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YuGiOh Episode Guide 

Legendary Heroes Part 3

Season 3, Episode 18: Legendary Heroes, Part 3

Joey, Mai, Yugi, and the fairy, head up to the castle on the flying machine.
They do battle with thousands of Duel Monsters. The fairy saves Yugi, but is
defeated in the process. Yugi then transforms. He uses Swords of Revealing
Light to stop all the monsters. The ship explodes, but they escape into the

Meanwhile, the Witty Phantom brings Mokuba to Kaiba. Mokuba uses
Swordstalker to free Kaiba. He then gives Kaiba's deck to him. Kaiba uses a
Blue-Eyes White Dragon to destroy the Witty Phantom. A Dragon Capture Jar
comes, but Kaiba destroys it with the Trap Master, releasing his other

Joey, Yugi, and Mai are walking through a forest in the castle, and are
attacked by a bunch of bug monsters. Yugi uses Mirror Force to destroy them,
but the ground catches on fire, and awakens three Great Moths. Yugi uses his
Catapult Turtle to launch a Kuriboh, and then uses Multiply to make
thousands of them. They take down the three Great Moths. They go into a
hall, and are almost hit by an attack from above. It turns out to be White
Lightning from Kaiba's Blue-Eyes, to get through the roof. The Big 5 (the 5
who caused the whole thing) congratulates them for getting to the last
level. Kaiba claims that they already won, because the Mythic Dragon was not
summoned. The Big 5 summon it anyway, and Kaiba, Yugi, Joey, Mai, and Mokuba
must face off against it. The five-headed dragon has 5000 attack. Mai plays
her Harpies Lady Sisters, but they are paralyzed, because the field is a
dragon only field. Mai summons her Harpies Pet Dragon, Joey summons the
Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Kaiba summons a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and Yugi
summons his Curse of Dragon.

They attack the Mythic Dragon, but it is a
standoff. The Big 5 then try to destroy Mokuba, because he has no dragon to
protect him. Joey instructs his Red-Eyes to block the attack. Joey loses all
of his Life Points, and is defeated. Mai becomes enraged, and attacks by
herself. She is also defeated. Yugi uses the Black Luster Ritual to summon
the Black Luster Soldier. However, it cannot attack, since it is not a
dragon. Yugi tells Kaiba to summon his Ultimate Dragon, but Kaiba says he
will win without Yugi's help. The Big 5 then attack Kaiba himself, but
Mokuba takes the blast. Mokuba is defeated. Kaiba is shaking with anger, and
agrees to go along with Yugi's plan. Kaiba summons his Ultimate Dragon, and
Yugi fuses it with his Luster Soldier, to form a powerful monster, the
Dragon Master (I don't remember its exact name). The Dragon Master absorbs
power from all the dragons ever played on the field, raising its attack to
9000! Kaiba then attacks, and destroys the Mythic Dragon. The two of them
are then transported to the city, where the princess is waiting. She tells
them that such brave heroes should not have to experience the pain of losing
their friends. She turns into the Mystical Elf, and brings back Joey, Mai,
and Mokuba. They all leave the virtual world, and wake up in their pods.


A review for Legendary Heroes(Part 3)

The time warp from Joey's Time Wizard is successful at resurrecting the flying machine, and they take off to the cheers of the city. Eru, the fairy, goes with them. As they approach the castle, a swarm of Duel Monsters attacks them. They each use a monster to fend off this attack. At one point, Yugi is knocked over by a jarring attack on the machine itself. A monster goes for him, but Eru blinds it long enough for the Dark Magician to come to the rescue. Yugi stops the monsters cold with Swords of Revealing Light. Eru is badly hurt and dissolves into a number of glittering lights. Yugi is greatly upset by this, and uses the Puzzle to become Yami. The flying machine gets them through the barrier, but something attacks their ship, and Yami summons the Winged Dragon to keep them from falling. The episode now switches to Kaiba, still at the mercy of the Witty Phantom. The Phantom reveals the "other offering" who is (of

