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YuGiOh Episode Guide 

Episode 5 - First Duel

First Duel

Yugi has won his first two Starchips from Weevil, and now Joey is looking to
have his turn in the dueling arena. While busy scooping out the competition,
they all hear a familiar voice from one of the arenas. They all look over to
the arena to see Mia Valentine laughing at the most recent person she's
dueled. The young boy is complaining that Mai cheated in the match since she
was playing her cards without looking at them. But Mai simply replies that
she is psychic, and could read her cards without looking. Yugi and the others
walk up to her, and after a few "friendly" exchanges, Mai challenges Joey to
a duel.

At first, Joey's surprised that she would pick him, but he accepts the duel.
He's surprised to find out that the field he thought was a total meadow field
is actually 40% mountain, 40% forest, and 20% meadow. Joey goes first,
calling on Masaki the Legendary Warrior in attack mode on the meadow field.
Mai then begins her psychic humming, telling Joey that she needs to divine
her card from her face-down hand that is spread out on the arena console. She
then plays the Harpie Lady in attack mode on the mountain field, powering it
up higher than Masaki. Joey, still inexperienced in dueling, tells Masaki to
attack the Harpie Lady. Yugi then yells out that flying monsters have a
magical resistance to monsters that can only walk on land. The Harpie Lady
then destroys Masaki.

Joey is slightly shaken that he lost his first monster so fast. Mai then
plays another of her cards without looking. Joey then sends Tiger Axe out in
attack mode on the meadow field, raising its attack high enough to go
head-to-head against the Harpie Lady. He then orders Tiger Axe to attack, but
Yugi yells at him that he forgot that flying monsters still had an advantage
against his Tiger Axe. Harpie Lady then destroys Tiger Axe. Mai then plays
another card face-down without looking. Joey's becoming scared that Mai
really is psychic, and plays his next monster face-down in defense mode. Mai
notices that Joey is beginning to lose it, and sics her Harpie Lady on the
defense card after playing Cyber Shield on it, destroying it. By now, Joey's
lost his ability to think clearly. Yugi then uses his Millennium Puzzle,
transforming into Yami Yugi. He then tells Joey that he needs to calm down,
and think of how he can defeat Mai. Joey takes Yami Yugi's advice. He then
closes his eyes as he tries to think of a way out. He then notices some
strange smells in the air. Recognizing them as different perfumes, he
suddenly figures out Mai little card trick.

Joey opens his eyes, and then uncovers Mai little trick of spraying all her
cards with different perfume, allowing her to know what her cards were
without seeing them. Joey then plays Baby Dragon in defense mode. Mai laughs
at the sight of the small dragon. She then plays Elegant Egotist, splitting
her single Harpie Lady into three separate Harpies. She then ends her turn.
Joey starts to freak out again now that he has three Harpies to deal with.
Yami Yugi then tells Joey to think about Mai's strategy, and to think of the
flaw in it. Joey then realizes that the Harpie Ladies might be the only
monster that Mai has. Yami Yugi then tells Joey to think of which card in his
deck can help him defeat the Harpies.

Joey then remembers the card that Yugi gave him on the boat, the Time Wizard.
He looks at his hand, and discovers that he must draw for the Time Wizard.
Joey then nervously pulls the top card from his deck with his eyes closed. He
then opened one eye to see what the card was. He then cries out as he discover s that he's drawn the Time Wizard. He plays the card, sending the Time Wizard
out onto the field. Mai asks how that card will help him. Joey then explains
that the Time Wizard will make his Baby Dragon grow into a Thousand Dragon.
Mai doesn't think that the Thousand Dragon is strong enough to beat her
Harpies. Unfortunately for Mai, the Time Wizard's effect also caused her
Harpie Laides to age a 1,000 years, making them old and much weaker than
Joey's Thousand Dragon. Having declared an attack on the Thousand Dragon with
all three of her Harpies, the Thousand Dragon defeats them all, causing Mai's
Life Points to drop to zero. Joey then tells Mai that until she learns to
care about someone besides herself, she will never be a great duelist.


This is a summary of Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 5:
First Duel.
The gang (Yugi, Joey, Tea and Tristian) are walking around the island when the come across Mai Valentine (the girl on the boat back in episode 3 who said Joey was "fashion challenged and deserves to be crushed in the competition. ) Mai has just defeated another opponent, who is complaining about how Mai supposedly knew what cards she had without looking at them. Mai says she is psychic. Joey does not like the way Mai bad-mouths her opponents and challenges Mai to a duel. The others try to convince Joey to back off and find an easier opponent since he has only one star chip, but Joey refuses.  As they rise up to the arena, Joey asks Mai why she wants to win the tournament. Mai says it is because she craves luxury comforts. Joey is angered that Mai only cares about herself, while he and Yugi are working hard to save the people they love. The dule begins. Joey starts with Masaki the Legendary Swordsman, which gains a field power bonus. Mai sends out Harpy's Lady, which also gains a power bonus. Joey orders his Swordsman to attack, but Yugi warns Joey that flying monsters like the Harpy are resistant to ground based monsters. Joey's swordsman is destroyed. Joey then sends out another monster, Tiger Axe. But it too is a land based monster, and no match for Harpy's Lady. Mai then plays a card facedown, without even looking at it. It powers up her Harpy even more. Joey plays another monster, against Yugi's advice, and it too is easily destroyed. Mai then tells Joey to get rid of his friend (Yugi) because, since they are both duelists, Yugi will eventually turn on him. At this point, Yugi transformes into Yami Yugi and tells Joey that Mai is using an ancient strategy, divide and conquer. Joey's spirit is rejuvinated and he plays Baby Dragon. Mai laughes at him for playing such a weak card and again plays a magic card without looking. It Multiplies her Harpy into 3 seperate Harpies, and will continue to do so throughout the duel. Joey is freaked out. Trying to think how he can defeat an army of Harpies, Joey closes his eyes. He then smells something odd- perfume, and many different kinds. Joey realizes that Mai has sprayed all her cards with different perfumes, and all she has to do is smell and she can play whatever card she wants. Joey has broken Mai's strategy, but needs one of his own to beat the Harpies. Then he remembers something: Back on the boat (episode 3 again), Yugi gave him a special Monster card, the Time Wizard. He plays it after carefully drawing a card from his deck. Joey explains that Time Wizard can advance time forward to empower his Baby Dragon. Time Wizard creates a time warp. When the warp ends, the Baby Dragon has been transformed into the Thousand Dragon! Also, the warp has caused time to pass on both halves of the field, making Mai's Harpies grow old and weak. Thousand Dragon attacks, and Mai's lifepoints are reduced to zero. Joey has won, gaining his second star chip! Mai is dumbfounded that she lost to such a rookie, while the others congradulate Joey on his victory.

