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YuGiOh Episode Guide 

 Episode #25

This episode continues from the previous on. Kaiba still can’t figure out how Pegasus knew of his Blue Eyes White Dragon that he was going to put down. So now Kaiba goes ahead and puts down a monster in defense mode. Pegasus now gives Kaiba some story about cartoons when he was a kid. He then introduces his new magic card “Toon World” and tells Kaiba that his Dark Rabbit is now safe in the Toon World. His Dark Rabbit then attacks the Battle Ox the Kaiba put in defense mode. Pegasus now tells Kaiba his rabbit is now safe again now that his book is closed and that nothing can penetrate it. Kaiba then proceeds to put a magic card down. Pegasus then tells him that he is now going to show off his new power with the card he stole from Kaiba, his Blue Eyes.

Pegasus the put out the Blue Eyes and tells it to cross the thresh hold into Toon World and it becomes the Blue Eyes Toon Dragon. He then tells it to attack Kaiba’s Rude Kaiser. Kaiba then tells Pegasus he knows something is going on, so he abandons his present hand. He then put down the next card he draws and it is the Blue Eyes White Dragon. He then tells his Blues Eyes to attack the Toon counterpart with its white lightning. Un be knownst to him the Toon Dragon dodges the attack. Pegasus then adds the “Shine Palace” card to his Toon World and then the Toon Dragon gets boosted by 500 points. Kaiba then puts down the “Shadow Spell” card, which shackles the Toon Dragon and decreases its attack points. He then destroyed the Toon Dragon. Pegasus then puts down a “Dragon Capture Jar” to capture Kaiba’s Blue Eyes. Kaiba then puts down a monster in defense mode. Then Pegasus put a magic card down and a “Dragon Piper” in defense mode. Automatically everybody presumes that Pegasus is going to draw out and control the Blue Eyes. Kaiba then puts out the “Sword stalker” and tells it to attack the dragon piper. Pegasus stops him in his tracks to use his magic card that he just put down and it is called “Doppelganger” and it can copy anything on the field. Pegasus then has it copy Kaiba’s crush card virus but, the only problem is that he already told his monster to attack. The attack goes through and the virus affects his entire deck. The only card Kaiba was able to use was “Monster Reborn” and he revived “Saggi The Dark Clown”.  He then gets defeated. And Pegasus then captures Kaiba’s soul. Yugi then tells Pegasus that he will be coming for him.

. --------

Champion vs. Creator, Part 2

       Yugi determines that Pegasus is using his millennium item to see Kaiba's hand. Kaiba is getting suspicious of Pegasus. Plays a card in defense mode, and switches Rude Kaiser to defense mode. Pegasus asks Kaiba if he like cartoons when he was a child. Kaiba says nothing, and Pegasus explains that cartoons were his favorite things. But one cartoon, in particular, was his favorite. Funny Bunny would carry on with his zany antics, and Ruff Gruff McGraw could never catch him.. Kaiba interrupts him telling him to continue on with the duel. Kaiba questions Pegasus, asking him if he is playing a cartoon. Pegasus tells Kaiba that he is thinking too small. He is playing an entire cartoon world! Pegasus plays Toon World! Tristen comments that Dark Rabbit just pulled a Houdini. Kaiba asks if that is the power of Toon World. To make Pegasus monsters disappear? Pegasus tells Kaiba that his monster went to its new home, and it can't be penetrated by anything. But before Dark Rabbit disappears, he will attack Kaiba's face down card. That card is Battle Ox, and Battle Ox is destroyed. Tea proclaims that it isn't fair if Pegasus' monsters can't be touched. Kaiba plays a card in the magic/trap card area and ends his turn. Pegasus demonstrates Toon World's true power. Pegasus plays Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon, and through Toon World's power changes it into Blue Eyes Toon Dragon. Blue Eyes Toon Dragon attacks Rude Kaiser, and destroys it. Kaiba, figuring out that Pegasus can see his hand, discards it, and now has to play the cards straight from his deck. Kaiba draws Blue Eyes White Dragon! He has it attack Blue Eyes Toon Dragon, but Blue Eyes Toon Dragon dodges its attack. Pegasus explains that in 3013 episodes of Funny Bunny never was caught by Ruff Gruff McGraw. Pegasus explains that the same rule applies to his toons. Yugi says that toon world was never put into circulation because it was too powerful, and that Pegasus must have the only one. Pegasus thinks to himself that Kaiba has memorized his own deck, so Pegasus only has to read Kaiba's mind to see what cards are in Kaiba's deck. Pegasus now plays Shine Palace, which powers up Blue Eyes Toon Dragon to 3500 for attack. He sends it to attack Kaiba's Blue Eyes, but Kaiba activates his Negate Attack magic card. So Pegasus' Blue Eyes Toon Dragon's attack is negated for this turn. Kaiba draws a card and plays shadow spell, which locks up Pegasus' Blue Eyes Toon Dragon so that it can't dodge attacks, and also lowers its attack by 700, so Blue Eyes Toon Dragon is now 2800. Blue Eyes White Dragon attacks and destroys Blue Eyes Toon Dragon. Pegasus=1200, Kaiba=1000. Pegasus plays Dragon Capture Jar, which absorbs Kaiba's Blue Eyes, and adds its defense to Dragon Capture Jar's defense. Dragon capture Jar is now 100/2700. Kaiba plays a card in defense mode. Pegasus plays a card in the magic/trap area, and plays Dragon Piper. Pegasus plans to draw out Kaiba's Blue Eyes from the Dragon Capture Jar, and put it under his own control, then he can turn it into Blue Eyes Toon Dragon, again. Kaiba activates Swordstalker, and sends it to attack Dragon Piper, so that it can't draw out the Blue Eyes. Pegasus activates his magic card that he played. It is called Doppelganger, and it allows Pegasus to copy a magic card that Kaiba has played. So Pegasus copies Kaiba's Crush Card. He then infects Dragon Piper with it, and Swordstalker destroys the Dragon piper, but also unleashes the crush cards' effect. Now all of Kaiba's monsters with 1500 or more attack points are destroyed, but not only in Kaiba's hand and on his side of the field, but also in his deck.