course) Mokuba. Mokuba uses the dueling system to summon Swordstalker to cut Kaiba free. He destroys the Phantom and escapes the place with Mokuba. The episode switches again to Yami, Joey and Mia. They end up fighting a bunch of Bug element monsters before reaching a cavern. They meet Kaiba there, and after he makes a remark about Joey's outfit, hear the KaibaCorp Five talking. They summon the fabled Mythic Dragon themselves. Everyone in the group(except Mokuba) summon a Dragon type monster and pit them against the Mythic Dragon. All attacks end in a draw. Then the Mythic Dragon attacks Mokuba. Joey blocks the hit with his Red-Eyes and his Life Points go down to 0. He dissolves just like Eru did. Then the same thing happens to Mia trying to protect somebody.

Finally, Mokuba pushes Kaiba out of the way to save him from another attack. With just Yugi and Kaiba left they pair up. Yugi summons the Black Luster Soldier and Kaiba his Ultimate Dragon. They fuse them into the Dragon Master Knight who destroys the Mythic Dragon. The game ends, and the princess (who is really the Mystical Elf) brings back their friends. The episode ends with everyone back to the real world and accounted for.

The Magician of Black Chaos


It turns out that the gang beat the whole game without doing battle with the mythical dragon.But then kaiba corp summoned it to kill kaiba and then the gang yugi,joey mai mokuba and kaiba engage into battle.When they fight the mythical dragon.Kaiba corp explains that only dragon type monsters can battle the mythical dragon.So mai uses harpies pet dragon. Then the mythical dragon destroys harpies pet dragon and mai.Then Kaiba uses polymerization to fuse all three blues eyes white dragons to make the blue eyes ultimate dragon.Then the mythical dragon attacks blue eyes ultimate dragon but mokuba gets in the way and dies.Then Yugi uses black luster soldier.But joey really quick uses red eyes black dragon but the mythical dragon destroys joey and red eyes.Then yugi uses polymerization to fuse black luster soldier and blue eyes ultimate dragon to make the master dragon knight(5000atk 5000def).Then the mythical dragon attacks the master dragon knight but kaiba gets in the way and dies.Then yugi attacks with the master dragon knight and destroys the mythical dragon.Then yugi mai mokuba kaiba and joey get back into the real world.Tristan and Tea are happy and kaiba kills the kaiba corp executives.



Legendary Heroes, Part 3
Mai, Joey, and Yugi find out that the only way into the Castle is with a flying machines used many centuries ago. It has become a fossil. Joey uses the Time Wizard to move backward in time a thousand years, and they take the machine into the air. On the way to the Castle, they meet up with a bunch of flying creatures. The only way to beat them all is with Harpie Lady, Dark Magician and Red Eyes Black Dragon. They make it into the castle, Yugi riding with Harpie Lady and Mai, and walk through the maze to Kaiba and Mokuba. They find out that they are being held captive by the Witty Phantom. Yugi lets them out, and with his deck back, Kaiba destroys the Witty Phantom with Blue Eyes White Dragon. They are then taken to the "Realm of Dragons" (or something like that) where only Dragon sub-types can attack. The 5-God Dragon is summoned by the men who captured Kaiba, and Joey summons REBD, Kaiba summons BEWD, Mai summons Harpies Pet Dragon, and Yugi summons Curse of Dragon. They combine their attacks and destroy it --- but it comes back. It destroys Harpies Pet Dragon, REBD, and Mokuba, taking out Joey and Mai's Life Points. Yugi then activates his Millenium Puzzle, and comes up with a plan. He summons the Black Lustre Soldier, and fuses it with Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon (3 BEWDs) to form the ultimate monster. It destroys the 5-God Dragon, and they leave the realm and go back to the town. The princess then becomes the Mystical Elf and brings back Joey, Mai, and Mokuba, not to mention the faerie. The group then goes back home, and Kaiba continues being a snot to Yugi.
The End!!
Mike A.K.A. Relinquished/G-Force


