishtar: Uhm.. this character seems flakey with the way he dresses. But Malik is the younger brother of Isis. They both stayed in the ruins of Egyptian civilization underground by the care of 'Rashid'. Malik was taken over by the Millennium staff.

Yami Malik: I've mentioned him quite a bit in basically all of my rants so here this goes:
He either controls or messes with everyone's minds. He took refuge in Malik's mind and killed Malik's father (Who's spirit was Shadi.... which makes absolutely NO sense to me...) and has this fascination with trying to kill Rashid. The Millenium staff is also a dagger and, this is how he keeps trying to kill people (and he does succeed at times). Malik is definitly not all there mentally though, he's worse then Yami Bakura and that's saying something. At a point though, while Seto and Isis battle, the Millenium Staff responds to Seto and gives Seto a longer flashback of his past. The Millenium staff technically belongs to Seto, but since the Staff took Malik instead, that's just how it goes.


malik: malik is the holder of the sennen rod, which posseses the power of mind-control, and he is the younger brother of isis ishtar, with whom he shares a sort of pshycic ability. he also holds the God Card Ra, and once had the Sky dragon son of Osiris, but lost that to Yugi/Yami. He spent his childhood in Egypt under the demented, sick grasp of his horribly strict father (his mother was already dead from unknown causes) along with his loving, imposing older sister Isis, and Rishid, who was found by Malik's father and has stayed loyal to Malik ever since, once mutilating himself when Malik was beaten by his father for a 'lack of respect.' Poor Malik was forced to study the ancient scriptures of the Pharaoh (Yami) and all his divine magic, staying inside nearly all of the time. As a tradition of the Ishtar family, Malik's back was branded with Heighroglyph tatoos that described the Pharaoh's power. it was also an ancient custom of the ishtars to guard the tomb of the fabled pharaoh yami, who locked away the evil power of the monsters who nearly annihilated the world with their might thousands of years before malik's time. one day, malik and isis had devised a plan for pitiful malik to get out for once, and they spent a day in the outside. (i am half guessing on this; i don't know the whole story of this happening as the episode i had saved did not work on my computer. this might be somewhat wrong). but when they returned, their father had found out, and proceded to kill malik after slaughtering rishid. while his father was in the process of maiming his only friend, malik took the milenium rod in hand (it once belonged to seto kaiba as a high priest; i'm not sure how i came into the ishtar household, probably after seto & yami's ancient duel and seto lost, it was preserved or placed into their hands for safekeeping). but malik's yami emerged and put an end to his father's brutality once and for all. normal malik was dazed and pretty unaware of what had happened afterwards, but he managed to rescue rishid. he was later told by the mysterious keeper of the sennen items, shadi, that it was the 'will of the pharaoh' that his father would die, which is part of the reason why malik detests yami so much and wants him dead or cast into eternal darkness in the shadow realm.

Malik wants to eliminate Yami and make himself Pharaoh, which i definitely wouldn't mind ^___^ after attaining all the God cards, which would unlock the Pharaoh's power. Malik lies about his identity at first in his appearance in Battle city, putting on a mask of kindness with the false name 'Nam' to befriend the Yugi gang. His cover is quickly blown when Rishid, pretending to be Malik, plays a false Ra against Jonouchi which fails and sends the real Ra throwing an explosion at them to show its rage at the copy's usage, and Malik's true identity is exposed when his dark energy emerges. Malik makes an unstable alliance with yami bakura during battle city saga, which never seems to work out so well, as they eventually end up in a death match with Bakura being defeated, fading into nothing, and malik taking the sennen ring from him.

Malik is pretty much ruthless, taking control of Yugi's friends jonouchi (joey) and anzu (tea) so that he might obtain the puzzle from yugi and destroy yami, and he will do nearly everything he can to acheive what he wants, threatening his own sister to stay away from him or he would willingly injure her. Unlike his yami, he does still retain some human emotion, as he cares greatly for Rishid and even for his sister, though he rarely shows it. Isis still loves her brother deeply, and believes that he can step into the light and have a pure heart once again. Whether his
corrupted, evil spirit will ever be salvaged is a question that can only be answered by time and if the american series ever gets its ass moving to tell us.


