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YuGiOh Episode Guide 

Episode Guide - The Legendary Heroes, Part 1

With Mokuba by his side, Kaiba is giving the Big 5 of Kaiba Corp a piece of
his mind for forming an alliance with Pegasus. They attempt to make exuses,
and say it was all a plan to help Kaiba Corp and not Pegasus. Kaiba won't
listen to them, and is about to fire them all when one of them announces
that Kaiba's has prized invention, an interactive Duel Monsters Video Game,
has been completed in his absence and is now ready to be released.

Kaiba is excited about this announcement, and goes to play the game himself.
Mokuba is worried that it might be a trap. Kaiba reassures him that
everything in the game was programmed by himself, so there's nothing the Big
Five could do. Kaiba arrives at the game pod and enters. Suddenly, he
appears in the game world, and everything seems to be working fine. Kaiba is
pleased with how it has all come along. He see's a dragon monster and
summons the Blue Eyes White Dragon, which destroys the dragon. But then, the
Armed Ninja appears. Kaiba is astonished - He never programmed this into the
game. The ninja traps Kaiba in a net.

The Big 5 look on, enjoying this immensely. They have re-programmed the
game. Now they de-activate it with Kaiba inside, and finish him for good.
Mokuba escapes and runs to Yugi's. After he explains the situation, Yugi and
co. head off with him to save Kaiba. They get to the game world via
prototype pods at Kaiba's lab. Tristan and Tea stay behind on lookout, as
there are only 3 pods (Mokuba brins Kaibas deck with him). The Big 5 sense
the entrance into the game via the mainframe at Kaiba Corp HQ, and send
their guards round to shut it down.

In the game world, the group are astonished by how real everything looks. As
they explore, they come across a graveyard, and are attacked by an Armored,
Clown and Dragon Zombie. Mokuba shows them how to summon their monsters, and
they attack together. However, the monsters are revived with even more
attack power, as a Call of the Graveyard is in play. Joey's Flame Swordsman
is destroyed and he loses 150 Life Points. He then uses the Sword and Shield
to completely wipe away their attack points, allowing them to be destroyed.
The team each receive 5 points for their trouble, and find a fairy which
leads them to a desert town.

They question the townspeople, and Mokuba finds out that a prisoner was seen
being taken away to a mountain on the far side of the desert. As they
attempt to cross though, a huge sandstorm blows them right back to town. A
man tells them they will need a special card to cross the desert (I'm very
sorry, but I really forgot it's name) They go to search for the card, and
find a sign which advertises it as a tournament prize. At the arena, they
learn that its a duel with the champion - to the death. Zero Life Points
that is. Joey agrees to risk it, even though he has less LP than the others.
He is given a ridiculous pig outfit to wear, and is then taunted and jeered
by the crowd as he steps into the arena. The female champion, Madame
Butterfly, is carried out to cheers from the crowd. She leaps from her stand
to begin the duel....



Legendary Heroes: Part 1
Kaiba has returned from Duellist’s Kingdom, freed from Pegasus’s grip, and now he has a bone to pick with the Big 5 for joining up with Pegasus. They claim they were merely trying to save Kaiba and Mokuba by starting a fake partnership with Pegasus. Mokuba doesn’t believe them, but Kaiba does and they tell Kaiba that his virtual reality game pods are now ready and Kaiba goes to test one of the 5 prototypes, while the Big 5 prepare for their master plan.

Kaiba goes into the pod and inserts his duelling deck into the hard-drive deck-reader and his soul is sent to the virtual world, where he finds the first monster, the Two-headed King Rex and summons Blue Eyes to destroy it. Suddenly a Dragon Capture Jar traps his dragon and an Armed Ninja captures Kaiba. The pod starts sending sparks and Kemo (now working for the Big 5) and several other guards come for Mokuba. Taking Kaiba’s deck and escaping through an air vent, he narrowly escapes.
The scene moves to the gang, who are at the game store, where Joey is asking Grandpa to put his cards on Tristan’s tab because his own is maxed out. Suddenly, Mokuba appears at the door, pleading for help. Mokuba explains that 5 pods were made and to save Kaiba they must battle through it. They decide to go and help.

When they get there, one pod is missing. Joey, Yugi and Mokuba (who is using Kaiba’s deck0 go in to save Kaiba. They arrive at a graveyard and meet the three zombies from Bones’s deck and summon Rude Kaiser and Dark Magician from Yugi and Kaiba’s deck. Not remembering their immortality power, Joey attacks and loses 150 life points. Yugi reminds Joey of his duel with Bones and Joey uses Shield and Sword to beat them.

Joey’s life points don’t go up again and they realise that they must survive the whole virtual world with only 2,000 life points each. They also get a score card for 5 token points each. They try to escape before more zombies attack and see a small fairy. It goes to a town and loses them. They go to the town and realise they use the token points to buy cards.
They look around to find out where Kaiba is an old lady tells Mokuba she saw Kaiba being taken to an old temple across a desert, while Joey is chased by virtual dogs.
They go across the desert and get blown back to the town, where an old man tells them that they need a New Atori card to cross safely. They see a sign for a contest against the champion, Madam Butterfly with New Atori as the prize card.

The master of the stadium, a large green goblin (possibly a monster) gives Joey a battle costume (a cape and pig mask) to duel in. When Joey goes out, he is criticised by the audience, with Yugi and Mokuba cheering him on.

The champion, Madam Butterfly is brought out, wearing a butterfly mask and cape. Joey notices that she is very familiar and gets ready to duel. - Richard Kee


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