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Bakura is simply "Bakura" in the English anime. He is NOT "Bakura Ryou" in the English anime.

In the English manga he is "Ryo Bakura". - Vicious The Katana Man


Bakura is a classmate of Yugi’s and came to the duelist’s kingdom for fun, he doesn’t even have a single star chip. He owns a Millennium item called the Millennium Ring that carries the soul of a tomb robber. He has the power to trap the souls of others in inanimate objects and detect other Millennium items, there is just one problem… he can’t control it! He was seen by Tea in the early episodes of the duelist kingdom and met the gang after Joey beat Rex Raptor, where he duelled them, literally, when he turned them into their favorite monsters. His favorite card is the Change of Heart card and later in the series, he will become the new owner of the Millennium Eye. - Richard Kee


Bakura went to the Duelist Kingdom for fun, he doesn't even have a star chip. Like Yugi, he also has a Millennium item. It's called the Millennium Ring and poor Bakura doesn't have any control over it. His Yami {the spirit inside the ring}is so mean to him and not to mention anyone he meets, but don't let his Yami make you think that Bakura is mean because he isn't. He is a sweet, caring, kind, quiet boy who is a great friend and he is so cute {at least that's what I think}. I've only seen him {well at least his body}duel once, what's with that? Does his Yami ever come back?, I hope not because he gives me the creepies.  -  Joeygirl 184


Bakura- Bakura is a classmate of Yugi, an over-all a pretty nice guy, and he always roots for Yugi when he needs it. The only problem is, he has the Millenium Ring (Sorry if I mis-spelled that or if I mis-spell antyhing else!) and he can't controll it. So sometimes, he will turn into
Dark-Bakura. When Yugi and Co first bump into him, he traps their soul into cards! Bakura con also be very funny at some times, also. Take 'Arena of Lost Souls (Part 2)' for instance. Bakura comes running by with a skeleton on his back, scaring the pants of of Yugi, Tristan, and Tea! Then later on in the same episode, he steps on a trigger and a huge inflated boulder
(They didn't know it was inflated untill later) and starts running screaming "I'M SORRY!" over and over again, then gets run over! Bakura is one of my favorite characteres.

-Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanatic Lisie.


Ryou: Ryou is not British. That's the main thing I need to say about Bakura, is that he IS NOT British. (The only reason they gave him a british accent was because they couldn't figure out what kind of voice to give him). There isn't much to say about him except the fact that in fan fictions he get abused by his Tomb Robber yami, Bakura.

Yami Bakura, The tomb Robber: The main thing we know about him is that he's very abusive towords his Hikari (light) -AKA Ryou-. Bakura doesn't show a lot of care for Ryou ever really except at one point where he switches to take a very devastating physical attack for him. Bakura also makes a deal with Yami Malik who has the Millenium Staff by cutting himself, confusing Ryou as to why he has the injury. Bakura also knows how to use Mind Control and uses Tea as a pawn to get him his Millenium Ring at one point in episode 96..? (I'm unsure of my own import u.u0) Bakura also battles Malik in the Shadow Realm (or in a Game of Darkness).

Also, Bakura and Malik (the good one) team up spiritually against Yami Malik... How or why this is I have no idea, I can only understand so much of Japanese... But Bakura is able to neutralize Yami Malik's shadow powers.


Ryou Bakura; Ryou is a kind, sweet boy, who I think is a angel. He owns the Millennium Ring andn his Yami is Yami Bakura or just plain Bakura. I love his voice and feel sorry that he can't control Yami Bakura. In some fanfictions, they have the Yami OOC (out of character)and being nice to his hikari, Ryou, which I like and if you don't, then you can go to heck. He doesn't show much care for Ryou on the outside, but deep down, he really cares him or at least that's what I think. When I was watching the episode where Yami Bakura switches places with Ryou, so Ryou won't get blasted by Yugi's Egyptian God Card, I'm reminded of a few lines from "Bring Me To Life". The lines taht I rememberd of are "I can't believe that I couldn't see, Kept in the dark, but you were right in front of me, Been sleeping for a thousand years it seems, got to open my eyes to everything". The reason that I think these lines fit the situation is cause Yami Bakura opens his eyes emotionally and showing that he does care for Ryou. Well, that's it and I hope this helps.


Bakura:He transfered to Domino High & made friends fast. He too has a Millenium Ring, but the Yami:Yami Bakura, is a Egyptian tomb robber & cares only about getting the 7 Millenium Items and unleashing their power... He has 2 items so far. Yami Bakura rarely cares for Bakura and let Bakura get hurt in Yami's fight between Him & Malik. When Yami gets destroyed in the shadow realm by Rashid, Malik takes the ring. I hope good Bakura is still alive...


Bakura is mostly an all around good guy, until his evil Millenium Ring possess him and has him do some very evil things. He plays Duel Monsters and is very good at it, he can also turn the cards into living, physical things that can send people to the Graveyard. He also possess another Millenium Item when Battle City comes around which is the Millenium Eye. He killed Pegasus and stole it, which is wierd if he has it why doesnt he use it in Battle City. He also forms an alliance with Marik or Malik (however all you guys pronounce it) to beat Yugi and get all Millenium Items and rule the world.--ZombieRooster123-Josh


BAKURA: Bakura is a school friend of yugi's. He has the millennium(sorry if it's mis-spelled^_^;)Ring that he can't control at all!(poor him)Even though his yami self is very mean,to him and other people, he is a very, very, very nice person. He is also pretty funny and so so so cuuuute!! He has the cutest British accent even though he's not british...?He has white/silver hair and brown eyes. He is often beat up on like yugi*tear*, also by his yami self. He is really a nice person and always roots for yugi in duels. Most of all Bakura is sooooooooo cuuuuuuute!!!^_^; he is definitely my favorite character! -Chibi Usagi



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