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YuGiOh Episode Guide 

Keith's Machinations

Part 1

The episode begins with Mai now leaving the arena, having surrendered her battle to Yugi. Now it was announced for Joey and Bandit Keith to duel, however, as Joey steps out onto the arena, he finds Keith lying on the sofa by the arena, all smug since he had stolen Joey's card to qualify him to duel. When Joey searches his jacket for his card, he finds it missing ((unknowing that Keith had stolen it)) and goes off to find it, but Croquet ((chief of security)) informs him that they would not delay the duel and only had 5 minutes to find his card or he would be disqualified. Joey quickly rushes back to his room to search for his card while Keith is busy thinking that Joey will never find it since he stole it, but then gets informed by Croquet that he wasn't in the dueling arena by the appointed time, then he too, would be disqualified. Joey searches his entire room for the card, but doesn't find it, waiting outside the door to the arena, thinking that he failed his sister, Serenity and that he would never get the prize money to help her, until Mai suddenly shows up. After a bit of talking, Mai gives Joey a hankerchief to dry his tears and starts to walk away. When Joey opens the hankerchief he finds the card that would get him the prize money inside. He asks if he and Mai were friends now, but Mai tells him that he has a duel to win and to help his sister. After he leaves, she says that they were friends, of course. Joey shows up just in time and shows his card, much to Keith's shock. Croquet that announces that the duel will begin. Bandit Keith starts to act cocky, asking Joey how it felt to be up against the Intercontinental Champion. Joey of course, not being that much afraid at first. After they each draw their cards, Bandit Keith puts a monster in defense mode. Joey does the same thing. Bandit Keith makes a remark saying that the match wouldn't be exciting if they just played defense, so he changes his monster into attack mode, revealing Pendulum Machine (( 1750/2000 )) much to everyone's surprise. Keith has it attack Joey's face down card which, if looked at close enough is Battle Warrior (( 700/1000 )) and it gets destroyed. Tristan doesn't think it looks good, but Yugi doesn't think it was that bad. Bakura agrees saying that Joey could see how powerful the Pendulum Machine was and he could beat it by playing something stronger. Joey plays Giltia The D. ((Dark)) Knight in attack mode (( 1850/1500 )) and uses his Soul Spear attack on the Pendulum Machine, but it doesn't work, much to everyone's surprise. Bandit Keith then explains that machine monsters were not affected by magic attacks. Bandit Keith plays Launcher Spider (( 2200/2500 )) and destroys Giltia The D, Knight, reducing Joey's Life points to 1650. Joey then plays one card face down and a monster in defense mode. Bandit Keith thinks that if Joey keeps putting monsters in defense mode than he couldn't hit his life points. So he comes up with a way to get Joey to attack him. He says that he'll play one card face down and is going to play a monster in defense mode, but purposely drops onto the console long enough for a slight image to appear. He picks it up, saying for Joey to forget what he saw and places it face down. Tea says that it looked disgusting, with Tristan adding in that it wasn't metal. Joey knows that the card is Zoa (( 2600/1900 )) and that his Flame Swordsman could beat it (( 1800/1600 )) so he plays his Flame Swordsman in attack mode and adds the Salamandra card to raise its attack power by 700 points, making it (( 2500/1600 )). While this is going on, Tristan is happy, seeing that Joey came up with something, but Yugi has doubts about it, saying that Zoa had a higher attack than a defense with Bakura saying that since its attack is higher than its defense, than it would be pointless to have it in defense mode, Tea finishing by saying that Keith showed Zoa on purpose. Too late to get warned, Joey attacks the face down card, but Bandit Keith reveals his trap card, Magic Metal Force, which changes Zoa into Metalzoa which is 400 attack and defense points stronger, making it (( 3000/2300 )). Joey isn't too worried, until Keith says that the metal could deflect all magic attacks back to where they came from, which sent the Flame Swordsman's attack back at him, reducing Joey's Life points, making it 1150. Then Bandit Keith says that he was going to go after Joey's defense monster. He uses Stop Defense to reveal the monster in attack mode, revealing the Axe Raider (( 1700/1150 )) and attacks with Metalzoa, when suddenly it falls into a hole. Joey reveals his trap card that he played, the Chasm of Spikes card, which destroyed Metalzoa and reduced a quarter of its attack power from Keith's Life points, lowering it to 1250. Yugi explains that Joey might've found the way to beat Keith's machine monsters, by using trap cards instead of always attacking. Joey plays a card face down and says it's a trap card, but Keith thinks he's bluffing, then Joey changes Axe Raider back to defense mode Garoozis in attack mode (( 1800/1500 )) and destroys the Pendulum Machine, lowering Keith to 1200. Keith then attacks with Launcher Spider, thinking Joey didn't have a trap card, but is proved wrong when Joey reveals Kunai With Chain which raised Garoozis attack power by 500 points making it (( 2300/1500 )) and destroys the Launcher Spider, lowering Keith to 1100. Everyone is happy that Joey is ahead by a little bit, but Keith simply laughs, calling Joey an amateur and that duel was only getting started, ending the episode by saying that nobody would make a fool out of him....... Too be continued

Gil Randall


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