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This is a summary for Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 6:
Attack From The Deep
Joey is gloating over his recent victory that earned him a second star chip. All of a sudden, his stomach rumbles and Joey (along with the others) realize how hungry they are, and none of them brought food. Tristian tell them not to worry and pulls out a book called "The Great Outdoors Survival Guide," which could tell them what fruits and plants to eat. The others are less than enthusiastic about eating wild plants. Joey sniffs the air and runs off. They arrive at a beach, where some fish are grilling over a fire.

Joey and Tristian run down and begin feeding. Just then, a man rises up from the water, dressed only in swimming trunks and a dueling glove, carrying a harpoon! The man yells at Joey and Tristian for stealing his food, and attempts to chase them off with his harpoon. Yugi steps up and apologizes for his friends. The man recognizes the famous Yugi Muto who defeated the champion Seto Kaiba. He apologizes for being so rude, and introduces himself as Mako Tsunami, an expert sea duelist. Mako invites the others to sit and eat. They enjoy the food very much, and Yugi asks Mako why he entered the competition.

Mako explains that he has loved the ocean ever since he was very young, and plans to buy a boat of his very own if he wins the prize money. They finish eating and get up to leave. Mako then throws his harpoon at Yugi, blocking him from walking away! Mako then demands a duel from Yugi as payment for giving them some fish. Yugi transforms into Yami Yugi and accepts the challenge. A dueling field rises up out of the ocean behind Mako and the duelists take their places.The field is evenly split between land and water. Mako and Yami Yugi each wager 2 star chips on the match.

Mako makes the first move, but his monster materializes underwater! Yami Yugi is uncertain how to combat what he cannot see, and plays the Horn Imp. Mako's monster, Fiend Kraken, rises from the ocean and destroys Yugi's Imp. Mako explains that not only does the sea power up his monsters, it hides them from view. Yami Yugi then plays Feral Imp, and powers it up with Horn of the Unicorn. Joey explains to the others that water based monsters are vulnerable to the electric element, which is why Feral Imp is such a good choice. Mako plays a new monster, Giant Jellyfish. It has the magical ability to resist all electric attacks. Fiend Kraken then destroys Feral Imp. Yami Yugi's next monster is Silver Fang, and he uses Mystical Moon to double the monsters power. Mako says this is a foolish move, since the power of the moon can also influence the tides. Mako plays another monster, Mighty Kariyushin, which washes away Silver Fang. After his monster is destroyed, Yami Yugi is horrified to see that almost all of the land half of the field is gone.

Only a small island remains. Mako then tells Yugi that he must respect the sea, just as Mako's father taught him. Mako goes on to explain that his father taught Mako everything he knew about the sea. Mako loved his life on the water, until one day when a fierce storm came. Mako's father was washed away. After awakening, Mako looked at the wreckage of their boat and noticed that the life raft was missing! Mako believes his father is alive, and he must win to buy a boat and search for his father. Yami Yugi is impressed by Mako's noble quest, but explains that he too duels for the fate of a loved one, and cannot afford to lose. Yami Yugi plays Giant Soldier of Stone in Defense Mode. Mako summons another sea monster, Great White Terror. Yami Yugi then converts his Stone Soldier to Attack Mode, but does not have him attack Mako's monster. Instead, the Soldier destroys the Mystical Moon! With the moon gone, the tides recede. Mako's sea creatures are beached, and helpless. Yami Yugi then summons Curse of Dragon, and uses the Burning Land magic card to knock Mako's lifepoints down to zero. Afterward, the two duelists shake hands. Mako is discouraged because he is down to only one star chip, but vows to start over. Mako then dives back into the sea, to hunt more fish. The gang walks off, to find their next opponent. -

Lawrence Watson


Episode 6: Attack from the Deep

The episode starts out with Joey bragging about how is one his first star chip. Everyone's proud of Joey and then Joey complains that he's hungry and then everyone realizes that no one brought food. Tristan has a book that has recipes for stuff the can eat in the forest and no one wants to eat that stuff. Joey then smells some fish and goes running towards is and start to eat it with even caring whose food it is. A man then comes out of the water and catches them eating his food. Joey tells the guy to calm down and the Yugi recognizes who he is. Yugi says his name is Mako and his is a water duelist. Joey calls him a fish freak and Mako starts to yell at Joey and then Tea starts to laugh. Mako asks what is so funny and Tea says that there's an
octopus on your head and he then throws is into the water. Joey and Tristan complain cause then wanted to eat it. Yugi introduces himself and Mako is surprised that Yugi is here. Mako apologizes and says they can eat all they want and Joey and Tristan start to eat like crazy.

Yugi and everyone start to talk to Mako and ask why he is here duel. Mako explains that he wants to win so that he can buy a boat to sail the seas. Everyone then finishes eating and Mako says to cannot leave unless they duel them. Make says he fell into his trap and explains that he has just done this before and beat another duelist easily. Yugi then transforms and accepts Mako's challenge. The battle is 50% land and 50% Sea Yugi and Mako both offer 2 star chips and the battle begins. Mako goes first and plays Fiend Crackin
but the monster is underwater so Yugi has no clue what he's up against. Yugi decides to raise a strong defense just in case. Yugi plays Horned Imp and Mako attacks and destroys Yugi's monster easily. Yugi then plays Feral Imp hoping to shock Mako's monster. Mako then plays Giant Jellyfish. Yugi then combines his Feral Imp with the Magical Horn of the Unicorn. Yugi attacks with magic lightning and notices that nothing has happened. Mako explains
that his Jellyfish absorbs electrical attacks. Mako attacks with Fiend
Crackin again and destroys Yugi Feral Imp easily. Yugi then plays silver fang and combines it with the magic of the Full Moon. Mako explains that the Moon causes the tides to rise and Mako then plays a huge monster Fish. Mako attacks with his monsters Tidal Wave attack and destroys Yugi's Silver fang easily. Mako then explains that the Tidal Wave also absorbed most of Yugi Land part of the Field. Make then starts to explain why he wants to win. He flashes back and explains what happened with his father and wants to buy a
ship to sail the seven seas to he can find his father. Yugi then plays Giant soldier of Stone in defense mode. Mako then plays another monster called Great White Terror. Yugi then switches his Stone soldier to attack mode and attacks the Full moon card that he put on the field himself. Yugi explains why he attacked the moon so that the tides would reside. Yugi then plays Curse of Dragon combines with burning land card and burns Mako's monster and wins the battle.

Mako is down to one star chip and decides that he will start over again. Mako then jumps into the water to catch some more food.

The End



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