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YuGiOh Episode Guide 


Yugi, Tea, Joey and Tristan start off the episode running through the castle after Pegasus, who had ran away after losing to Yugi. Tea stopped in her tracks, and looked up at a tower. She and Tristan both remembered going into there, despite their minds where "erased" by Yami Bakura's ring.
Meanwhile, in that tower, Pegasus was in a state of depression. He didn't have much of a point to keep the souls (Yugi's Grandfather, Seto Kaiba and Mokuba) he trapped, plus he was a man of his word, so he put them all back in their bodies. As it turns out, this whole thing, collecting the Millenium items and seizing control of Kaiba Corp, was all a plan to revive his dead wife, Cecelia... Poor guy.
However, Yami Bakura showed up in Pegasus' room. He wanted Pegasus' Millenium Eye.
After Yami Bakura checked out his past using some duel monster cards, the duel between the two comensed with them shooting energy at each other from thier Millenium items. Peagsus lost due to his eye not having enough energy after the duel with Yugi. Bakura simply walked up and reached for the eye...
The good guys meanwhile, where hurrying to the tower. They ran in only to see Pegasus' guards carrying a wounded Pegasus down the stars and out of the tower. The group went up to Pegasus' quarters and checked out the place. Joey and Tristan took eager notice of Cecelia's portrant, (heh) while Tea checked out Pegasus' diary.
It explains how Pegasus met Cecelia when they where children (Pegasus kinda looked like James from Team Rocket as a kid with silver hair) and how they eventually married... only for Cecelia to end up dead... Pegasus decided to go on a journey to find a way to restore her. He eventually made it to Egypt. There he met a mysterious man with the Millenium Key who lured him into a cave where a statue with impressions of the Millenium Items on it. The mystery guy put the Millenium Eye on Pegasus and found out he was choosen to keep it. Using the Eye, he was able to see Cecelia... but not keep her... By combined Kaiba Corp's technology, and the magic of the Millenium items, Pegasus hoped to revive Cecelia.
Tea put the book down as Yugi noticed the soul cards that housed Seto, Mokuba and his grandpa where blank. They decided to go check out if their souls really were put back. Yugi was the last to reach the stairs, and before he could desend the stairs, that strange man with the Key appeared before him. The guy apperently found out Pegasus' eye was stolen, so he was looking for the thief, and he's starting with Yugi...
The guy used the key to tap into Yugi's mind. The guy was in a hallway with two doors. One lead to a playroom with toys, (someone needs to get a housekeeper... O_o) it represents innosense and purity, while the other one lead to a cold dark room with Yami in it. The guy apperently believes Yami is the thief, but Yami stated he has nothing to hide. The mystery man insitied on checking his mind, so Yami opened all the doors... in a really whacked out chamber! It looked kind of like that painting of all those doors and stairs on the walls and celeings. All the doors the guy tried ended up to be a trap. Soon he choose one door where the floor broke under his feet. He quickly grabbed the ledge just in time. After hanging from the ledge for a whole commercial break, Yugi pulled him up. A door opened up which lead to a hall of giant stone tablets with monsters on them. As it turned out, duel monsters started out in anicent Egypt using real magic and real monsters eventually, the monsters where sealed within the tablets...
Just then, the Dark Magician appeared to attack Yugi and the guy. The mystery guy was going to use a Blue Eyes White Dragon tablet to take on the Dark Magician, but Yugi instead talked to the Dark Magician and asked for it not to attack them. The Dark Magician stopped and left. The mystery guy thought to himself that only the great Pharoh of Egypt could control him, making him realize that from this, Yugi was the choosen one...
In the real world, mystery guy put down the key and apologized to Yugi. It turns out in anicent Egypt, some bad guys where trying to take the items and unleash great chaos from them. And now they're trying to do it again. The guy disappered, saying that only Yugi could stop the one who took the Millenium Eye. His also said his name is Shadi... great, he waited until NOW to say his name? Doggone it, it could've saved me the trouble of typing mystery guy over and over. >_<;;;

- Lance Freeland


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