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YuGiOh Episode Guide 

Episode 14 - The Scars of Defeat

In this episode Yugi and the others are resting in an area for a while.Bakura tells Yugi more about his millenium ring and Joey and the others are sleeping.

Meanwhile,Pegasus finds out that Kaiba has arrived on the island.Over where yugi and company are sleeping,Kaiba appears in a helicopter and lands where their at. Yugi gives Kaiba his deck back, and Kaiba tells Yugi that he has to get to his brother and has no time to waste.

But Joey tells Kaiba off for being rude to Yugi, and holds Kaiba back,but Kaiba just easily throws him away.

Kaiba tries to leave again,but this time Joey challenges him to a duel.Kaiba accepts,but only if they use his new virtual system.

Joey agrees and figures out how to work it and the match begins!
Kaiba starts off with the Ox warrior, and joey with the Armored Lizard.
Kaiba quickly eliminates the Lizard.And joey realizes how real the system is.
Joey plays a ton of monsters,but they each get defeated easily and Kaiba is still at 2000 life points while Joey is down to 300.

Finally, Joey defeats the Ox warrior with the Red Eyes Black Dragon.Now Kaiba is at 1600,but he taunts Joey and tells him that the battle is now overwith.
He plays the Blue Eyes White Dragon and elminates the Red Eyes with no problem. Joey breaks down after he lost so badly to Kaiba.Kaiba leaves telling him that it was his own fault.
Yugi and the others try to cheer Joe
y up,but it seems that he is too distraught over losing so easily to Kaiba.That ends the episode.


The Scars of Defeat
    The episode begins with Seto Kaiba landing on the Duelist Kingdom. Yugi greets Kaiba, and gives Kaiba back his deck. Kaiba thanks Yugi and proceeds to the castle to face Pegasus and save his little brother Mokuba. As he is leaving, Joey says if he wants to face Pegasus, he must get in line because they all have to deal with Pegasus. Kaiba keeps walking until Joey shouts insults at Kaiba, like ever since Yugi defeated him, Kaiba can't even play a Trap card without flinching. Yugi tells Joey not to pick a fight with Kaiba because even though he lost, he is still considered to be the strongest duelist in the world.
Joey doesn't care and challenges Kaiba to a duel. Kaiba says he will accept, if Joey agrees to use his new holographic duel disk system. Joey agrees, and the match is on.
    Kaiba explains how to use the system, and his first move is the Battle Ox(1700/1000).
Everyone there is stunned by how real the holographic image looks. Kaiba says this system forces duelists to think on their feet. Joey's first move is the Armored Lizard (1500/1200). Both monsters attack, and Joey thinks his Lizard has withstood the Battle Ox. Then Kaiba shows how the Armored Lizard is defeated and Joey loses 200 Life Points. Joey counters with the Flame Swordsman(1800/1600). Joey attacks thinking he has the advantage, but Yugi says that the Battle Ox is resistant to all Fire-type monsters.
The Battle Ox defeats the Flame Swordsman, and Joey loses 100 LP, leaving him with 1700. (I think this is true, because if it isn't the math doesn't add up.) Kaiba then fuses his Battle Ox with the Mystic Horseman(1300/1550) by means of Polymerization to create the Rabid Horseman(2000/1700). Joey plays the Swamp Battleguard(1800/1500), but it loses to the Rabid Horseman. Joey then plays Axe Raider(1700/1000), which is also destroyed. Joey is left with 1200 Life Points. Joey then plays Battle Steer(1800/1300) and Garoozis(1800/1500), but they suffer the same fate as the others. Joey should have 800 Life Points remaining. The last victim to the Rabid Horseman is the Rude Kaiser(1800/1600). (Are you noticing that most of Joey's monsters keep having 1800 attack power? Weird, huh?) Joey is realizing that he could lose this duel, if he doesn't come up with a good card, pulls himself together and plays his strongest card, the supreme       Red-Eyes Black Dragon(2400/2000). Red-Eyes obliterates the Rabid Horseman with its Inferno Fire Blast and Joey finally dents Kaiba's life points.(Kaiba 1600 LP/Joey 600 LP)
While Joey celebrates, Kaiba laughs and says that it's just like a rookie to celebrate when there is no reason to. After that Kaiba plays the strongest card in his deck and in the game, the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon(3000/2500). The Blue-Eyes White Dragon defeats Joey's Red-Eyes Black Dragon with its White Lightning attack and Joey has been defeated. Kaiba mocks Joey by saying he is a scared little puppy dog, then leaves. With Joey's spirit broken, the episode comes to a close.          

- Grove10701


Episode 14: Scars of Defeat

This episode start out with Pegasus talking with the group that wants to take
over Kabia Corp. The people are complaining that Pegasus hasn't taken care of
Kabia yet. Pegasus wants to take care of Kabia himself.

We then see Kabia in a helicopter and flashes back about his first battle
with Yugi. Kabia decides to fight with his old fighting instincts and not
what Yugi told him about the heart of the cards.

Now we new Yugi and everyone and suddenly Bakura's Millennium ring starts to
shine and point to Pegasus's castle. Bakura explains that it did the same
thing when he first met Yugi. It started to point at Yugi's Millennium items.
Then they realize that it is pointing to the castle because of his Millennium
eye. Yugi then sees Kabia's helicopter lands right near they were sleeping.
Yugi gives back Kabia's cards and offers to him to come along with them.
Kabia doesn't take the offer and tells him that it's between him and Pegasus
and he's only here to save his brother. Joey then go running after Kabia
explaining to him that all of them have something that they are fighting for
and tells him to get in line with them or go thru him. Kabia then picks up
Joey and throws him down. Joey then challenges Joey to a duel but Kabia turns
it down. Joey then says ever since Yugi beat him Kabia is scared to play
anymore. Kabia decides to duel but under one condition. They have to use the
new dueling machine that Kabia built. Joey put on the machine on his arm and
Kabia describes how to use it and now the duel begins. Kabia goes first and
uses Battle Ox. Joey then put down Armored Lizard but Kabia easily takes care
of Joey's card. Joey then puts about Flaming Swordsman but the Battle Ox is
immune to fire and is easily defeated. Kabia use makes Mystic Horseman and
Battle Ox fuse together to make Rabid Horseman. Joey then plays multiple
cards and loses to all of them. Everyone starts to cheer on Joey and tell
them not to give up. Joey then plays Red Eyes Black Dragon. And destroys
Kabia's Rabid Horseman. Kabia then put out the Blue Eyes White Dragon and
destroys Joey Red Eyes easily and Kabia wins the match.

Kabia then starts to explain that he wants to make Pegasus look just like
Joey looks right now. Kabia stole Joey confidence away and humiliated him
badly. Kabia starts then says that the heart of the cards is a powerful
philosophy but Kabia wants to duel his own way. Kabia then flashes back to a
tournament that he had been invented to and Pegasus was battles and person
called Bandit Keith. Bandit Keith thinks he's going to win but Pegasus calls
a kid over from the crowd and says that a child can beat Bandit Keith. The
kid reads the instructions that he wrote down for the kid and the child wins
the battle. Bandit Keith is shocked to see that Pegasus knew what card that
he was going to play. Yugi then flashes back when he fought Pegasus and says
that was just like then he dueled Pegasus and he knew every card that I was
going to play.

The End





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