Kaiba now only has one card left. He plays Monster Reborn, and gets back Saggi the Dark Clown in defense mode. Pegasus taunts Kaiba saying that he used his last turn reviving a clown, but then Pegasus explains that Kaiba has no moves left.  Pegasus plays Bikuribox, and attacks Saggi, destroying it. Kaiba has no more cards to draw so he loses the duel. Pegasus says that Kaiba has lost more then just his brother, and with that he takes Kaiba's soul. Yugi, seeing all of this along with Tristen, Bakura, Tea, Mai, Bandit Keith, and Joey, tells Pegasus that he will beat him for what he has done. Pegasus reminds Yugi that he has to get through the rest of the tournament to even have the privilege of dueling him. Yugi assures Pegasus that he will and then he will beat Pegasus, once and for all, freeing Kaiba, Mokuba, and Grandpa's souls. Pegasus is confidant that he will win, and not only will he beat Yugi, but he will take his Millennium Item as well! 

The End



Well the duel continues and pegasus uses Toon World to protect his dark rabbit from anything.Then Kaiba puts a facedown defense mode monster.Then Pegasus Uses the blue eyes white dragon he stole from kaiba.Then Pegasus uses toon world to turn blue eyes white dragon into the blue eyes toon dragon. Then Kaiba draws blue eyes white dragon and attacks blue eyes toon dragon but then blue eyes toon dragon moves out of the way.Then pegasus explains that toon monsters cannot be attacked by any monster.Then pegasus uses the shine palace to increase blue eyes toon dragon's attack by 500 points, and destroys blue eyes white dragon.Then kaiba uses shadow spell to paralyze blue eyes toon dragon,and decrease its atk to 2800 then blues white dragon destroys blue eyes toon dragon.Then Pegasus uses dragon capture jar and traps blue eyes white dragon. Then a few turns later pegasus uses doppleganger and copied crush card virus. Then Kaiba uses monster reborn to bring back saggi the dark clown.Then pegasus uses Bickuribox and wins the duel.

                                                                             - shadowduelist


Nickname- dragonkiller500

Champion vs. Creator, part 2.

This episode starts with Pegasuss Dark Rabbit terrorizing Kaibas monsters. Eventually Pegasus draws his toon world, and asks Kaibs if he watched cartoons, and Kaiba tells him to"just make your move!" Pegasus then plays toon world, turns his Rabbit into a toon, and it kills kaibas battle ox. Then Dark Rabbit dissappears.

Kaiba plays a card facedown, and pegasus goes. A quote- "Looks like its my turn again.And my chance to show off even more toon power! And what better way to demonstrate then on a card i stole from you!" Pegasus plays Blue Eyes White Dragon, which he got last episode with a trap card. And he turns it into a toon(which gets kaiba mad) and kills rude kaiser, from befors. Kaiba then knows pegasus cheated, and he folds his hand. Then he "puts all my faith into this next card. So let it be revealed! *A loud roar*" and gets a BEWD and attacks the toon BEWD, but it stretches out of the way(lol) and kaibas attack was screwed.

Pegasus plays Shine palace, powering up BETD, and makes his muscles turn into "exploding volcano bysepts"(Mai said that) and it atacks, but kaiba uses negate attack and stopss it. Then kaiba shadowspells BETD and it is killed.

Pegasus got pissed off from that shadowspell, but he gets revenge with  Dragon capture Jar and BEWD is sucked up. Kaiba plays a card in defense mode. Pegasus plays Dragon Piper and a card Face down. kaiba flips swordstalker and attacks, but pegasus uses his FD card to copy crush, and DP infects kaibas deck, and hes screwed. He revives Saggi the dark clown, but pegasuss Bicouri Box kills it, and kaiba loses his soul and this gets yugi
mad, and he vows to defeat pegasus.

