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YuGiOh Episode Guide 

Episode #1 - The Night Before

Its the night before the competition the next day. Everyone is treated to a big dinner and are reminded of the rules for the tournament and how it will work.They also find out who they are up against, Yugi Vs. Mai and Joey vs. Bandit Keith.They are also told that they need one of the special cards to enter the competition. THe King's hand for the chance to battle pegasus and the King's other hand for the grand prize money.Joey doesn't have either of these cards since he wasn't invited to the tournament,but Yugi bails him out by giving him the money card.Later on, Tristan,Bakura, and Taya are talking about the fact that they think Pegasus is cheating somehow in his duels. Tristan decides that they should go and investigate the stadium.Meanwhile,while Joey is sleeping Bandit Keith sneaks into his room and steals his money card! Meanwhile,Mai is preparing her deck for her duel against Yugi, she realizes that she will have to use a different strategy since Yugi knows her old one.Yugi is in bed and wakes up when he hears what he thinks is his grandpa's voice calling for him, he goes after the sound.

Tristan and Bakura are inspecting the stadium when Bakura finds a hole in the wall. Tristan thinks that one of pegasus's men is telling him the cards the opponet has through a hidden speaker.Tea,Bakura, and Tristan decide to climb Pegasus's tower and find out what's inside.Meanwhile,Yugi is chasing after his grandpa's voice,it tells him to be weary of pegasus and that he could rule the world with his power if Yugi can't defeat him. Tristan and the others get into the tower and find a picture of what seems to be a girl that was very important to Pegasus.They are about to speculate some more,when Pegasus arrives and tells them that they should have stayed in their rooms.He teleports them to another place.Yugi keeps chasing after his grandpa's voice and runs into the 3 cards that have Kaiba's,Mokuba's and his Grandpa's souls in them.They all talk to Yugi and warn him of pegasus and tell him to be careful and to try and help them. Yugi's grandpa tells him that the only way to defeat Pegasus is thru his millenium puzzle.

But Yugi is afraid of the other presence inside of it.Yugi suddenly wakes up in bed and wonders if it was all a dream or not.Mai finally figures out a good combo in her deck and decides that now Yugi can't defeat her.Tristan,Taya and Bakura all wonder where their at,they see a bunch of weird people using stone tablets to fight each other.Pegasus appears and says that this was duel monsters in the ancient times and tells them that he is going to banish them to the shadow realm.He is about to send them off, when suddenly Dark Bakura appears and tells pegasus that he will get the power of his millenium eye soon enough.He erases Tristan and Taya's memories and teleports them all back to their room.THe episode ends with Dark Bakura saying how he will get all the millenium items soon enough.



"The Night Before" (8/17/02)
The first episode of the new season starts with Yugi, Joey, Mai, Bandit Keith, Tristen, Tai, and Bakura in the Pegasus's Castle.  One of the henchmen explain to the finalists that they must have one of two cards to duel in the finals, "Glory of the King's Hand" or "Glory of the King's Opposite Hand". The King's Hand is needed if one wants the 3 million dollar prize the Opposite Hand is for dueling Pegasus for the championship.  As we all know, Joey has neither card because he wasn't suposed to be in the tournament but Yugi helped him out to get him in, and once again Yugi is of course going to give Joey one of his cards, The Glory of the King's Hand so that Joey can get the money for his sister. Bandit Keith also has neither card and needs to acquire one somehow.  An eyeball appeared in everyone's soup, and in the eye, a letter.  The letter determines who will duel who.  Yugi will duel Mai, and Joey will duel Bandit Keith. 
    After dinner, everyone heads to their respected rooms, but not everyone intends on sleeping.  Joey is sound asleep. But Tristen and Bakura head to Taia's room and find her not sleeping either.  They believe that Pegasus is a cheater and cheats in his duels.  They intend to go search for a way to expose Pegasus, so they head to the Duelist Platform. They find a small hole in the wall and moonlight is shining through. Its lined up so that the moonlight would hit cards if somone was holding them standing on the platform while dueling.  Across from the hole is a tower with a window facing the hole in which they gang decides to investigate. They scale the wall of the tower and enter through the top. Once inside, they find a giant painting of a mysterious lady, the same picture they saw in the dining hall.  They are then discovered by Pegasus!  He uses his Millenium Eye that sends them to a temple, where they hear chanting.  The room is filled with hooded people, two of them dueling with giant stone cards, one of them is Pegasus.  The three are soon discovered. Pegasus explains that every soul he sends to the shadow realm increases the power of his millenium eye.  His goal is to be able to control life over death.  He attempts to send them to the shadow realm with his millenium eye, but is in shock when Bakura's Millenium Ring stops him.  The dark Bakura remains, and stops Pegasus and he makes everyone forget what happened. 
    Meanwhile, Yugi hears his grandfather and follows his voice, which is telling him to beware of Pegasus and his shadow powers.  Yugi finds his grandpa's soul card in a courtyard along with the soulcards of Mokuba and Kaiba.  They all warn him of Pegasus.  His grandpa explains that Yugi must learn how to harness the power of his Millenium Puzzle.  The three stone pillars which the soul cards were on are then engulfed in a white flame. Then Yugi wakes up and realizes it was a dream.
    Mai is busy fixing her deck to arrange it for the best strategy. And Bandit Keith sneaks into Joey's room (after he returns from his adventure and is sleeping) to take his card.  He is almost caught, with Joey's mumbling in his dream, but Bandit Keith easily eludes Joey.  Next week we shall se the first part of the finals. stay tuned......  - AceX88