Yugi and his friends leave, but an attack from salamandra destroys Eorl and the flying machine!  They end up riding on Harpie Lady Sisters(1950ATK), and Yugi taps into the puzzle to become Yami Yugi.  On the castle, they find a forest growing.  Yami uses mirror force to defend against a swarm of Man Eater Bugs and killer needles.  Then he puts multiplying Korebo(300ATK,200DF)on a Catapult Turtle and wipes out the enemy.  
    Meanwhile, Mokuba gives Kaiba his deck back inside, and he uses remove trap(at least that's what I think it was, I missed that part) to free his Blue Eyes White that was in a Dragon Capture Jar.  The Blue Eyes White eliminates the Witty Phantom(1400ATK) and the Armed Ninja.
    The two groups meet, and think they have won.  But the other leaders of Kaiba Corp talk to them from outside, and summon the Mythic Dragon(5000 ATK, 4000 DF!)!  They say that only dragons can attack here.   A picture of Lord of Dragon is on the floor, and they find themselves inside a place inside the electricity chip.  They all summon their dragons, Kaiba laughing at how he had a BEUltimateD.  Yugi summoned Curse of Dragon(2000ATK), Mai Harpie's Pet Dragon(2000ATK), Joey Red Eyes Black Dragon(2400ATK), and Kaiba the obvious.  Mythic Dragon attacks a defenseless Mokuba, but Joey's Red Eyes takes the hit.  He disappeares, as he as 0 LP.  Yugi is going to do anything to make that sacrafice not in vain, but then the Mythic Dragon attacks Harpie's Pet Dragon, and Mai vanishes.Then the mythic dragon attacks Kaiba, but Mokuba blocked the blast, and vanished.  Kaiba screamed, and Yugi said that they had to work together to destroy the Mythic Dragon.  Kaiba is hesitant, but eventually agrees.  He fuses Blue Eyes Ultimate, and then Yugi sacrafices Gaia and Curse of Dragon to Ritual summon the Black Luster Soldier.  Then those two fuse to create the Luster Soldier Supreme Dragon Master(5000ATK/4000DF)whose attack power increases for every Dragon ever played on the field, making it uncountably off the chart.  In one attack, Mythic Dragon is destoyed.  The ground disappeares, and there is a short scene shown in the intro where the two fall in to darkness.
    At the victory party, the princess reveales herself to be the Mystical Elf.  She brings the others back to life, and they leave the virtual world.
    The workers for Kaiba Corp finallyentered the room Tea and Tristan were guarding.  They were about to deactivate the machine when the pods opened, and they all fled.

- John L.


Legendary Heroes Pt. 3

The gang board the flying machine and Joey drives it into the sky. Eru the fairy comes with them. They approach the Castle of Dark Illusions, where Kaiba is imprisoned by Witty Phantom. Mokuba arrives as the offering from Simlou in Adina’s place. He uses Kaiba’s Swordstalker to free Kaiba and Blue Eyes destroys Witty Phantom. Kaiba is attacked by Armed Ninjas and a Dragon Capture Jar. He uses Trap Master and frees the Blue Eyes they captured before. The 2 dragons destroy the ninjas. He is free. Meanwhile, Joey, Mai and Yugi are trying to make it past an army of flying monsters. Yugi plays Dark Magician, Joey uses Gilltia the Dark Knight and Mai summons Harpy Lady Sisters. Trying to help them, Eru fights the monsters herself, when… Eru is killed by the army. Yugi, upset and outraged, turns into Yami Yugi and plays Swords of Revealing Light. With the monsters paralyzed, they go to the castle.

They are attacked by a Salamandra and the machine is destroyed. They move on to a forest on the outside of the castle only to face the ultimate bug blitz. A Man Eater Bug eats Gilltia and Yugi uses Mirror Force to destroy them, the bugs set alight and the fire burns a hive of Cocoons of Evolution, which were in Defence Mode and weren’t affected, that hatch into Great Moths. Yugi plays Catapult Turtle and launches multiple Kuriboh at them. They are set on fire by the exploding Kuriboh and die. They meet with the Kaiba brothers and Kaiba says that by saving him, the game ended. But the Big 5 have one more alteration to mention… the Mythic Dragon will be automatically summoned anyway. They come face to face with the Dragon and Mai uses Harpy Lady Sisters, who cannot fight because of a Lord of D. image on the ground. Only Dragons can even move there. They Summon Curse of Dragon, Red Eyes, Blue Eyes and Harpy’s Pet Dragon.

