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YuGiOh Episode Guide 

Legendary Heroes Part 2

We last left off Joey in a pig costume,about to duel a girl in a butterfly mask for a Niwitori card.The girl makes a few insults and summons a Harpy Lady.Joey gets a bit confident and summons the Flame Swordsman.He attacks but the butterfly girl uses Mirror Wall to half the Flame Swordsman's attack power.Joey then realizes this is the same strategy used by Mai and takes off his mask.The butterfly girl stops her Harpy Lady's attack and takes off her mask to reveal...MAI!Yugi and Mokuba in the crowd gets shocked and jumps into the ring and they all talk for a bit.It seems that Mai is being paid to test out the game.eventually the crowd gets angry and Mai uses Harpy Lady and Rose Whip to steal the Niwitori card.Everyone chases Yugi and company so Joey uses Trap Hole to stall everyone.When they all reach the desert,Mai summons the Niwitoris for everyone.

They all go into the desert and comes across a Sand Stone.Joey uses Red Eyes B. Dragon to destroy it.Everyone is relieved and continues on.Eventually they reach the sacred temple and they all find out that Joey named his Niwitori Drumsticks.When they go inside the temple,they all find its a Labyrinth.EEEEEEEEEEE.As soon as they go in,4 Labyrinth Tanks follow them and corners them.Yugi uses Magical Hats to escape danger.Joey then finds that fairy they all found in the Graveyard.Everyone follows it and finds a princess that looks so much like Mokuba.Her name is Edina.What a weird name.They all follow Edina's fairy and gets to the end of the Labyrinth only to find a Gate Guardian.They never catch a break.But Yugi and Joey,having already experience something like this in Duelist Kingdom,fuses Summond Skull and Red Eyes B. Dragon into the almighty Black Skull Dragon.Joey powers him up with Dragon Claws and kills Gate Guardian (this is a stupid battle scene because Gate Guardian just shatters like glass.

It's not cool to watch.Pointless to put him in the show).When Yugi and Joey kills the Gate Guardian,a bunch of people come out and finds Edina and takes her home.She thanks the gang and tells them this "prophecy" about a Mythic Dragon (THIS IS A REAL CARD.REAL STRONG.TRY TO GET IT WHEN IT COMES OUT IN ENGLISH CAN'T TELL YOU WHAT IT DOES CAUSE I'LL RUIN THE SURPRISE).Edina thinks that Yugi and gang are the legendary heroes in the Prophecy.Everyone dresses up as the legendary heroes cause they are going to find Kaiba in a Castle of Dark Illusions.When they all leave the castle the see A LOT of flying Duel Monsters.Mai summons Dark Witch (finally something besides Harpy) and attacks all the monsters.Yugi tells her to pull it back and gets ready to play Dark Hole.Unfortunately,an Armed Ninja destroys it.Joey summons Ax Raider with Kunai with Chain and attacks it (this makes up for the Gate Guardian battle.

It's still pointless and not very ummm cool.But really funny.Ax Raider just threw the chain,hit the Armed Ninja with a 'bonk' and dies.I mean all he did was get bonked on the head and he dissolves.So funny).The monsters capture princess Edina and flies away.Then they hear Edina's voice coming from Mokuba and finds out that Edina and Mokuba switched places so Edina won't be sacrificed for the ritual of the Mythic Dragon.Now the only way to save Mokuba and Kaiba is to find the "flying machine".Yugi finds out that the flying machine was buried underground the whole time in a ruined city.Joey uses Time Wizard to move back time and the city rebuilds itself and the flying machine pops out.Now it's time to save the Kaiba brothers.
  -Henry Liu


Legandary Heros Part 2

The Episode begins where part 1 left off.Joey is dueling Madam Butterfly.
who is Insulting Joey (like Mai did) They start the duel and Madam Butterfly
puts out Harpy Lady. Joey puts out FlameSwordsman and attack. The Mirror
Wall Appers that cuts the swordsman's attack in half Joey begins to think
that He Has seen this Combo before and that Mai alwasy used it. Madam
Butterfly begins to insult Joey and he said there's only one duelist who
could be that anoying. Madam Butterfly begins to Attack as Joey takes off
his mask and Mai asked joey if its him Yugi jumps off the Stand and gose to
talk to Mai as mokuba follows. Mai tells them that she is testing the Game
for Kaiba Corp. Yugi tells her the story about how Kaiba is stuck in the
Virtuial World and tells her that they need the Niwiotri Card to get a cross the Desert. Mai tells
them that she can got the Niwotri card,she has Harpy Lady use Rose Whip
Grabs the Card and then they all leave. They then cross the desert and get
to the temple and take a maze to find Kaiba. We then go to a sceen where
someone tells Kaiba to Wake up Kaiba see the Witty Phanton(Attack-1400