Episode 26- Preparation

       This episode begins with Yugi, Tea, Joey, Tristan, Bakura, Bandit Keith, and Mai all eating dinner at a table in Pegasus's Castle.  Croquet, Pegasus's main worker, comes into the room and informs everyone that the duelists needed one of the two cards that they received at the beginning of the tournament in order to qualify for the final round.  They had to have either the Glory of Kings Hand Card, which allows the winner to receive the $3 million dollar cash prize, or the Glory of Kings Opposite Hand Card, which allows the winner to challenge Pegasus for the Championship.  Unfortunately, both Bandit Keith and Joey begin to worry because neither one of them has either one of those cards. Croquet then tells everyone to look into their bowls of soup.  Each duelist finds a millennium eye inside of their bowl.  Each duelist opens their eye up to find a piece of paper with a letter on it (Yugi- A, Mai- B, Bandit Keith- C, Joey- D).  The computer then randomly decided who would face who in the semifinals the next day.  The results were: Joey vs. Bandit Keith and Mai vs. Yugi.  Joey and Keith traded remarks, but Mai and Yugi seemed happy about their match.  Croquet left the room reminding each duelist that for 3 of them, their quest would end in failure.
       Mai and Bandit Keith left the room to go to their rooms.  Joey just sat quietly while everyone finished their meals.  Yugi asked why Joey was so down.  He replied that there was no point in going on since he didn't have one of the cards needed to get into the tournament.  Yugi then shocked Joey by giving him his Glory of Kings Hand Card.  Joey at first refused to take it, but after some negotiating, he agreed and took the card.
       Everyone at this point went to their rooms.  Mai began to prepare for her match with Yugi, Yugi stayed up to think about his grandfather, Joey went to sleep immediately.  Tea was sitting up in her room when someone knocked on the door.  It was Bakura and Tristan.  Tristan couldn't stop thinking about how easily Pegasus had beaten Seto Kaiba earlier that morning.  He then suggested that the three of them go to the dueling platform and look for clues that may have led to Pegasus cheating his way to a win over Kaiba.  The three agreed and headed to the platform.
       Yugi began to have nightmares about his grandfather when all of a sudden, he woke up to hear the sound of his grandfather's voice.  He immediately got up and ran outside of the castle looking for his grandfather.  He ran outside to find the card that his grandfather was in lying on the ground.  He attempted to pick up the card, but it blew away onto a wall on the other side of the bridge outside the castle.  To the side of his grandfather's card was the cards holding Mokuba Kaiba and Seto Kaiba.  The spirits inside of the cards told Yugi that Pegasus wanted to capture Yugi next and take his Millennium Puzzle.  Yugi knew he had to stop Pegasus, but he didn't know how.  Grandpa told Yugi that the only way he could stand a chance against Pegasus was to find out how to fully harness the power of the Millennium Puzzle.  Grandpa, Kaiba, and Mokuba then disappeared, leaving Yugi screaming "Grandpa!"  He then woke up in a cold sweat back in his room.  Had it all been a dream, or was it some kind of message?
       Mai was still in her room preparing her deck.  However, she had run into a jam realizing that almost all of her tricks had already been seen by Yugi in her duels with Joey and Tea.  She knew that if she was going to beat Yugi, she would have to rely on some new tricks.  Meanwhile, Bandit Keith sat up from his bed and said to himself that it was time for him to go steal the Kings Hand Card from Joey.
       Tristan, Tea, and Bakura arrived and began to look around the dueling platform, hoping to find some kind of clue.  Just as they thought that there was no other answer, a light beam began to shine down on the side of the platform where Kaiba had stood.  They looked through the window and saw a tower on the other side.  They immediately assumed that Pegasus had a man in the tower using a telescope to tell him what Kaiba's cards were during their duel.  They decided to head up to the tower.
       Tristan, Tea, and Bakura, instead of walking up the stairs, decided to climb up to the top of the tower from the outside to attract less attention.  They climbed into the top of the tower and entered through a window.  They looked around the tower, but didn't find anything to show that Pegasus had cheated in his duel with Kaiba.  They then looked on the wall to find a picture of a young girl.  They had not seen this girl anywhere in the castle and wondered who she was.  But before they could figure it out, Pegasus appeared behind them.  They accused him of cheating in his duel against Kaiba.  Pegasus countered by using his Millennium Eye to cause the floor to turn into a liquid and suck the three under the floor.
       The three awoke inside of an Egyptian temple.  They heard people chanting in the distance and decided to investigate.  They entered a room where two people in robes were dueling with large stone slabs instead of cards.  One of the duelists defeated the other and the loser was sent to the Shadow Realm in a flash of light.  Tea gasped at what she had just saw, which attracted attention to them.  The man in the robe revealed himself to be Pegasus.  He then explained that they had seen too much inside of the tower and that he had no choice but to send them to the Shadow Realm.  But before he could use his Millennium Eye, Bakura used his Millennium Ring to change into his evil spirit.  Bakura then used his ring to erase the minds of everyone in the room.  Everyone then woke up back in their rooms trying to figure out whether what they had just experienced was a dream or not.
       Mai finally created a plan to beat Yugi and seemed pretty pleased with herself as she had used up her entire night to create this plan.  Across the hall, Bandit Keith entered Joey's room and stole his King's Hand Card.  Then, surprisingly, Joey said "Hey, Give Me That Back!"  A worried look entered Keith's face until Joey said "That's my pizza."  Realizing that what Joey had said was just part of his dream, Keith laughed and left the room with the card still in hand.
       Daylight broke across the horizon as Yugi looked outside.  He knew that Grandpa's message was not just a dream.  He realized that he had to figure out how to use his Millennium Puzzle quickly before his duel with Pegasus.  He knew that his time was running out as the tournament began today.