The Mythic Dragon attacks Mokuba and Joey sends Red Eyes to block it. Joey is destroyed as his life points have run out. Furious, Mai attacks and is also destroyed. Yugi tells Kaiba to release Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon saying he has a plan. Kaiba will not listen and prepares to move, but is attacked. Mokuba realises the attack is aimed at Seto, not Blue Eyes and takes the hit. Kaiba tries to save him, but he dies. Finally, Kaiba agrees to Yugi’s strategy and Yugi uses Curse of Dragon and Gaia the Fierce Knight to create the amazing Black Luster Soldier by using Black Luster Ritual on them. He uses Polymerization on Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Black Luster Soldier to create the Dragon Master Knight. By taking power from the Dragons used already and the Mythic dragon itself, it gets 9000 ATK points, 4000 more than before and obliterates the Mythic Dragon. They have won. They appear in Simlou, and Princess Adina, who is really a Mystical Elf, brings back their friends. They leave the game and the Big 5 are fired by Kaiba.

- Richard Kee


Heroes of Legend Part 3

It starts off with Mai, Yugi and Joey congratualating each other as
Joey's Time Wizard made the flying machine work. Joey takes the wheel and
the 3 head off for the castle of dark illusions. Meanwhile, Tea and Tristan
are holding off the thugs. (I don't know how a boy and girl can hold off 5
bodyguards). As Joey, Yugi and Mai are flying they find a hoard of monsters
attacking them! Mai summons Harpie Lady (With the cyber shield it had Atk.
1800) Joey summoned Giltia the D. Knight Atk. 1850(which he calls dark
knight) and Yugi summons Dark Magician ( Atk. 2500) they destroy a few
monsters, but a crowd of mega thunderballs start exploding on the ship! Yugi
loses his balanca and falls down, and a stray whiptail crow comes to attack
him! Frotunately the Fairy ( I forgot her name) took the attack but was
killed in the process ( or digitized). The Dark Magician destroyed the
whiptail crow, Yugi played swords of Reavealing light to protect Him Joey
and Mai, and in his fit of rage transformed to Yami Yugi. As Joey thought
they were home free, they met the magical barrier that surrounded the castle
of illusions. But the ship's legend was said to be able to fly through it
(which it did). Then a salamandra attacked them and blew up the ship! Mai's
Harpy Lady destroyed it, and Yugi's Winged Dragon Guardian of the fortress
#1 (1400/1200) flew the to safety.
Kaiba was resting near the lava pool when his tormentor Witty Phantom
(1400 Atk.) came to reveal he captured Mokuba. As Mokuba came to, he
summoned Swordstalker (2000/1600) to cut Kaiba free and gave him his deck.
Kaiba then brought out his Blue Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500) and fried the
witty Phantom. Suddenly a hoarde of Armed Ninjas showed up and sent out the
same Dragon Capture Jar that caught one of Kaiba's Blue Eyes. Kaiba was
ready this time, and brought out his trap master(500/1100) which if you
didn't know, destroys traps.(Trap Master looked cool). His second Blue Eyes
was freed and he blasted the Armed Ninjas back where they came from. Mokuba
then revealed that he had Yugi and his friends to help him save Kaiba and he
was sorry. Kaiba is still upset from when yugi beat him, and still doesn't
like him.
Yugi, Joey and Mai are running through a forest (on top of a castle?)
and run into hundreds of killer needles and hercules beetles! Joey sends out
his Giltia Knight to destroy them, but it also turns out there are Man Eater
Bugs there. Yugi brings out mirror force to destroy all the bugs and they
set on fire causing the flames to desturb 4 Great Moth (2600/2500) cocoons.
They hatch and the moths show up. Joey says there's nothing that can destroy
those things but Yami Yugi uses a combination of Catapult Turtle, Kuriboh
and Multiply to blow up the Moths. Then, the board of executives that
captured Kaiba in the game decide to take it to the final level. As Yugi
