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YuGiOh Episode Guide 

YuGi vs. Pegasus Part 2

Yugi Vs Pegasus - Match of the Millennium, Part 2

As the duel between Yugi and Pegasus continues, the Creator of Duel
Monsters has a strong advantage. Not only does Pegasus have two monsters to
Yugi's one, but he has also reduced Yugi's life points to 1800. However
neither duellist knows what is happening elsewhere in the castle.

The security guards have patched through to Croquet to inform him that
Tristan has stolen Mokuba's body. Bakura, using the power of his Millennium
Ring, listens into the conversation and decides to head off and help Tristan
escape. As he goes to leave, Joey stops him, asking where he is going.
Bakura tells Joey and Tea that he is going to find Tristan, and they agree
that their friend has been gone for a long time.

Back on the duelling field, Pegasus is confident as to knowing Yugi's next
move, playing the Spell Binding Circle and the Summon Skull. As Yugi makes
the play, Pegasus is quietly pleased that his Millennium Eye has sighted all
vulnerabilities in Yugi's deck and strategy.

Switching Ryou-ran to attack mode, Pegasus attacks the Summon Skull,
activating Yugi's Trap card. But as Yugi prepares to return the attack,
Pegasus activates his Trap Displacement card, shifting the Spell Binding
Circle onto Yugi's Skull. Taunting Yugi that he knew the move, he attacks
the Summon Skull, destroying it, and reduces Yugi's life points to 1400.

Back in the castle, Bakura is using the Millennium Ring to find Tristan. He
finds Tristan trapped in a passageway, preparing to fight a pair of guards.
The guards threaten Bakura, but he draws a Duel Monsters card. Activating
the Chain Energy card, he traps the two guards and then Tristan, Bakura and
Mokuba escape.

As the duel continues, Yugi is distressed that there seems to be no way to
hide his moves from the Millennium Eye. Joey has also realised this, and
wonders if there is any way for his friend to win, but Tea tells him that
there must be a way and that they can't lose faith in Yugi. But with Pegasus
knowing all of Yugi's cards and strategies and having built a perfect
counter for each of them, it seems like it could be hopeless.

Just as things are looking bad enough for Yugi, Pegasus plays one of his
favourite cards, Toonworld, the card that helped him to defeat Kaiba. As the
Toonworld transforms his two monsters, Pegasus attacks Yugi's Giant Soldier
of Stone with Manga Ryou-ran, destroying Yugi's defence monster. He then
switches the Toon Mermaid to attack mode and ends his turn.

Surprised to see the Toonworld card again, Yugi is concerned that he does
not know the weakness of the Toon monsters. In order to try and find out how
to destroy them, he decides to play offensively. Playing the Celtic
Guardian, Yugi sets up what should be a stalemate. But when the Celtic
Guardian attacks, the Mermaid's clam blocks his sword while the Mermaid
attacks, destroying the Guardian.

Pegasus mocks Yugi, explaining that brute force alone won't defeat the
toons, puzzling Yugi further as to how he can defeat them. Pegasus plays two
cards face down and then passes play back to Yugi. Deciding to give up on
the offensive strategy, Yugi plays his Horn Imp in defence mode. But this
activates Pegasus's Permanent Trap card, Gorgan's Eye, which turns the Imp
into stone. If the Imp is destroyed after being turned to stone, half of its
defence points will be taken from Yugi's life points.

Not content with trapping the Imp, Pegasus reveals his other card to be the
Doppelganger. As the Doppelganger transforms into Yugi's defeated Summon
Skull, it is swept up into Toonworld and transformed into the Toon Summoned
Skull(NOOOOO!!!!). As Pegasus's twisted sense of humour shows, he attacks
Yugi with the Toon Skull, destroying the Horn Imp and reducing Yugi to 900
life points.

As Yugi draws his next card, Pegasus reveals that it is the Dark Magician,
and announces that he is looking forward to crushing it most of all.
Meanwhile, Tristan and Bakura are still being chased through the castle, and
as they reach the top of a long staircase, they find themselves trapped. As
Tristan prepares to give up, Bakura tells him that they haven't lost yet.
Tristan asks what he means, and Bakura draws a deck of cards, preparing to
recruit some help from the Shadow Realm.

With Yugi struggling to find a way to defeat Pegasus's Millennium Eye, and
Bakura's Millennium Ring preparing to call upon the powers of the Shadow
Realm, it seems that a colossal battle of the Millennium Items could be
about to begin. But who, if anyone, will emerge victorious?

Cutouts: Guns, guns and guns! That's all ^_^ - Yugia Veedragon


    Pegasus reads Yugi's mind.  Yugi will play Summoned Skull in DF mode.  At first he woders why, sience its attack was stronger.  Then he sees that he will play a face down Spell Binding Circle.  It would trap his Ryu-Ran, lowering its attack by 700.  Then he will switch Skull to Attack mode, and destroy Ryu-Ran for even more LP damage. 
    Yugi plays Summoned Skull in defense mode and ends his turn.  Peagusus plays a card face-down.  Then he attacks with Ryu-Ran.  Spell Binding Circle activates.  Then he activtes a counter-trap that puts Summoned Skull in the circle, and releases Ryu-Ran!  Ryu-Ran attacks, and lowers Yugi's LP to 1400.  He plays a new card face-down.  Yugi plays a card in DF mode, but it turns to stone!  Peagusus has activated a trap called Goregon's eye.  It is a continuous trap that turns DF mode monsters into stone.  When the stones are destroyed, half their DF points are deducted from Yugi's LP.  Then he plays Toon World!  He turns his monsters into Magna-Ryu-Ran and Toon Mermaid.  Then he closes the book.  Yugi plays Celtic Guardian(1400ATK/1200DF).  Peagusus lets out Toon Mermaid.  Celtic Guardian attacks, but instead of being a draw, Celtic Guardian is destroyed, and his LP drops to 900.  He can't attack, because he cannot destroy the monsters and their attack will lower his LP.  But DF also means loss of LP!  He is trapped, but to make it worse, Peagusus draws Double-Ganger.  DG copies one card on the field, including the opponett's and including the Graveyard.  DG copies Summoned Skull, and creates Toon Skull with Toon World.
    Yami Bakura goes looking for Tristan.  Tristan is cornered by Kemo and a few other guards.  Yami Bakura takes a trap magic card from his deck, and it becomes real!  Kemo calls for backup, and they are both trapped in a tower.  Yami Bakura says that with a little help from the Shadow Realm, it will be the guards that are in trouble. - John L.



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