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YuGiOh Episode Guide 

Face Off (Part 2)  

Both Yugi and Kaiba have 1500 life points at this time. Yugi plays magical boxes to destroy the lamp then destroys La Jinn with Dark Magician.
Kaiba plays Cazi(sp) the Dark Clown with a Trap card. Yugi senses there is a Trap Card, but is unsure what it is. He draws Gaia The Fierce Knight and attack Cazi(sp) and destroys it. Kaiba reveals it is the Crush Card. When activited, it infects your monsters on the field, in you hand and deck. Dark Magician and Gaia are no more.
Yugi begins to go a a bit defensive. He plays Silver Fang, but Kaiba counter-attacks by destroying it with Battle Ox. Yugi plays Griphore(sp) and uses a Magic Card to charge it to have higher attack than Battle Ox and destroys it.
Kaiba has drawn 3 Blue Eyes and needs the polmerization(sp) to create the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Kaiba summons 1 Blue Eyes and orders it to fly in the air and shoot a blast at Griphore(sp) destroying it. Yugi's life points are at 400 now! He plays Giant Soldier of Stone in Defense Mode, but is destroyed by the Blue Eyes. Kaiba draws polymerization and summons the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon!
With Kaiba having the Blue Eyes on the field and Yugi unable to play any monster over 1500 Attack Power, how will Yugi have a chance of winning?
By Enigmasynthesis
AIM: Hyper Blast Xan


Yugi is trying to think of a way to stop the Magical Lamp, so he uses Mystic Boxes on the Dark Magician. It is placed in one box, while the Magical Lamp is in the other. Then swords strike the Dark Magicians Box, but when the box opens the Magical Lamp is pierced by the swords, leaving it destroyed. The Dark Magician then attacks the now exposed La Jinn(who was hiding in the lamp), knocking Kaiba's life points down to800, while Yugi's are at 1500. 

He then uses The All Seeing Eye to look
at Kaiba's hand. He sees Kaiba has a Battle Ox, Saggi the Dark Clown, and a... Blue Eyes White Dragon! Yugi is curious why he didn't play it yet, while Kaiba is a bit nervous until he realizes Yugi couldn't have figured his plan out, which is to use Polymerization on the three Blue Eyes White Dragons to create, the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon! Kaiba draws the Contagious Crush Card with Saggi the Dark Clown in defense mode. 

Yugi, in my opinion, foolishly attacks Saggi with his newly played Gaia the Fierce Knight. He destroyed Saggi, but Gaia and his Dark Magician are destroyed as well. Kaiba explains the Crush Card destroys opposing monsters with attack power equal or above 1500, but used the way Kaiba did, Yugi's entire deck is infected so he can't even play monsters with a power of 1500 or greater. They'd be destroyed instantly. Yugi just keeps putting up defenses while Kaiba plays his Battle Ox and draws another Blue Eyes. Yugi then plays Gryphore(ATK 1200, DEF 1500), as Kaiba comments it's defense is to low for Battle Ox's 1700 attack. 

Yugi then switches it to attack mode and plays Horn of the Unicorn to power it up to 1900 attack power, and then destroys Battle Ox, lowering Kaiba's life points to 600. Kaiba gets desperate and plays his Blue Eyes(as he draws the final Blue Eyes) to destroy Gryphore, lowering Yugi's life points to 400. Yugi is on the run again as he plays Giant Rock Soldier of Stone in defense mode. Kaiba then draws Polymerization and uses it on the three Blue Eyes to create the three headed dragon of destruction, the strongest duel monster ever, THE BLUE EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON! It's destructive 4500 attack and 3800 defense easily flicked Yugi's Giant Rock Soldier aside with it's Neutron Blast. All seems lost for Yugi, but he couldn't give up. The duel, the tournament, his grandpa's soul all rested on his last card. Will the heart of the cards pull through? Will Kaiba finally beat Yugi? Or is there another force that will turn the tide? TO BE CONTINUED...

- Judy Moran 


 Yugi is worryig about how to defeat the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. He begs the Heart of the Cards to help him. He draws a card and announces he has just the card he needs. Then he plays the card he drew, Kuriboh (ATK:300 DEF:200). Kaiba wonders why Yugi is playing such a weak card. Then Yugi plays Multiply and the Kuriboh quickly add up. Kaiba attacks, but since he doesn't manage to destroy all the Kuriboh, Yugi doesn't lose any
life points. Then he plays Living Arrow to fuse his Mammoth Graveyard with Kaiba's Blue Eyes. Then the blue eyes stats to rot. Soon he's weak enough that Yugi brings out Celtic Gaurdian in preperation to oblivate the Dragon.

Kaiba has a vision of Mokuba being sucked into the rotting Dragon. Then he snaps out of it and announces that he has a plan. He backs up onto the castle wall, informing Yugi that if he attacks, the shockwave will throw him from the castle wall. Yugi is torn. Yugi Moto keeps saying there must be another way, but Yu-Gi-Oh says there is no other way. Then Kaiba plays Monster Reborn to resserect one of the Dragon's heads that Celtic Gaurdian
cut off. He tells Yugi that if he attacks he will win the game, but he
might kill him. On the other hand, if he stalls, he will spare Kaiba, but then his Dragon's head will attack an Yugi will lose the game and any chance to save his grandpa. Yu-Gi-Oh is infuriated and commands Celtic Gaurdian to attack. Then, just before too late, Yugi takes back control of his body and cries for Celtic Gaurdian to stop. There is a slow-motion sequnce where Celtic Gaurdian stops. Kaiba sneers and says that Yugi is a weakling, then attacks. Tea is very angry and tells Kaiba that Yugi at least has friends, and asks Kaiba what he has. Kaiba snatches Yugi's star chips and says he has everything he needs. The episode ends with Yugi telling his friends about Yu-Gi-Oh, and confessing that he's afraid of him. -truefan




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