Malik Ishtar:Malik is the evil guy causing trouble to Yugi and his gang in battle city.He has the millenium rod,a millenium item that enables him to brainwash and mind slaving other people's minds.Malik possess the best of the most powerful cards in Duel Monsters "Winged Dragon of Ra."he actually had Sliffer but when Yugi defeated Strings(Marik's mind slave).Yugi claimed it.To fool his friends,Malik hid himself as Namu.A kind person that seemed to be harmless to anyone.also he made a pact with Yami Bakura that well....It didn't work so well.In the Battle City finals,After Joey's duel with Rashid"Odion",Rashid was struck by a lightning bolt after using the fake Winged Dragon of Ra.And that turned Malik even more evil.Malik struggled against the evil within him,but it was too strong and it defeated common Malik.Some call him "Yami Malik".Yami Malik is a REALLY PSYCHO AND EVIL guy,he surpasses Yami Bakura's evil,he killed "sent to shadow realm"Mai,and that angered Yugi more than anything.


THis dude is about the freakist, and richest (judgeing by all that gold stuff he wears), meanist, and crazeist bad guy around.  He makes pegasus look like a stuffed animal (laughs while putting a pic of pegasus on the card).  He has the ability to kill people, control people, and a master locksmith.  His goal is to take the M.Puzzle from Yugi and get all 3 god cards.  He is kinda outta luck since 2 of them are at ther top ranks in the world. Cartyyz


     Marrik (or Malik) may seem to look and act like a cute, nice, pretty boy at first but WATCH OUT! This guy is evil. He owns the Millennium Rod which he can mind control people, like Joey and Bandit Keith, and can also be used as dagger to kill people. The rod can also sent minds to the Shadow Realm, creepy!!! He is the leader of the Rare Hunters and is Isis's younger brother. He has a cool outfit later on Yu-gi-oh! He, he, hee!
     He spent most of his childhood in Egypt until he got this crazy idea of him being the pharaoh, whatever. He stole 2 of the 3 Egyptian God cards and almost got the 3rd one until Isis stepped in and that's when he hold the rod fiercely and threaten Isis that if she got in the way 1 more time, he would hurt Isis (HOW HEARTLESS!!!), and used his rod to disappear. I read that he killed his dad and got possed by an evil spirit like Bakura but that makes no sense to me.

     If you ever hear Marrik yell, put on some earplugs because he yells pretty loud A LOT. Talk about a loudmouth. He gets angry a WHOLE LOT so don't push him to the limits. I sure hope he doesn't think about mind controlling me and/or my friends because if he does I'm gonna tear him to shreds (even if he's so cute).

     Somehow he got that rod but I just don't know how. It use to belong to that High Priest Seto but it got into Marrik's hands somehow. Sure hope Yugi can beat him as well as Seto. I really want some more action!!!

                                                 #1 Yu-gi-oh! fan and great dualist,


Malik:Brother of Ishizu and owner of the Millenium Rod. He uses it's mystic powers to control people's minds & make them do his bidding. Him & Yami Bakura joined forces to both get what they desire. Malik is the leader of a group called the Rare Hunters. And the only reason he wants the rod is to take Yugi's Millenium Puzzle and take the magic within & Yugi counterpart,Yami, a thousand year-old pharaoh to become the new pharaoh. Malik's family has been guarding
Yami's tomb for centuries. Malik also 2 of the Egyptian God cards:Slifer the sky dragon& the Winged dragon of Ra. The reason for Malik's being on this Earth is unknown...- Emmanuel


Marik Ishtar:Marik is 16 years old his birthday is june. Marik has been brought up on the anscient inscriptures his whole life. Mariks mom deied when he was a little kid. His older sister Isheezu who now has the mullenium necklace tryed to raise him kind of how Seto raised Mokuba but it wasn't the same.

When Marik got the mullenium rod Yami Marik took over and killed Mariks father. Marik didn't know and he blames the pharoh for it. Marik wen't his own way and gained 2 of the god cards but lost one to Yami in a battle. Now Marik uses his mullenium rod to get mindslaves to do his bidding when he isn't at the same place the person he want's to battle is. Mariks goal is to get rid of yugi,Win back slypher the sky dragon and the mullenium puzzle, and take over the world. Marik has all of the knowledge of the anscient ways and he evan got the anscient inscriptions carved into his back when he was 15.The mullenium rod is part of the resion hes already evil without being Yami Marik. The mullenium rod can also be used as a dagger.Yodeon always has to be near Marik to balance out his two spirits. Marik is also the leader of the rare hunters. His sister plans to go to battle city to try and save Marik from his yami self. - Chamera Luong



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