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YuGiOh Episode Guide 

Keith's Machinations -

Part 2

Bandit Keith continues to rant on about how he was going to beat Joey and then Yugi afterwards, but Joey only says, "Yeah right, Keith," which makes him mad and Joey talks about how he wouldn't beat him and even if he did, that Yugi would cream him, then saying how he was a greedy sleezeball who only dueled for himself and didn't stand a chance when people with good intentions came along. Pegasus is able to read their minds on how they are dueling so well, seeing how Bandit Keith wanted revenge on him for beating him at a tournament and then sees how Joey was dueling for his sister, saying it was like a battle between good and evil, simply thinking that it was amusing. When the duel resumes, Bandit Keith lays a card face down and plays Barrel Dragon in attack mode (( 2600/2200 )) and explains that, because of its triple barrel's it has 3 attacks instead of one and destroys Garoozis and Axe Raider, lowering Joey to 850 Life points. Joey then plays the Time Wizard (( 500/400 )) along with Baby Dragon (( 1200/700 )) and says that now he has to worry about his machine rusting up and his Baby Dragon growing up and starts the time roulette. The roulette manages to hit the time warp and the Barrel Dragon rusts over, lowering it to (( 1800/1400 )) while Baby Dragon grew into Thousand Dragon (( 2400/2000 NOTE:: in the show, they got its defense wrong by saying it was 2400/2500 )). Then Joey attacks and destroys the Barrel Dragon, however Keith reveals his Time Machine trap card which can go back in time by one turn and his Barrel Dragon comes back, only it was back to normal with (( 2600/2200 )) and destroys Thousand Dragon, lowering Joey down to 650 Life points. Joey simply plays one monster face down and ends his turn. Keith plays Slot Machine in attack mode next (( 2000/2300 )) and attacks with Barrel Dragon, destroying what looked like Kojikocy (( 1500/1200 )). Joey knows he can defeat the Slot Machine, but doesn't have any monsters strong enough to beat his Barrel Dragon. He plays one card face down and the Red-eyes Black Dragon in attack mode (( 2400/2000 )) and ends his turn ((which I don't why since he could've destroyed Slot Machine and saved himself some trouble)). Keith then tells Joey to say good-bye to his most precious possession and attacks, but Joey reveals the Copycat card and chooses to copy Magic Metal Force and the Red-eyes Black Dragon turns into a Red-eyes Black METAL Dragon (( 2800/2400 )) making it strong enough to withstand the attack. Joey then counters with Flash Flare Blast and destroys the Barrel Dragon, lowering Keith down to 900 Life points. Bandit Keith plays one card face down and switches Slot Machine to defense mode. Joey knows that it couldn't defend against an attack, so Joey plays a card face down and attacks with the Red-eyes, but Keith reveals the Magic card, 7 Completer, which changed one of the Slot Machine's slots to a 7. The attack hits, but doesn't work. Keith tells how the 7 Complete card raised the Slot Machine's defense to 3000 and allowed it to withstand the attack, now it was (( 2000/3000 )) and Joey's Life points go down to 450 because the defense was 200 more than his attack. Keith then tells that he has 2 more 7 Completer cards, but Joey doesn't think he'll draw them. Keith draws a card, then secretly pulls out another 7 Completer card from under his wristband, which Pegasus notices. Keith plays it to raise the Slot Machine's attack power, making it (( 2700/3000 )). Yugi says that it'll soon be strong enough to beat the Red-eyes. Keith than plays Blast Sphere (( 2900/1400 NOTE:: it's actually 1400/1400 in the real game)) and attaches it to the Red-eyes saying that it would explode at the end of his turn dealing 2900 points of damage to the Red-eyes which would destroy it. He ends his turn and then the Blast Sphere starts to explode, Joey quickly flipping a card over just as it explodes. Keith thinks he destroyed it, but it still stands there, unharmed, it now being (( 3400/2400 )) for some reason. Joey reveals his Dragon Nails card which raises his Red-eyes attack power by 600 points. This made Keith's Life points go down to 400 since there is a 500 attack point difference between the Blast Sphere and Red-eyes. Keith than pulls out his 3rd 7 Completer card from under his wrist band and adds it to the Slot Machine's attack power, making it (( 3400/3000 )) even with the Red-eyes (( 3400/2400 )). Joey thinks about the Shield and Sword magic card, but knowing it would only help Keith, so he draws a card, and you see he got an idea and plays it face down and ends his turn. Keith says he would end the duel with the Piliger magic card which made Joey show his hand and allow Keith to steal one card from it. The cards being Armored Lizard (( 1500/1200 )) Rock Ogre Grotto #1 (( 800/1200 )), Shield and Sword and Lava Battleguard (( 1550/1800 I wonder Joey never gave it back to Tristan?)) Keith takes the Shield and Sword magic card and plays it, switching the attack and defense of their monsters, the Slot machine now being (( 3000/3400 )) and Red-eyes being (( 2400/3400 )). Keith attacks with Slot Machine and destroys the Red-eyes. However, when the smoke clears, Keith sees that Joey had a Graverobber trap and used to steal his Time Machine trap. Keith, realizing what the Time Machine could do, is now afraid. Joey uses the Time Machine to bring back the Red-eyes the way it was one turn ago, returning it to (( 3400/2400 )) before Shield and Sword was played and attacks and destroys the Slot Machine bringing Keith's Life points down to 0, Joey winning the duel. However, Keith says that Joey should be disqualified since the card Joey had wasn't his. Joey explains how Mai gave it to him and asks how Keith knew it wasn't his, making Keith speechless. Pegasus steps in saying that it was obvious Keith stole Joey's card so he couldn't duel and then explains how he saw Keith pulled out the 7 Completer cards from under his wristband and disqualified him and had him taken away. Pegasus congratulates Joey on winning, but Keith comes running back and leaps over to Pegasus, holding a gun to his head ((in the U.S. version, the gun is cut out, making it look like Keith is pointing his finger)). Bandit Keith demands the prize money or he'd shoot him, Pegasus being all sarcastic saying to let him recover from the paralyzing fear, Keith saying he'd count to 3. Pegasus simply counts to 3 quickly, pushing a button on he floor, opening a trap door under Keith which he falls through into the water. Joey and Yugi now look at eachother, realizing that now they would have to duel one eachother.....End of episode.

Gil Randall


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