Kaiba trys to order the Phantom to free him,but he dosen't he
tells him that he is the offering for the Mythic Dragon (Attack-5000
Defense-4000). Yu-gi and Crew them make it to the Temple and find a
maze.(like when they Dueled the Paradox Brothers.) They go throgh the Maze
and get traped by Laybrith Tanks (Attack-2400 Defense-2400). Yu-gi uses
Magical Hats and the Walk away from the Tanks. The Tanks don't see them so
they run away.They hear someone scream and Joey is the first one to Go
rescue her. They find out that she is a princess,and so she helps them get
out of the maze.

They Run into the Gate Guardain (Attack-3750 Defense-3400).
and Mai says she can't think of anything that can beat a monster that
strong. Joey and Yugi work together and form the B.Skull Dragon(Attack-3200
Defense-2500). Mai says that they need more attack Power and that the game
was riged. Joey looks calmly and plays the Dragon Nails card to Make the
B.Skull Dragons Attack-3900 (Which to me is Bazzare because when Rex Raptor
Used it on Joey,The Res Eyes went from a 2400 Attack Power to a 3000 Attack
power).and they whipe it out. They then hear people taking and they get out
of the Maze.

They Are Taken to Adena's Castle and Mokuba asks if she has any
word on (Seto)Kaiba. She tells them that around this time offerings are
takes from her Kingdom and another,so that the Mythic Dragon can be
"ressurescted." and tells them that the other Kingdon is offering Seto
Kaiba. they Then ask how they are Suppose to get to the Kingdom. Mai says
that they could fly there on Joey's Red Eyes Black Dragon. But Adena says
that the only was toreach it is with a Legendary Flying machine. They ask
what her kingdon is going to do for there offering and the princess say that
she has Volentered,She tells them not to worry because of the
Prophicy...that heros will come to Sin Lau and will Create a Power Strong
Enough to Destroy the Mythic Dragon. They go out and Put on some new
clothes,(Dig Joey wearing a Bathroom Rug!) They go outside and find the
Duel Monsters who come and take the-"Princess" away. They tehn find out that
they took Mokuba. they see a Symbol of the Flying Machine and Joey uses The
Time Wizard and they Rebuild old Sin-Lau and the Flymachine and Go after

To be continued....... - Alex S.


Season 3, Episode 17: Legendary Heroes, Part 2

Joey and Madame Butterfly begin to duel. Madame Butterfly sends out a
Harpies Lady. Joey realizes that this Madame Butterfly is really Mai, in
disguise. When he says this, Mai realizes she is dueling Joey. Joey tells
Mai why he's there, and Mai's Harpies Lady takes the Niwatori card. Joey,
Mai, Yugi, and Mokuba run from the stadium, and the angry crowd. Joey uses
trap hole to slow the crowd down. The group crosses the desert on the
Niwatori. They come across a sand monster, and Joey destroys it with his
Red-Eyes Black Dragon.
After crossing the desert, they enter a temple. Inside the temple is a
labyrinth. The group advances through, and hears a scream. They head towards
it, but are cornered by three Labyrinth Tanks. Yugi uses his Magical Hats to
save them. They reach the end of the maze, only to meet a Gate Guardian. To
beat it, Joey combines his Red-Eyes with Yugi's Summoned Skull, to make the
Black Skull Dragon. Then Joey uses Dragon Nails to power it up, and beat the
Gate Guardian. They meet up with the girl who screamed (who looks an awful
lot like Mokuba) and lead her out of the cave. She turns out to be a
princess, and invites them all to her castle. She tells them that Kaiba was
taken as a sacrifice for the Mythic Dragon. The group dresses up in the
armor of the city's ancient heroes. They go to the balcony, and try to fight
off the duel monsters that are trying to take the princess as the other
sacrifice. The princess gets captured, but it was really Mokuba. The trio
sees some ancient ruins, and learns that an ancient flying machine was
buried there. Joey uses his Time Wizard to restore it, and they take off.