The End.
- Dallas


Kaiba is losing badly and plays battle ox in defence mode with his rude kaiser. Next, Pegasus starts talking about a show called funny bunny, then plays toon world, preventing the toons he puts in it untouchable, he first attacks with his Dark rabbit(2200 ATK) and destroys the battle ox. Next, pegasus plays Blue eyes white dragon, then toon world turns it into a toon. Kaiba can't stand pegasus somhow seeing his hand so he discards it and plays face down. He put all his faith in the next card on his deck and when he flipped it, it was his 2nd Blue eyes! He attacked Blue eyes toon dragon, but the toon dodged it, pegasus explains as long as toon world is out, all his toons will dodge. next pegasus plays shine palace, power up Blue eyes toon by 500. He attacks but kaiba uses negate attack. Now kaiba is really trusting in the heart of the cards. he plays shadow spell, lowering the toon by 700 ATK and preventing it from moving, he attacks and destroys it. Pegasus plays Dragon Capture jar. then Dragon piper, kaiba attacks it with swordstalker, but pegasus play a card called dopleganger, copying kaiba's crush card, his sword stalker is destroyed, and his whole deck is infected. His last card is monster reborn and since the virus is happening, he can only revive Saggi. Pegasus opens toon world and orders his Bickoribox(2300ATK) to attack, and since kaiba has no more cards to play legally, he loses. Then pegasus captures his soul. Yugi says he will avange mokuba,grampa,and kaiba and all the others pegasus hurt, but pegasus says:" don't forget, yugi boy, you still have to make it through the remaining rounds of this tournament to even win the privelege of challenging me" Yugi then says:"trust me, I'll be at the finals, but the true privalige will be defeating you and undoing all the evil acts you comitted aginst my friends." Pegasus:" I look foward to your finest eforts yugi boy, and spetacular preformances from all our finalists. you truly are the best of the best, clem in a clem.but no matter, with the power of my millenium eye, nothing will stop me from victory, not even yugi, and his millenium puzzle. Ha ha ha.
-Submited by Erich


Episode 25: Champion vs. Creator, Part 2

The episode starts out with Yugi explaining that it must be Pegasus's Millennium Eye that lets him see all the cards that Kabia has. Everyone is amazed to hear this but Yugi think that Kabia still has a chance to win. Kabia, buts a monster in defense mode. Pegasus's draws a card and then ask Kabia if he ever watched cartoons and Pegasus explains how much he loved
watching cartoons and his favorite cartoon rabbit. Pegasus then plays his card called Toon World. Everyone noticed that he Dark Rabbit disappeared and Pegasus explains that it went into the book. Pegasus then attacks Kabia's Battle Ox and destroys it easily. Kabia places a card face down for later. Pegasus then plays the card that he stole from Kabia, Blue Eyes White Dragon
and Pegasus makes the dragon go into the book and it comes out as the Blue Eyes Toon Dragon. Pegasus then destroys Kabia's Rude Kaiser card easily.

Kabia angry and then decides to abandon his hand and says that he is no longer going to look at his cards so that Pegasus can't see his cards either. Kabia then puts all his faith in his next card and lucky enough he draws Blue Eyes White Dragon. Kabia then attacks the Toon Blue Eyes and it dodges his attack. Pegasus then starts talking about his favorite cartoon again.
Everyone starts to complain that it isn't fair that since Pegasus is the creator of the card game that he should be able to use super powerful cards like Toon World. Mai then asks Yugi if he has ever heard of Toon World. Yugi says that all he knows about it is that it was never put into circulation because it was too powerful so that means that Pegasus must have the only one. Pegasus then plays a card called Shine Palace, which raised the power of the Toon Blue Eyes by 500 points. Pegasus then attacks Kabia's Blue Eyes White Dragon but Kabia plays the card that he placed down earlier which was negate attack. Kabia then plays the card Shadow Spell, which causes Toon Blues Eyes to not be able to move and also lowers its attack points but 700. Kabia then attacks and destroys Toon Blue Eyes. Pegasus then plays the Dragon
Capture Jar to capture Kabia's Blue Eyes in the jar. Kabia then plays a monster in attack mode. Pegasus plays a card face down and plays the Dragon Piper in attack mode and try and make Kabia's other Blue Eyes his again. Kabia then plays his monster Sword stalker to destroy Pegasus's Dragon Piper and Kabia didn't realize that Pegasus put done a magic card earlier. Pegasus's Magic card was Doppelganger, which copies any card that is on the field. Pegasus chooses to copy Kabia's Crush card and infect his Dragon Piper in the disease. Kabia can't stop the attack and is infected by the virus. Since Kabia's deck is consisted of monsters with more then 1500 attack points. The only attack that Kabia has is Reborn the Monster and Revives The Clown. Pegasus destroys Kabia card easily and wins the match.

Kabia realized that he has let his brother down and apologizes to his brother for not being able to help him. Pegasus then takes Kabia's soul and put it into a card just like he did his brother. Yugi then starts to cry and says he was only trying to help someone he cared for. Yugi then transforms and tells Pegasus that when then duel he is going to put an end to his games. Pegasus says that Yugi still has to get through the castle to be able to battle him.

The End




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