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YuGiOh Episode Guide 

The Wrath of Rebecca - Part 1.

part one:

after yugi and his friends get back from beating pegasus he goes to his grandpas then a little girl named rebecca comes up and accuses yugi's grandpa of stealing her grandpaws blue eyes white dragon card naturraly joey thinks she is a spoiled brat but she is realy one of the top duelists even though she is only eight then yugi dules her but his grandpaw thinks the dule is going exactelly the way a duel with rebeccas grandpaw did - Jamesnbarrie


The wrath of Rebecca

Mokuba, Seto, & Yugi's grandpa are revived. Seto & Mokuba let Yugi & his friends ride back with them.  Back in the city, Yugi is talking to his grandpa when a mysterious girl with a teddy bear walks up to them claiming Yugi's grandpa (i'll call him grandpa), stole her Blue Eyes White Dragon. Her name's Rebecca. She is also the U.S.  dueling champion. She drags everyone to Kaiba Land (an amusement park) to duel. They find a spot. Yugi said he would take his grandpa's place in battle. Rebecca called it the Battle of the Titans.  She started with Witch of the Black Forest. Yugi played Celtic Guardian, & destroyed WOTBF. Rebecca  sarcastically pretended to be shocked (She's only 8 years old, & she acts child-like). WOTBF allowed her to get a monster with an attack of 1500 or lower from her deck. She played Sangan.Celtic Guardian beat it again. She got another card. She played Tribute to the Doomed, getting rid of Celtic Guardian. Yugi played Summoned Skull. Meanwhile, grandpa is getting flashbacks of a duel with almost the exact same cards played. His opponent was Arther Hawkins.  Rebecca played Millenium Shield (0/3000). She played Ring of Magnetism lowering MS's def. to 2500. Finally, she played Cannon Soldier. Yugi tried to attack Cannon Soldier, but Ring of Magnetism directed it to Millenium Shield. Rebecca admitted she is the granddaughter of Arther Hawkins, & grandpa stoled his Blue Eyes. She played another WOTBF, & powered up her Cannon soldier, & attacked Yugi's Summoned Skull........
To be continued

- Woodbridge4ever


Yugi and friends are walking when a girl named Rebbecca shows up. She sais that yugi's grampa stole the blue eyes and she wants it back. She wants to duel grampa in Kaiba land, but yugi duels instead. He doesn't turn yugioh this duel.

Rebecca plays black forest wich and uses her effect to search her deck with a mon. with low attack. She destroys yugi's celtic guardian by discarding a card from her hand and she plays a monster card face down defense. Yugi plays summoned skull and attacks the def. monster.It is Sangan.
Rebbecca uses sangan to search her deck for another mon. She plays it face down def. Summoned skull attacks the card which is millenium shield. 0atk 3000def. Rebecca plays cannon soldier in attack, and equips millenium shield with Ring of magnetism. Summoned skull attacks cannon soldier, but the ring of magnetism makes him attack millenium shield. Grandpa remembers that he dueled this exact same duel with a friend in Egypt. Rebecca plays black forest witch and uses cannon soldier's effect to sacrifice black forest witch and takes away 500 of Yugi's lifepoints. She searches her deck for a monster, and then it ends when she says," Your going to loose Yugi."

Jaden Haymes


This is for the Episode Guide under The Wrath of Rebecca Part 1...
OK, this is what I have. Hope it's good. Seto Kyba, Mocuba, and Yu Gi's Grandpa souls have been released, and the Kyba brothers have been reunited. So now Yu Gi, Joey, Tea, Tristen, and Bakura get to go home. When they get there, Yu Gi, goes straight to the hospital to get his Grandpa back, and are reunited. At the same time, this girl named Rebecca shows up and demands for her Blue Eyes, White Dragon back, and she believes that Yu Gi's Grandpa stole it from her years ago, and claims that she is the ultimate champion, but Grandpa denies it ( one, because it was a gift, and two, because it was torn in half, but he doesnt get the chance to tell her that). So she demands to have a duel for it. Yu Gi agrees. So they go to Kyba Land (don't ask) to arange a duel. Once inside the arena, they begin ( i dont remember how the duel went). Towards the end of the show, Yu Gi's stuck and has only 1100 life points left. I wonder how he will get out of this one..................Gabrielle ;-)


Episode Guide - The Wrath of Rebecca, Part 1

The gang are back from the Duelist Kingdom. With his soul released from
captivity, Yugi's Grandpa has awoken from his slumber in the hospital. He is
helped back home, but when they arrive they are greeted by a very angry
looking girl. She reveals herself as Rebecca, and American girl, and demands
the Blue Eyes White Dragon, which she claims Mr. Motou stole from her

Nobody can quite bring themselves to tell her the truth about the Blue Eyes'
fate at the hands of Seto Kaiba. When nobody says anything, she gets even
madder and demands a duel. Yugi is outraged, saying his grandfather can't
possibly duel the same day he got out of hospital. Yugi will duel in his
place. (It is, after all, his grandfathers deck) Rebecca agrees, and they
begin inside.

Rebecca is quick to show Yugi that no matter how young she is, she can duel.
She puts a Millenium Shield (0/3000) into play, and equips it with a Ring of
Magnetism. While this is equipped on a monster, that monster must be
destroyed before any others of its controller can be. (It would normally
decrease a monsters attack by 500, but the Millenium Shield has no attack
anyway) She then puts down a Cannon Soldier, which she can use to tribute
one of her monsters for 500 Life Points damage to Yugi. Despites its low
power, Yugi can't destroy it until he can defeat the Millenium Shield. 2
turns later he is down to 1000 Life Points, with Rebecca ready to tribute
more monsters for another 1000 damage....

Guardian -



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