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YuGiOh Episode Guide 

Episode Guide - Dungeon Dice Monsters, Part 3

Hey, just sending in an episode guide. Hope to write some more in the future
and by the way do you mind if I put cutouts? They're at the bottom of the
page. thanks in advance ~ Yugia Veedragon

Dungeon Dice Monsters Pt.3

With Yugi down to two heart points, the King of Games begins to search for a
way out of his dilemma. As Duke taunts Yugi, confident that the duel is
about to be finished, Yugi uses his Help Screen to discover how to activate
his Thunderball's special attack. Rolling two Magic crests, Yugi activates
the four magic crests, along with two in his crest pool, to activate the
Rolling Crush and destroy both Duke's Blast Lizard and his Gator Dragon.

Outside the shop, Solomon Moto has decided to check out the competition and
is surprised to see the crowd gathered out front. Pushing his way to the
front of the crowd, he finds the TV screen broadcasting Yugi's duel with
Duke. Startled that his grandson is duelling against his rival, Solomon
decides to hang about and watch the rest of the match unfold( and watch the

Back at the arena, an impressed Duke congratulates Yugi on his ability to
use the Help Screen, but warns him that he is still not good enough to
defeat the creator of the game. However Yugi reminds Duke that he has
already defeated Pegasus, the creator of Duel Monsters, so Duke should still
watch out.

As Duke rolls two Attack crests and a Movement crest, He passes back to Yugi
who successfully rolls for a Level 2 Summon, releasing the Knight of Twin
Swords. Storing his extra movement crest, Duke congratulates Yugi on
learning to store his crests to use them later.

As play passes to Duke, the crest pools of each player are revealed, and
while Yugi has 1 movement crest, 5 attack crests and 4 defence crests, Duke
has 7 movement crests and 2 attack crests. As Duke begins his turn, he is
impressed to see that Yugi is using his help screen once again and is
surprised that his opponent is picking up the rules so quickly(yea you
better be surprise!!).

Releasing the Battle Ox, Duke moves it forwards four spaces and orders it to
attack Yugi's Knight. But as the Ox makes its attack, Yugi switches his
Knight to defence mode, meaning that the Knight takes 20 damage but is still
left with 10 hit points. As Duke passes back to Yugi, he uses two attack
crests to activate his Knight's ability to use the its Twin Swords,
destroying the Battle Ox.

However as Yugi and his friends begin to believe that the King of Games may
have a chance to win, Duke begins to laugh, explaining that his last move
was more than just about summoning a monster onto the board. As Yugi studies
the board, Duke points out that his own path now spreads all the way across
the board and, as Yugi's path is unable to cross it, Yugi has become blocked
off, although he can still risk using Duke's dungeon path if he wants
to(oooh bad Duke!! Bad!!!).

As the Dice Automator dispenses Duke's dice, Duke is pleased to see that the
Automator has given him a black die. As Duke rolls two Summon crests, he
releases the black die to reveal a Warp Vortex. Duke explains to Yugi that
when two Warp Vortexes are played on the board, monsters can pass through it
to move quickly across the board.

As Yugi worries over this latest revelation, Duke warns him that when he
rolls his second black die summoning he will place the Vortex by Yugi's
heart points, giving him easy access to destroy him. On Yugi's roll, he
successfully summons the Strike Ninja, a monster with the ability to move
three spaces for each movement crest used.

Unfazed by this latest play, Duke is pleased to see that the Automator has
dispensed his second black die, but as he makes his roll not one of the dice
comes up with a summon crest. However when it was Yugi's turn, his Automator
also dispenses a black die (YAY!!!). As Yugi makes his roll, he successfully
releases a second Warp Vortex. Playing it onto his side of the board, Yugi
moves the Strike Ninja through the Vortex and uses it to destroy Duke's

As Duke's roll fails to provide him with a summoning, Yugi rolls a Movement
crest and a another Movement crest. Activating both, he positions the Ninja
in front of Duke's heart points and attacks, eliminating the first of Duke's
heart points (Ninja: Die!!!!!). A little something you might want to know,
in the japenese version the ninja could talk!! Too bad he can't in the WB
version, sucks!!

Although Duke seems pleased to see Yugi is not the washout he first thought,
he is still determined to crush his rival as he summons the powerful Orgoth
the Relentless. However as Duke activates two magic crests in order for
Orgoth to attack, Yugi scours the help screen for advice. As the smoke from
Orgoth's attack clears, Duke is horrified to discover that Yugi has been
able to use a trap crest to dodge the attack.

With Yugi's Strike Ninja still on the board, he uses it to destroy a second
of Duke's heart points, taking Yugi into the lead. However as Orgoth attacks
again, Yugi realises that he has no more trap crests and is unable to avoid
the attack.

With Yugi's Ninja destroyed, Duke prepares to take control once more with
his most powerful monster. What will happen next? Will Duke win or will Yugi

Cutouts: I'm surprise WB cut this out. Solomon was watching the screen again
yelling at Yugi not to give up, unfortunitely he was blocking the screen and of the guys in the group threw a can at his head!! That's one
cutout and then the Ninja not talking which was suppose to be.

Yugia Veedragon


    Yugi activates Thunderball's effect, but cannot reach Duke's heart points.  Devlin reveals that the only way Yami Yugi can reach his heart points is if he crosses his path.  But then he plays a vortex.  He says it will bring his monsters to Yugi's life points.  But Yugi plays his own, and strike ninja wipes away one of Duke's hearts.  Then another.  But a stronger monster(Organt the relentless)destroys it.  To be continued... - John L.


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