Joey and Mai enter the castle they see Kaiba and Mokuba jumping out of the
ceiling thanks to the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Kaiba says Joey looks like an
overgrown monkey.( No respect or gratitude).
The executives' voices show up and say they've made it to the final
level. Kaiba corrects them and says that seeing as though he and Mokuba
wasn't sacrificed, then the Mythic Dragon couldn't be created. But the
executives had rewritten the program, and it turns out it could be made. So
now, Joey, Kaiba, Yami Yugi, Mai and Mokuba must face the Mythic Dragon
(5000/4000. It has five heads- Water, Fire, Light, Dark, and Earth). Yami
Yugi says they must defeat it together, so Mai plays her Harpie Sisters
(1950/2100) but it turns out, a Lord of D. shows up on the floor, and the
executives say only dragons can fight in the lair(kinda tough isn't it?)
Kaiba laughs mainiacally and says they are fools to challenge him to a
battle of Dragons, ( well they do have an attack power of 5000) and smmons
his Blue Eyes White Dragon. Joey summons his Red Eyes Black Dragon
(2400/2000), Mai summons her Pet Dragon (2000/25000 I don't understand why
the Harpies didn't power this up), and Yami Yugi brings out his Curse of
Dragon(2000/1500), Yami Yugi says the Mythic Dragon won't stand up to them
and they all attack. The Mythic Dragon counters and if you look closely one
of the heads don't attack. The attacks cancel out but the executives say
that Mokuba, seeing as though he gave Kaiba back his deck, doesn't have a
dragon, to attack or defend and they blast him! Joey uses his Red Eyes to
block it but being too weak, Joey loses all his life points and dies. Yugi
says there is one monster that can defeat the dragon and brings out Black
Luster Soldier (3000/2500) by sacrificing his Gaia the Fierce Kinght (2300)
and Curse of Dragon, but it is stopped by Lord of D's effect.
The executives say they can attack it, but Mai's Harpie Pet Dragon
attacks them. With it's attack 3000 attack points less than the Mythic
Dragon, the Light type head easily burns out her dragon, and life points,
and she dies too saying it's up to Yami Yugi(kinda reminds me of Sailor Moon
vs. the DoomnGloom girls). Yami Yugi says now is the time for him and Kaiba
to work together, but Kaiba refuses saying he can win by himself. The dragon
attacks, and Mokuba says it's not the Blue Ees they are attacking, it's him.
Mokuba shoves Kaiba out of the way and takes the blast for 5000pts. of
direct damage and dies on the spot!
Kaiba, seriously upset finally listens to Yugi and brings out his
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon (4500/3800) but the Mythic Dragon is still
stronger. But Yugi uses polymerization and fuses his Black Luster Soldier
with the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon to make Dragon Master Kinght(5000/4000)
which has the special effect to take the power of all dragon types on the
field making it's attack 9000!(NOTE: If added correctly it would be 14,400)
Kaiba and Yami Yugi then destroy the Mythic Dragon for good and the ground
collapses. They wake up to find themselves being cheered by the city and
princess. Kaiba says there shouldn't be any cheering because his brother
died in that battle. But it turns out the princess is really the mystical
elf, and she casts a spell to bring back Joey, Mai, Mokuba and the Fairy.
Kaiba thanks Yami Yugi , and they return home through a portal. Back at the
pods, the guards finally get in, and just as they were about to finish Yugi,
tristan, Tea,Mokuba, and Joey off, they return. Mokuba tells the guards that
Kaiba should be back, and should be beating up the executives by now. The
guards realize this and run off. Joey, Yugi, Tristan, Tea and Mokuba hear
yawning, and see Mai waking up out of a second pod hidden in the room.
Mokuba thanks them, and leaves to find his brother, and the stroy ends.

Daniel Smith
A.K.A. Harpie King



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