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YuGiOh Episode Guide 

YuGi vs. Pegasus Part 5

Yami, as I said last time is in big trouble. The Shienbakuda will explode in two turns, and once it does, it'll take out the Dark Magician with it. Because Yugi collasped, Yami couldn't switch minds to prevent Pegasus' mind reading. Yami was about to give up hope, but then Yugi's Grandfather appeared to tell Yami that Yugi is still there. Yugi's devotion to his friends keeps his soul alive.
Meanwhile, outside of the shadow orb thingie, Tea and the others consentrated in an attempt to help Yami out. Sure enough, when Pegasus tried to read the next card Yami drew, the picture was blocked off by Tea, Joey and Trsitan! (wOoT!) Yami then played the Mystic Box card, which sealed in the Dark Magician and Shienbakuda. The boxes swapped places, freeing the Dark Magician and trapping Shienbakuda within Relinqused! ^_^
There was nothing Pegasus could do this turn, so he passed. Yami then played Brain Control to take control of Relinqused. Pegasus simply grinned and said that Shienbakuda would explode this turn and take out all of Yami's life points... However, Yami flipped the card that Yugi had put all his energy into playing...

The Dark Magic Ritual!

Yami sacrified the Dark Magician and Shienbakuda to summon, the Magician of Black Chaos 2800/2600! (cool, the name was undubbed!) Pegasus however, planned to take the Chaos Magician the next turn. Yami played a card face down, but Pegasus couldn't see it thanks to Tea and the others blocking it. Yami also played a defense monster face down. Brain Control's affect ended, so Relinqused went back to Pegasus' side. Pegasus then played Polymerization and the Thousand Eyes Idol. He combined then with Relinqused to create the Thousand Eyes Restrict 0/0. What an eyefull... o_o;
Outside the shadow realm, Joey, Trsitan and Tea all consentrated to tell Yugi that they all have faith in him to win.
After a few more eye jokes from Pegasus, all the eyes opened up and paralized not only the Chaos Magician, but the defense card as well. Pegasus tried to suck in the Chaos Magician, but instead sucked in the defense card Yami played... Kuriboh! Yami also had played that Multipy card, which cloned a whole bunch of the furry little swirly eyed guys, cute. @.@
Thousand Eyes tried to absorb the Kuriboh, but ended up with Kuriboh all over him! Heh heh... fuzzy...
The Kuribohs self-destructed, stopping Thousand Eyes from using them as a shield and also blinding him in the process. Yami lost 300 life points and was now down to 100. After that, all it took was one blast from the Magician of Black Chaos to destroy Thousand Eyes Restrict and finally beat Pegasus! (Major wOoTness!)
Yami changed back to Yugi who was now all right. Pegasus mentally told himself the obvious, that he and his eye had failed, and Cecelia he was sorry...
Yugi and Yami high fived as the dark orb thingie disappered. Tea, Joey and Tristan ran over to congradulate Yugi... actully Joey tried to think of something to say, but Tea and Tristan kept interrupting him. :-p Everyone turned to confront Pegasus, but he had ran away...
**crashes down**
Bakura had woken up just then. Tristan told what happened to him. He watched Mokuba as the others went off in persuit of Pegasus. Back up in the balcony, Yami Bakura grinned. He decided Mokuba's body would be worthless, and as the Millenium Ring glowed, he plotted to himself to take Pegasus' Millenium Eye... - Lance Freeland


Season 3
Episode 12
"Yugi V Pegasus - Match of the Millennium"

Hi, I'm Kokuei and this is my first Yu-Gi-Oh review.

Recap:  Yugi has fainted from the stress of mentally maintaining his monsters in the Shadow Realm.  Yugi's friends are cut off from him, unable to break through the Shadow dome -- they just come out the other side.  Yami believes Yugi is dead, and has taken over to avenge him, although it means he can no longer Mind Shuffle.  Yugi played a face down card before passing out, and neither Pegasus nor Yami knows what it is.  Pegasus has Jigu Bakandan, a time bomb monster, and Relinquished with the captured Dark Magician on the field.  Yami only has Yugi's face down card.

Yami is furious at Pegasus because he thinks Yugi is dead.  Outside the dome, Téa, Triston and Joey decide to focus their energy to try and reach Yugi and help him.  They are worried he has been hurt because they can't feel his energy.

Yugi's grandfather appears to Yami and tells him not to worry, that Yugi is being kept alive by the undying devotion of his friends.  Yami draws another card and Pegasus, knowing they can no longer use Mind Shuffle, tried to read Yami's mind, but finds that he can't.  Téa, Triston and Joey are standing in front of it and blocking Pegasus' magic.  Téa is holding Yugi's unconscious form and Joey tells Pegasus to get out of Yugi's head.  They tell him that Yugi's friends are going to help him win and defeat the magic of the Millennium Eye.  Yami thanks them and plays the card, Mystic Box, switching Dark Magician and Jigu Bakandan, trapping the time bomb inside Relinquished and freeing the Magician. 

Pegasus draws and declares he can't do anything, passing up his turn.

Yami plays Brain Control, taking Relinquished under his control for one turn, the turn on which Jigu Bakandan will explode.  He finally flips Yugi's card, a Ritual card.  Sacrificing Jigu Bakandan and Dark Magician, he creates Magician of Black Chaos, the strongest Magician in Duel Monsters.

Pegasus is a bit thrown, but recovers quickly, declaring that now that Relinquished is back under the proper control, the Magician cannot stop him.  Yami plays two cards face down, a monster and a magic, and ends his turn. 

Pegasus fuses Relinquished with Thousand Eyes Idol, creating Thousand Eyes Restrict, status 0/0 (Restrict?  Where did that come from?).  He tells Thousand Eyes Restrict to open its eyes and paralyzes the Magician of Black Chaos, plus whatever monster Yami played face down.  He now tells Thousand Eyes to absorb the Magician, but Yami flips his monster and magic cards - Kuriboh and Multiply.  The Kuriboh are absorbed instead and explode, blinding the Thousand Eyes, freeing the Magician, and bringing Yami down to 100 LP.  Since Kuriboh were absorbed, Thousand Eyes now has a status of 300/0.  Yami tells the Magician to destroy it, and thus wins the duel.

Yugi apparently wakes up, because when he raises his head it's the little Yugi, not Yami, who tells Pegasus he is defeated and must free the Kaiba brothers and his grandfather.  The Shadow Realm clears up, and Yugi's friends praise him for the spectacular win.  They want to go off and look for Pegasus but are reluctant to leave Bakura and Mokuba when Bakura wakes up and calls down to them.  They tell him his Ring made him act odd and that now, if he's back to normal, would he look after Mokuba for them?  He says he will, but as soon as they leave the Ring reappears.  Bakura leaves to find Pegasus first and take his Eye, leaving Mokuba alone on the balcony.



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