- Pearl Jam


Legendary Heroes, Part 2
The episode begins with Joey (in a pig costume) dueling the Butterfly Queen. She plays a Harpie Lady/Mirror Wall combo, and puts Joey's Flame Swordsman down to 900ATK. She tells her Harpie Lady to attack, when Joey takes off the mask. She stops the attack and takes off her mask showing that she is Mai Valentine. She instead directs her Rose Whip attack to the Niwatori card, and Yugi, Mokuba, Mai, and Joey set off into the dessert. Joey summons the Niwatori, and they walk through the dessert, meeting a Sand Stone halfway. Mokuba takes care of it, and they move into the labyrinth part. 3 Labyrinth Tanks surround them, and Yugi uses the Magical Hats card to take them out of there. They meet up with the princess of the village and her fairy. Before the group can get out of the labyrinth, they have to beat the Gate Guardian. With the Black Skull Dragon and the Dragon Claws (3900/2500) they defeat the GG. The princess calls them heros and takes them to her castle. They have a large feast, and she reveals to Mokuba that she is the sacrifice for her city to the Mythical Dragon. Mokuba switches his hero clothes with her and gets taken to the Castle of Dark Illusions.
To Be Continued - - -

- Mike Becker


First, they show that last time on Yugioh, Mokuba discovered they could use a Niwatori to cross the virtual desert.  He and Mai, who was also there, duel for it, but then Mai's harpie's whip grabs tthe Niwatori.  They all run from town, and Joey uses Trap Hole to stop an angry mob.  On the other side of the desert, they enter a secret temple. They find in there a labyrinth, like the one in Yugi/Joey V Para/Dox.  They are cornered by Labyrinth tanks in there, but the magical hats let them escape.  Then they find Eorl, a small fairy who leads them to a young princess who looks an awful lot like Mokuba.  She leads them towards her palace, but they run into Gate Guardian just when they were sure they had escaped.  But Joey summoned BSkullDragon,  equiped it with dragon nails, and blew away the beast.  A woman and at least 100 guards welcomed them out of the maze and into the girl's kingdom where she was princess and the woman was queen.  But at a feast, they learned that Kaiba and the princess would be offered as tributes to Ritual Summon the mythic dragon!  But they also leaned that one ancient flying machine could get through a barrier and would allow 4 ancient heroes of legend to enter the floating Castle of Dark Illusions and slay the Mythic Dragon.  But then army of Duel Monsters appeared and took Mokuba, thinking he was the princess.  The remaining three used time wizard to researect the anctient flying machine.  To be continued...

- John L.


Legendary Heroes: Part 2


Joey and Madam Butterfly prepare to duel. Joey uses Flame Swordsman and Madam Butterfly uses Harpy Lady. Joey attacks and Madam Butterfly activates a Mirror Wall trap and a Rose whip. Flame Swordsman has 900 ATK points and Harpy Lady has 1600. Madam Butterfly teases and insults Joey and he realises that only one duellist can be this annoying! He takes off his pig mask and Madam Butterfly stops the attack just before Flame Swordsman is destroyed and pulls off her mask and reveals… (I think you all know so what’s the point in saying so?) MAI! She tells Yugi, Joey and Mokuba that the Big 5 has hired her to test the game and they explain what they did to Kaiba and that they need the New Atori to cross the desert. One of them must defeat the other to get it. Mai uses Harpy Lady’s rose whip to get it and they run for it. A blood-thirsty crowd chases them, so Joey creates an Acid Trap Hole and the rioters cannot get past it. They cross the desert with the New Atoris and Joey names his Drumsticks. (Joey: Go on, Drumsticks! Mai: Guys, Joey named his chicken. Joey: It’s a New Atori, Mai. I loved that bit!) They find a Sandstorm Monster and Joey beats it with Red Eyes Black Dragon. They come to a temple with a Labyrinth Wall inside.