End. - L Watson


Episode 5: First Duel

The episode starts out with Pegasus saying that the tournament has finally
started and the process of elimination has to run its course. He also says
that only the strongest will survive and the weaker will be gone.

We then see everyone walking after Yugi won his first duel. Joey runs to the
edge of a cliff and complains that he itching to duel someone. Tristan and
Tea think that Joey is to over confident and Joey yells at the edge of the
cliff "Here I am the next Duel Monsters Champion". Joey then explains why he
has to win because of his sister's eyesight. He then flashes back remembering
when he was always there to help his little sister and he's not going to stop

They look over the cliff and see tons of people dueling and Joey stops to
think what type of field he's good on and since he's in a meadow region it
suits his cards the best. They then hear my laughing in the background and go
to see what is happening. It is Mai and she just won her duel against someone
and is demanding her star chips. The guy says that she cheated because she
knew all her cards even before she drew them out of her deck. Mai says that
she's Psychic and says she won the duel fair and square and the guy runs off
crying. Mai then see Yugi and everyone and says that she's in the mood for
another duel and she picks Joey to be the next victim. Mai says she wants to
get rid of the weakest people first and knows that Yugi gave one of his star
chips to Joey and that's has to mean that Joey is the weakest duelist yet.
Tristan and Tea think that Joey is going to lose and insist that Yugi duels
for Joey on this one. Yugi says that this is Joey's Duel and he has to do
what he thinks is right. Joey decides this is a good chance to prove himself
so he accepts the challenge.

Joey looks at the field and is shocked to see that not even half of the
field is Meadow. Mai says that the Field is made up of 40% Mountain, 40%
Forest, and only 20% Meadow. Joey is worried but Yugi says as long as he
stays on his part he will be ok. Joey then asks Mai why she joined the
tournament. Mai says she wants the money to spend on herself. Joey says he's
fighting for a person he loves. Joey goes first and puts down Musaki the
legendary swordsman and his card gets a field power for the Meadow part of
the field. Mai then tries to Psyche Joey out by guessing what her cards are
without even looking at them. She then picks the Harpies Lady and her
strength is boosted by the mountain part of the field. Joey attacks it
without realizing that his ground attack cannot hit a flying type and his
card is defeated easily. Mai continues her act to psyche Joey out and it
seems to be working. Yugi tells Joey to think before he attacks. Joey plays
Tiger Axe and still doesn't realize that it's a ground monster and is
defeated easily again. Mai places a card face down and says that he will
defeat Joey's next monster in one turn. Joey not taking another risk plays
his monster in defense mode. Mai then plays the card Cyber Shield, which
boosts Harpies Lady attack power up even higher and kills Joey's monster in
defense mode. Joey thinks that Mai has ESP and is worried that he is going to
lose. Yugi tells Joey to calm down and Mai gets angry cause it seems to be
helping Joey. Tea says that friendship can help you win a duel Mai then
explains that friendship has nothing to do with it and once your friends have
to face each other where is their friendship now? Yugi then transforms to
help Joey and explains that Mai is only to scare you and that he's here to
help you. Joey then says he has to win but he is also a team. Joey starts to
concentrate. He then smells all types of different perfumes coming from Mai's
cards. Mai sprayed all her cards with different cards with different perfumes
and that is how she knows all her cards before she plays it. Joey then
figures and that Mai was lying and is now confident that he can win. Joey
then plays Baby Dragon and Mai starts to laugh. Mai then plays the card
elegant egotist, which makes duplicates of her Harpies Lady making two more
now making 3 Harpies ladies. Mai then says she is just going to keep using
the cards magic to keep multiplying her Harpies Ladies again and again. Joey
is thinking how he is going to beat one Harpies lady let alone 3 of them and
Yugi tells him to think of what card that he could use to beat her. Joey then
remembers that Yugi gave him the Time Wizard while they were on the boat.
Joey then draws the time wizard and plays it and starts to speed up time and
says that his Baby Dragon will transform in Thousands Dragon. Mai Harpies
ladies are old and weaker cause of the Time Wizard speeding up the time. Joey
attacks and wins the battle.
The End





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