To Be Continued...

Review by Steve


Yu-gi-oh episode appeared on Saturday, August 17, 2002.
"The show begins with a banquet and Yugi, Tristan, Tea, Joey, Bakura, Bandit Keith and Mia seated at the table. Eyeballs, much like Pegasus's right eye, float to the surface of the soup of the four competitors: Joey, Yugi, Keith and Mia. They all contain slips of paper with a letter on them. The letters decide who faces whom in the mini-tournament. This tourney, explains Pegasus's henchman, has a grand prize of the honor of facing Pegasus himself. That is, if the winner has "The King's Opposite Hand" (I don't remember the exact name). This special card is completely blank, and resembles the soul cards that Pegasus has trapped Kaiba and Grandpa and Mokuba in. The other special card, "The King's Hand," is required for winning the 3 million dollars. It is just a bunch of treasures and gold, interesting to look at, but not nearly as mysterious as the Opposite Hand. A screen floats down from the ceiling (that happens alot in animes, I've noticed), and displays a graph indicating Yugi playing Mia, and Joey playing Keith. Joey is upset because he has neither card so he cannot win the $3M to save his sister. Yugi gives him the King's Hand but keeps The Opposite Hand for himself.

They all go to their rooms inside the castle. Yugi is awakened (or dreams) by his grandfather and follows his voice to a sanctuary where the souls of Grandpa, Kaiba and Mokuba reside. Grandpa tells Yugi about Pegasus's plan and how he gets more power for every soul he traps. He adds that Pegasus will rule the world if he gets all seven Millennium items. He has so much power with one item already, imagine what would happen if he gets Yugi's, or Bakura's, or all of them! Grandpa commands Yugi to learn as much as possible about his Puzzle before his match with Pegasus, for that is his only chance to win.

Tea is up in her room, complaining to herself how it's her first night in a real bed and she can't sleep. There's a knock on the door and Bakura and Tristen pull Tea outside. Tristen suspects foul play on Pegasus's part, and the trio go investigate the dueling field, where they discover a hole in the wall, just big enough for a person on a tower outside to peep in and see Pegasus's opponent's cards. They hypothesize that Pegasus gets the message by a receiver hidden under his hair. (They're half right, the tool he uses _is_ under his hair, but it's not a receiver.) The only way to be sure, Tristen decides is to go up to the tower and find out. They leave the field, but not before noticing a picture of a woman on the wall--the same woman who was on the wall of the Dining Hall next to the painting of Shadi (Egyptian looking guy with the Millennium Ankh).

When they get up to the tower they see no telescope or peeping paraphernalia. But they _do_ notice another painting of that strange woman. Pegasus enters the room and reviles his special eye. The colours of the scene turn purple and red while the floor melts below the Tristen and the others. They are sent to the shadow realm, where they see the ancient Shadow Games being played, between Pegasus and some guy in a robe. Pegasus has a stone tablet with a BEWD on it. They see that same picture of the strange woman. The trio is spotted, but when confronted by Pegasus, Yami Bakura awakens and (perhaps with an ulterior motive) saves them from Pegasus and erases their memory--though not entirely. They still remember a bit, but think it might be a dream. Yami Bakura is now awakened for good, and remains to live inside Bakura. So ends the most exciting scene in the episode.

Mia fine-tunes her deck and adds several new tricks, because she knows Yugi knows her deck almost as well as she does. Bandit Keith works out how in the world he will manage to get The King's Hand. He decides and slips into Joey's room. He steals Joey's card out of his pocket while Joey lies there, dreaming about incredible donuts and capered pizzas.

Yugi ends the show asking himself how he will go about mastering his Puzzle."







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