They hear a scream and run through the maze. They are attacked by Labyrinth Tanks and cannot escape. Yugi uses Magical Hats and puts Hats around the Labyrinth, he put them just at the end and they find a girl in a gown that looks like Mokuba and the blue fairy they met before (her name is revealed to be Eru)  when they are attacked by the Gate Guardian. They use B. Skull Dragon and Dragon Nails to beat him. The girl is surprised at their power and bravery and announces herself as Princess Atina of Simlou and she takes them to her palace. Meanwhile, Kaiba awakes, tied to a giant stone tablet and is taunted by the Witty Phantom. He is told he is an offering to resurrect the Mythic Dragon. Princess Atina tells the gang of a dark castle floating in the sky and an ancient flying machine an ancient hero used to go there and defeat the Mythic Dragon 1,000 years ago. He has been brought back and two villages, one being Simlou, must make an offering to resurrect him. She announces she will sacrifice herself so they can defeat him. She gives heroic outfits and armour to Yugi, Mai and Mokuba and gives a Caveman suit to Joey. An army of flying monsters comes for the Princess. Mai uses Dark Witch to fight them, but is outnumbered. She calls her back and Yugi uses a Dark Hole card, but an Armed Ninja destroys it before it can be used. He takes the princess and suddenly the princess says that she switched costumes with Mokuba so he could be with Seto. They go to where the legendary flying machine is and use Time Wizard to turn back the clock to 1,000 years before and the flying Machine emerges from under the ground.

Next Time: The army of monsters attacks and kills Eru while on the journey. They come across a forest full of bugs and must take on a gang of Great Moths and they must fight the Mythic Dragon, but a tragic loss makes Yugi have to team up with Kaiba to beat it.

- Richard Kee


Here is the summary for "Legendary Heroes Part 2"

After a quick reminder of what happened last time, the duel between Joey and Madam Butterfly begins. Madame Butterfly uses Harpie's Lady, and Joey sends out Flame Swordsman, and has it attack. Madame Butterfly activates the trap Mirror Wall, and powers up Harpie's Lady with Rose Whip. Joey recognizes this strategy, and this attitude, and a second before his Flame Swordsman gets killed, he says that Madame Butterfly is Mai. She calls off her attack and takes off her mask. Joey takes off his too. Mai has her Harpie's Lady grab the Niotawri card, and they all run for it. Mai says that she got paid to be here by Kaiba's men. The crowd of course is not happy. They want to see a fight. Joey distracts them by using his Trap Hole card, which will take a long time for the crowd to get around. Yugi, Mokuba, Joey, and Mai hop on their Niotawris, and make it across the desert safely. They see a strange building and go in. it turns out to be a huge maze like the one with the Paradox Brothers. They hear a scream, and just as they step in, the door slams behind them, leaving them to figure out the maze They proceed through it, but run into a bunch of Labariynth Tanks. Yugi uses the Magic Hats to get them away. They see the little fairy again, who guides them to near the end of the maze. They meet a princess, who looks just like Mokuba, and Joey makes a few "Mokuba's a girl" jokes. She says that she was lost because she got separated from the fairy, who is her guide, named Eero.

It looks like they're out of there, but they run into a Gate Guardian! Yugi and Joey summon the Black Skull Dragon, and power it up with Dragon Nails to beat Gate Guardian. The queen appears and thanks them all for helping out her granddaughter. Meanwhile, Kaiba finds himself chained to the wall. A Witty Phantom says that Kaiba is going to be sacrificed to summon a legendary dragon. Kaiba tries to abort the simulation, but Witty Phantom says that Kaiba's men have deleted that. Back at the castle Joey stuffs himself with virtual food, while Mokuba describes Kaiba asks if they've seen him. The princess stirs and says that in a dark castle a. k. a the Castle of Dark Illusions, they have him captured and want to use him as one of the offerings to summon their dragon. As for the other one, they're after her. She gets them all to wear goofy armor and costumes, and says that no Duel Monster can get up there, but an ancient flying machine can do the job.

They all go outside and see a swarm of monsters coming for the princess. They grab her in a sack and start to get away. Yugi wants to use Dark Hole, but an Armed Ninja from above throws his sword through the card. Joey destroys it using Ax Raider and Kunai With Chain. Mai sends out Dark Witch, who destroys the monster holding the bag, but he just throws it to another. Yugi sees that the monsters are too good at this keep away game for them to keep it up. Back on the ground, Mokuba says that it's Mokuba in the bag, and reveals that Mokuba's clothes are just a disguise. She explains that Mokuba wanted to be reunited so bad with his brother, that he asked to be disguised as the princess, and taken away instead. The real princess and queen wish them good luck, and shows them where the flying machine is. Or used to be. Since it's been a thousand years since it was last used, the flying machine is just part of a ruins. Yugi wants Joey to use Time Wizard to rewind time, but Joey is worried that if Time Roulette fails, they'll all lose their life points. However, the spinner land on a castle, and the ruins start rebuilding themselves. The ground starts shaking, and Mai wonders what's going on. TO BE CONTINUED



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